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California may boost payouts to workers injured on the job

By asoglin
Saturday, May 10th, 2008 at 11:55 am in Uncategorized.

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California workers permanently injured on the job would get an average 16 percent increase in disability payments under proposed new rules.

The state Division of Workers’ Compensation says its disability formula is based on data that links wage losses to the type of injury.

The formula proposed Friday would be used to estimate how much a disabled worker could have earned if he or she wasn’t permanently injured. That would determine how much the employee should be paid.

Critics say the current disability formula is already too low, so a small increase isn’t nearly enough.

The proposed change will go through several months of public hearings and revisions before a final formula is adopted.

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One Response to “California may boost payouts to workers injured on the job”

  1. Tera Says:

    What will happen after the injured workers are terminated from the job where they were injured?

    Permanent disability will not cover the injured worker on a consistently bases and the injured worker will be on the street in the long run after the company terminated them from payroll.

    This what happen to me when I got injured behind a billing processing machine back in 1986 with Pacific Gas & Electric.

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