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Inauguration Watch: DC Arrival

By Lisa Wrenn
Sunday, January 18th, 2009 at 10:21 pm in Uncategorized.

Times features editor Lisa Wrenn is on location in Washington, D.C….

OK, so I was a worrywart about getting to DC. Should have known the sun (OK, at least the figurative one) would shine on this trip. Didn’t get stuck in Chicago. Got to the condo I’d rented online. And apparently it’s warmed up quite a bit — didn’t feel all that much colder than the East Bay. Wandered out to find somewhere to eat/drink.  All kinds of parties going on, lines into private clubs and many people dressed a whole lot better than us. Seeing so many men in tuxes is a beautiful thing! Ended up in Chinatown at a bar restaurant called Clyde’s. Ate/drank, kept seeing vaguely familiar buildings and realized, oh yeah, that’s the Smithsonian. 

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