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iPhone: What campers should bring

By dcacho
Thursday, June 28th, 2007 at 3:47 pm in Gieson Cacho.

I’m in a shanty town in the middle of tony downtown Walnut Creek. There are about 20 people in line so far and I suppose more people will come as 6 p.m. June 29 draws near. Passers-by keep asking, What’s going on.? And we point to the iPhone display that stands directly behind them. Surprisingly, everyone in line has come prepared.

Seeing what they have, I’ve come up with a list of things you need to camp at the iPhone line in Walnut Creek.

iPhone line Walnut Creek

1. A foldable lawn chair. Don’t expect to stand in line for all of 24 hours. The chair will let your relax, especially in the heat of this summer.

2. An umbrella/sunscreen. From the morning to early afternoon, it’s going to be hot and shade will be scarce. Unles, you want to linger in front of the air-condition of the Pottery Barn next door, it’s best to bring something that cast a shadow. Sunscreen will also help.

3. Cooler with drinks: Again, sitting in the sun will dehydrate you. That’s why keeping a cooler close at hand is important. Stock it with water or other soft drinks and hopefully, you can last the next day.

4. Entertainment: Folks here have books and magazines to pass the time. Others brought PlayStation Portables and a few Nintendo DS systems. Hopefully, this have enough juice to last until the iPhone goes on sale.

5. Blankets. I will get cold at night. Keep warm. It’ll be aroudn 50 degrees tonight.

6. A laptop. We have free WiFi here. Checking up on news and e-mail is a life-saver. So far it’s been easier camping for the iPhone than the PlayStation 3. But then again, this wasn’t winter.

7. Bring a friend. Having someoen to talk to and save your place in line during bathroom breaks is invaluable.

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