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Seven candidates in Mt. Diablo school board race

By Theresa Harrington
Sunday, August 15th, 2010 at 10:51 am in Education, Mt. Diablo school district, Theresa Harrington.

By Theresa Harrington
With three candidates filing for the Mt. Diablo school board election on the last day possible, the list of possible trustees to fill three open seats in November has grown to seven.
They are: incumbent Linda Mayo, attorney Jeffrey Adams (who ran and lost two years ago), retired CFO Roy Larkin, retired teacher Lynne Dennler, educator Cheryl Hansen, technology executive Brian Lawrence and retired bank appraiser Jan Treizise.
Incumbents Dick Allen and Paul Strange have decided not to seek re-election, prompting a large field of candidates, including five newcomers to the school district’s political scene.
Mayo, 62, lives in Pleasant Hill and has served on the board 13 years. Adams, 48, lives in Concord and is the father of six children, including four adults, one student at El Dorado Middle School and one Concord High school student.
Larkin, 63, is a Concord resident and the father of two Concord High graduates. He also has a grandson who graduated from Concord High and another grandchild who attends third grade in the district.
Lawrence, 35, is a Concord resident and the father of a kindergartener who will attend the Cornerstone program at Ygnacio Valley Elementary in Concord.
Mayo, Adams and Lawrence have all filed ballot statements. Larkin told me today that he couldn’t afford to pay the $2,270 fee to file a statement.
Dennler and Trezise have not yet responded to requests for information about their candidacy.
Dennler is a Concord resident. She retired from her job as a teacher at Westwood Elementary in July 2009, according to district board minutes.
Hansen and Trezise both live in Clayton. Trezise served on the city’s Trails and Landscape Committee in 2006 and is a member of the Clayton branch of the American Association of University women, or AAUW. According to the AAUW website, Trezise graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in home economics.
Hansen sent me a copy of her ballot statement Saturday. She is the coordinator of instructional leadership in the Curriculum and Instruction Department of the Contra Costa County Office of Education. She previously worked 24 years in the Mt. Diablo school district as a teacher in middle school, high school and alternative education programs and was also a high school administrator.
I have left her a message asking if she provides services to the Mt. Diablo school district in her current position.
What do you think of the list of candidates?

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11 Responses to “Seven candidates in Mt. Diablo school board race”

  1. n/a Says:

    Why do you believe Brian Lawrence’s son is at Cornerstone?

  2. tharrington Says:

    Brian Lawrence told me that.

  3. Brian Lawrence Says:

    At the time Theresa asked me, we were planning to send my son to Cornerstone. He is currenty a kindergarten student in the district, but at a different school.

  4. Doctor J Says:

    Brian, I can understand the need for privacy for your child, but WHY would you change from your neighborhood school ?

  5. Dr. K Says:

    Let me guess….Monte Gardens? Somehow his son got to the top of the list. Dr. J., this seems very strange, indeed.

  6. Joe Smith Says:

    Uhh Doctor J,

    That is an easier than pie question to answer. I’m sure the neighborhood school where Brian’s child would have gone is an absolute S—hole.

  7. Dr. Know Says:

    It’s Monte Gardens… STRANGE his son ended up at the top of the waiting list

  8. Brian Lawrence Says:

    My wife and I chose the school that we thought would be the best one for our son. We did research online and spoke to a number of other parents about their experiences with different schools.

    Yes, my son is at Monte Gardens. I hadn’t specifically mentioned the school’s name because of privacy and safety concerns for my 5 year old son.

  9. Doctor J Says:

    Not even elected yet, and already manipulating the system. Wow, that’s a record. Yes, the fingerprints on this one do seem STRANGE. But there is a long history in MDUSD of micromanaging by board members. It has to STOP ! I just don’t know what we call this fiasco — Lawrencegate ? Gardengate ? Briangate ? Any other ideas ? Brian, you should be ashamed of yourself for not keeping your son in the neighborhood school and working to make it better. Weren’t the other students there “good enough” for your son ?

  10. Brian Lawrence Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Should all of the parents at Monte Gardens be ashamed of themselves or is that exclusive to me?

  11. tharrington Says:

    Both Monte Gardens and Sequoia elementary schools (as well as Cornerstone) offer alternative options to district students.
    Children often have to sign up at age 3 to get into Sequoia. Is the waiting list as long at Monte Gardens?
    The school closure committee has found that many parents choose to send their children to campuses that are not in their neighborhoods.

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