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Olympic torch relay observations

By George Kelly
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 6:56 pm in George Kelly. found it significant (as did SMS Text News) that hundreds of today’s Olympic torch relay protesters in San Francisco used a particular messaging service to coordinate actions. Surprisingly (at least to me), it wasn’t Twitter (if has it right). SF Metroblogging’s “Torch has left the building” includes a particularly scathing comment by San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin about Mayor Gavin Newsom, while the San Francisco Bay Guardian checks in with more pictures and notes from the scene earlier today. Meanwhile, S.F. Weekly has the nude-run protest (mentioned earlier).

Picture of t’ai chi practitioners taken by Flickr user librarian avenger under Creative Commons license
Ah, there was no way the presidential race was going to pass up the subject of the Games, was there? While Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama thinks the United States should consider passing up this year’s opening ceremonies in Beijing, President Bush reportedly bristled at any such possibility. Meanwhile,  The Huffington Post’s Alison Kilkenny offers some cold-eyed advice about the power of the dollar in relation to some protesters’ aims.And where would we be without an aside or two from Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”?

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