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iPhone: Thank God for Starbucks

By dcacho
Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 5:05 am in Uncategorized.

So I survived through the night. I say morning starts when the Starbucks start to open. It’s the first time I’ll be using an actual bathroom since 11 p.m. Thursday. I didn’t get any sleep so I’ll either doze off later in the day or just power through on the caffeine alone.

Almost on the second, the first news van arrives. They’ll be doing interviews with the first guys in line for the early morning news. Everyone’s a little groggy and tired. Some folks got some shut eye. Don’t ask me how.

iPhone line

As for the Apple employees inside, they’ve been playing “StarCraft” most of the night. They’ve been sitting on the Apple stools, playing the game on a giant monitors.

As for the line, a few people drifted in line in the middle of the night. I’m guessing it’s around 30 people right now. The queue stretches from the Apple store all the way to the Barnes and Noble down Main Street.

I asked one of them why they came by at 2 in the morning, and he said, “I just got off work.” I expect more people to come as the morning goes. There’ll probably be more folks skipping work by 8 a.m. and still more folks who check the line at lunch time and never leave. (Seeing how long it is, they’ll probably stay here and call in a half day).

Almost 12 hours to go.

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