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iPhone: Sellers waiting for the perfect score

By dcacho
Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 8:41 am in Gieson Cacho.

As more people have lined up, those planning to sell their spots in line have been fairly quiet. One of the folks on is waiting until later in the day. “Game time” he says. Meanwhile, a few spots back, Brandon Slade had an offer for $600 and is waiting to hear back from the bidder.

After this though, he’ll stay put with his other two spots – unless a better offer comes up.

Meanwhile, Apple employees have been taking care of people in line. In the morning, they handed out bagels and now around 8:40, they’re offering coffee. It makes me wonder if they’ll serve us lunch.

The line’s grown to the mid-40s and it’s stayed steady for a while. Everyone is waiting for Barnes & Noble to open so they can use the bathroom.

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