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Bobsled: More crashes on Olympics track

By Elliott Almond
Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 6:35 pm in Uncategorized.

 VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Even as the 2010 Winter Olympics come to an end this weekend, problems at the Whistler Sliding Centre continue to be one of the biggest issues of the Vancouver Games.

On a track where a Georgian luger died Feb. 12 crashes continued to be the focus today when USA-2 turned sideways in its second run of the four-man bobsled.

“It went really quiet for a second then I was on my head,” said Chuck Berkeley of Clayton. “When it goes quiet, you know something’s going to happen.”

Berkeley’s driver, John Napier, said he just made one mistake.

“When you’re going at 95 miles per hour if you make a mistake there’s no time to catch up,” he said.  “I’m just happy  one was seriously injured and that’s a blessing.”

 Britain’s John Jackson also had a harrowing crash but his crew also escaped injury.

 For Napier, “it’s more my ego that is bruised. This is the biggest race of my life and I crashed.”

 Mike Kohn, pilot of USA-3, on why so many crashed in the first two of four heats:

 “People might just be trying to get the perfect line and when they do that, things might get a little hairy. But for me, the track is fine.”

 Added Monterey’s Nick Cunningham, who is Kohn’s brakeman: “It’s bobsled. Anything can happen on any given day.”

 That might be true. But it is doubtful this particular track will overcome the questions that left one man dead.

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