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What to wear to the Olympic torch protest

By George Kelly
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 10:55 am in George Kelly.

Here’s a T-shirt that technology journalist Mat Honan plans to wear to today’s protest in San Francisco. The shirt, created by Mule Design and for sale at its Feed Store, was probably created to reference/tweak the Join(Red) campaign; Mule Design says that “$3 from each shirt will be donated to The Global Fund to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in Africa; same as the other (red) stuff.”

If you see what other folks — protesters; advocates; just plain gawkers — are wearing today, write in and let me know. (Full disclosure: I know Mat and a few of the folks at Mule Design personally, and bought another of their shirts a year ago.)

Picture of T-shirt by Flickr user honan under Creative Commons license

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