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IPhone: Longer lines and busy sellers

By dcacho
Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 2:25 pm in Uncategorized.

The Apple Store just closed 15 minutes ago. The staff is covering up the floor-to-ceiling windows with vinyl coverings. We’re about four hours away from the iPhone. They’re closing the store to set up for the upcoming iPhone sale. What they’re putting together is uncertain.

They could be rearranging the insides or they could be adding more displays. At 2 p.m., there’s such a frenzied pace now. I met a teacher near the back of the line who’s selling her spot or at least she hopes to. She says she actually doesn’t have enough money for the phone so she’s hoping for a quick profit.

As for the guys in front, businesses seems to have picked up as the line has gotten longer, They’re getting offers left and right from people on foot who has seen the length of the queue. Right now, it stretches to the other end of the block and it’s constantly growing. Along with the longer line, the demographics toward the back has changed. It’s no longer young people but older folks who have settled down and crossed their fingers in hopes of getting an iPhone.

Neighborhood eateries have capitalized, selling food to people in line. California Pizza Kitchen has been delivering food to hungry customers and Jamba Juice has been offering free smoothies, which are a relief in the heat.

As for the store allocation, there’s a bunch of different numbers thrown around. Some folks are throwing around figures like 55 iphones. Others say they’ll be 1,500. We’ll find out soon enough.

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