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Walnut Creek Intermediate girl represents county in National Spelling Bee

By Theresa Harrington
Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 at 10:06 am in Education, Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek School District.

Congratulations to Kate Anoufrieva, a Walnut Creek Intermediate eighth-grader, who represented Contra Costa County in the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Tuesday and Wednesday, after winning the county bee in March!

Although Kate didn’t advance to the semi-finals today (Thursday), her school is thrilled that she made it all the way to the national competition, where she competed against 274 of the top middle and high school spellers from around the country.

“We are just proud of Kate and her accomplishments and so proud of her representing WCI and the whole Walnut Creek school district,” said Kevin Collins, principal of Walnut Creek Intermediate. “I can’t rmember ever having a student from here going to the national bee. It’s just a tremendous honor for Kate and we are truly just so proud of her.”

Kate and her mother traveled to Maryland, where she took a written test consisting of 25 words on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Kate participated in two preliminary spelling rounds, where she correctly spelled “aerobicize” and “Eocene” (a geologic time period.)

Judges selected 41 semi-finalists based on students’ performance on the written test, as well as the preliminary rounds. The bee didn’t release the results of the written test to the media, but representatives told me in a phone interview that Kate must have been eliminated based on her written test.

Here are the words on the written test:

1. fourteen
2. drowsy
3. wasteland
4. secrecy
6. normalize
7. youthquake
8. unswerving
9. remembrance
10. electromagnetic
11. appointee
12. oracular
13. theatricality
14. benediction
15. quietive
16. jiggety
17. infobahn
18. calenture
19. bonobo
20. pinealectomy
21. Kafkaesque
22. monodomous
23. vitelliine
24. acetarious
25. hukilau

You can watch the championship round online today at

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