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iPhone: A longer line

By dcacho
Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 6:55 am in Uncategorized.

With the sunrise, there’s been a few more stranglers setting up camp in the back of the line. As of 7 a.m., more than 40 people are lining up for the iPhone. The demographics still haven’t changed though toward the end of the line, there’s a younger group of people.

This all makes me wonder how the Apple store will control the crowd once 6 p.m. hits?

iPhone line

I heard that they were stanchions and guards were recommended for the stores. According to a post on the modmyiPhone forum, Apple workers will be handing out wristbands and they’ll let people in the store 50 customers at a time. It’s hard to say if this is true or not and so far, I consider it rumor.

But to put this in perspective, when Sony launched the PlayStation 3 at the Metreon, they did hand out wristbands up and down the line and let in customers 20 in at a time. It seems like the best solution for the crowds hovering around the store at the moment. Letting people rush in like the bulls in Pamplona would be a total disaster.

Stanchions would also be nice.

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