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Serious Luge Injury Today–Could Be Very Bad

By Mark Purdy
Friday, February 12th, 2010 at 11:32 am in Uncategorized.

We are receiving word here that a very serious injury occurred at the luge run in Whistler this morning. A competitor from Georgia (the Republic, not the USA state) left the track at maximum speed and struck a pole. It’s about the worst scenario for a luge rider you can imagine. Paramedics reportedly applied CPR and the injured luger–no name confirmed yet–was taken to the hospital in serious shape. Makes me remember that even though some writers (I’m guilty) make fun of their sport, this is a very dangerous game. As you may know, the flag-carrier for the USA team tonight at the Opening Ceremonies is a luge athleted, Mark Grimmette. His longtime doubles luge partner is Brian Martin of Palo Alto. If this injury to the Georgia competitor turns out to be very serious, I have to think the Grimmette’s mood will be even more somber as he carries the flag.

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