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Skate, EA Playground and Medal of Honor

By dcacho
Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 at 5:35 pm in Gieson Cacho.

They opened the floodgates and let us nosy journalist poke around and check out the dozens of titles here on the EA Campus in Redwood City. I spent most of my time in the gym checking out Skate and a couple of Wii games that caught my eye.

Trying to get to “Army of Two” was a little difficult, mostly because of the crowd around it so I went elsewhere and bumped into the Justin Oliveras, the product manager for Skate. He showed of the game, which he described as less focused on the button mashing and more on actually skating.

“Skate,” in other words, is trying to be a skateboarding sim. The physics is all there; the way you do moves with the right analog stick makes sense. The one question I had was: You’re going up against “Tony Hawk,” which is kind of like the “Madden” of skating board games, How do you as the new kid on the block compete?

Oliveras said the biggest problem on year one is getting your name out. But with more than 600,000 downloads of the demo on Xbox Live, I think they won’t have a problem with that.

As for other titles, I got to play “EA Playground” for the Wii. It’s a collection of casual minigames focused for the younger set. I liked the fact that it had tether ball. I went up against another journalist, but unfortunately, I lost. Not very good.

“Medal of Honor Heroes 2” was an interesting title for the Wii. The folks in EA Canada built the controls from the ground up and that kind of work shows. They even had the first callibration tool that makes sense for the Wii. The game lets you designate the size of a dead spot that makes the control move either too fast or too slow depending on the size.

It’s something I wish more Wii first-person shooters. Time’s winding down so I’ll try to play “Rock Band” next.

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