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Pleasant Hill police warn of strangers approaching students

By Theresa Harrington
Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 2:27 pm in Education, Mt. Diablo school district, Pleasant Hill.

By Theresa Harrington

The Pleasant Hill police are warning children to beware of strangers, after two incidents involving adults offering rides in their cars to students.

Principals of Pleasant Hill schools in the Mt. Diablo district also alerted parents today, said Connie Connie Cirimeli, principal of Sequoia Middle School.

The police released the following statement:

“CRIME/INCIDENT: Annoying a Minor 647.6 PC

DATE/TIME REPORTED: 09/15/10 0852 hours

LOCATION: Cleaveland Rd. near Mozden Ln.

CASE NUMBER: 10-3906

CONTACT: Investigations Division, 925 288-4630

SUSPECT(S): A white male adult, unknown age, tan skin, grey crew cut hair, speaks English with a heavy accent (unknown language).

SUSPECT VEHICLE: Blue or Turquoise Toyota Prius (unknown license plate), possibly with a white Taxi sign on top.

On 09-15-10 at around 0730 hours, an 11 yr. old boy was waiting for his school bus. At that time, he was approached by a car occupied by a male driver. The man asked the boy for his name repeatedly and asked if he wanted a ride. The boy refused and ran home. The suspect left the area in an unknown direction.”

A separate press release said the vehicle was “a blue or turquoise Toyota Prius occupied by a white male driver, unknown age, tan shirt, grey crew cut hair, speaks English with a heavy unknown type of accent.” It also said the man asked the boy if he would like to go to Paris.

Police also warned of “an unrelated incident, on 09-13-10 at around 1530 hours, two 13 yr. old boys were approached near the Pleasant Hill Middle School by four strangers in a vehicle. The back seat passenger of the vehicle asked the boys twice if they wanted a ride. The boys declined and the vehicle left the area. The involved subjects during that incident were four white males, all mid-40s and all with beards, driving in a green Jeep Cherokee (unknown license plate).

During both incidents, the suspects remained inside the vehicles.

There is no indication at this time that either incident involved attempted kidnapping.

This information is provided to raise public awareness and if anyone has information related to either incident they are encouraged to contact the Pleasant Hill Police Department Investigations Division 925-288-4630.”

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