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Canadians, Olympic excuses

By Elliott Almond
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 at 10:47 am in Uncategorized.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — So they’re not owning the podium as the host nation promised. Well, except that celebrated ice dance gold medal last night.

But now comes the excuses. And not from us. This is from Canadian officials, who have found a new reason to blame for athletic failure:

Boisterous Canadian fans may have thrown off its athletes, officials admit

By Damian Inwood, The Province

The boisterous and deafening barrage of maple leaf support at Olympic venues may have thrown Canada’s athletes off their game, admit officials.

And that may be partially responsible for the county’s low medal count so far, they say.

“We’ve never seen anything like that and maybe we were ill-prepared to how we would react to Canadian fans really showing their colours,” said Nathalie Lambert, chef de mission of the Canadian Olympic team Monday. “We’ve never seen this before.”

The Canadian Olympic Committee was sifting the entrails of the first 10 days of the Games, which saw Canada standing fourth with 10 medals and the U.S. almost out of sight with 25.

Lambert said that while the athletes are having “the time of their lives” at the village, in the city and at the venues, they may not have been ready for a city that has gone Olympic crazy.

“I think we definitely had some cases where nerves were not totally under control,” she added. “And that’s the only sad part of all this – that some athletes with great hope and great potential didn’t live up to their expectations and are really devastated right now.”

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