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Hockey: Swedish Shark Douglas Murray And His Grandfather

By Mark Purdy
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 at 11:57 am in Uncategorized.

Followers of the Sharks know that defenseman Douglas Murray was extremely excited about making the Swedish Olympic hockey team for these Games because it was part of a family tradition. Murray’s grandfather, Lars [Lasse] Bjorn, won a bronze medal at the 1952 Winter Games in Oslo playing for the Swedish hockey team. Bjorn is also a member of the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame.

It’s a very cool story because Murray is wearing the same No. 3 jersey number for the Swedish national team that his grandfather did 48 years ago in Oslo. Murray had hopes that Bjorn could fly here from Sweden to watch the Games in person but Murray’s grandmother is not in the best of health and Lars decided to stay home with her. Plus, laughs Murray, Lars did some calculating about how much the trip to Vancouver would cost.

“So he went the way of buying a new large flat-screen TV to watch all of my games,” Murray said. “You know, all that material stuff he used to say was unnecessary. We’ve talked on the phone after every one of my games.”

And what’s the advice Lars gives him?

“Hit more people.”

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