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CVHS charter board election results

By Theresa Harrington
Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 4:18 pm in Education, Mt. Diablo school district.

The Clayton Valley Charter High School committee has announced the results of its governing board election for “stakeholder groups.”

Here are the new board members, according to the group’s website:

“The CVCHS Governing Board election for the applicable stakeholder groups (parents, teachers, & classified staff) was held Thursday night (9/1) in the Clayton Valley multi-use room.

The following people will be respresenting their respective group on the board.

Teachers- Pat Middendorf and Neil McChesney

Parents- Alison Bacigalupo and Megan Kommer

Classified staff- Diane Bailey

The elected board will soon be scheduling interviews with the community at large candidates, two of which will be appointed following that process.”

The Mt. Diablo school board expects to vote on the charter petition Sept. 13.

What is your reaction to the election results?

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69 Responses to “CVHS charter board election results”

  1. Doctor J Says:

    @Long Time BW: A little test for you my dear. 1. When are the last two times that a MDUSD Board member voted AGAINST a principal appointment by the Supt ? 2. Why would the current Supt appoint a close personal friend as the principal of a high school where 80% of the teachers just voted to go charter and in one year there will be no job for her, who has never served as a principal, who is taking a substantial paycut and moving to a high rent area from Roseville, who in her last district just had her job “reassigned” by the new Supt and the interim Supt — one of the most highly regarded Supt’s in all of California — criticized her performance publicly, who in her last “school” assignment at Woodcreek High in Roseville was ousted only to be taken in at the district office by none other than curriculum director Steve Lawrence, and whose record is not only to oppose all charters, but NEVER has led a successful “turn around” of a low performing school ? 3. Why wouldn’t the Supt just transfer the most successful principal in MDUSD to CVHS to see if he could make a difference ? 4. When Gary had Steve relieve Bob Dodson of his duties 15 months ago, why didn’t he do the same at CVHS if it was so bad — Gary knew what was going on as he had a child there too. 5. Why does CVHS get all of their TV’s installed ahead of the elementary schools getting their whiteboards installed ? Can’t wait for your answers and see if you really are a “Long Time” Board Watcher.

  2. Worried Says:

    Doctor J, why is it so hard for you to admit that Sue Brothers might actually be doing a good job at CVHS?

    You are so consumed with hatred and anger that you’re unable to ever utter a single positive word about any MDUSD administrator. You seem to find great joy in spinning the most ridiculous conspiracy theories about board members past and present, administrators, and parents. You’ll push one side of an argument if you can find a way to make it negative for MDUSD and its administrators, then turn around the next day and argue a contradictory point of view because you’ve though of a way to make the other side an anti-MDUSD argument. Don’t you ever reread your rantings and say “Wow, I really went ’round the bend with that one”? You remind me of some character from a novel that spends his entire life in darkness, consumed with hatred, searching for perceived slights in every utterance from his “enemies”, spinning elaborate conspiracy theories, spending hour after hour searching for proof of his bizarre beliefs.

    I truly worry about your mental health. Seek help. There’s no reason to live with so much hatred and unhappiness in your life.

  3. Parent @ CVHS Says:

    Doctor J I am hoping you are not a teacher. Stop the Sue Brothers rant and your conspiracy theories. Sue Brothers is changing a school that frankly you would like to see stay status quo. Bob Dodson and all your past conspiracy stories have nothing to do with CVHS now. Sue Brothers is making changes parents want now. She is personable, smart, funny,and cares about kids education. I hope you are a teacher, and probley a bad one, so I hope the evil dictator comes down on you. I know, you will say I am Sue Brothers now like my friend Same, old, yes I know who she is. Bad Teacher your days are numbered, watch out for evil Sue!!

  4. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @ Docotr J #41 – As Ronald Reagan once said, “There you go again…” tying me to the MDUSD board and leadership to “sabotage the CVCHS movement is laughable.” I can now truly say what is so apparent to others as well is that you are a true conspiracy theorist. Come on out and play, Dr. J. You know me and I’d love to talk to you. Also, not sure what “Bond Gate” is really about. Had you been at the last MDUSD meeting for the CVCHS hearing or the last MEasure C Oversight Committee meeting, you’d now what the rest of the public already does – I’m not trying to sabotage CVCHS but rsther support it and there is no “Bond Gate” beyond the wild fantasies and imagination of a few conspiracy theorists like yourself.

  5. Long-time Board Watcher Says:

    Doc, while you didn’t answer my questions (maintain status quo or start making changes?), I will respond to yours.
    1. Except in the case of internal transfers, administrators are appointed through a lengthy process that includes an initial interview panel of parents, teachers, classified staff, and union reps. Those the panel recommends are then interviewed by the Superintendent’s Council, which, as a group, decides the final recommendation to the Board. Reference checks are made before the appointment is placed on the agenda. Sometimes no one is selected in the first or second interview, and the position is re-posted. You will cite Mr. Nugent as an exception, but the process essentially assures that each candidate has been thoroughly vetted before the Board vote. If the Board frequently rejected recommended candidates, staff would need to adjust the process, which I believe they did after the Nugent embarrassment.
    2. The Superintendent could not have even considered Sue Brothers (or any candidate) if she had not made it through the initial interview panel, of which he was not a member. Ms. Brothers was being criticized on blogs long before she applied for the CVHS principalship. I’d guess she received more scrutiny than the average applicant.
    3. This question is flabbergasting. You suggest that the Superintendent should have taken “the most successful principal in MDUSD” out of his/her school for one year to see if he/she could make a difference at CVHS. Do you remember the response when Dr. Lawrence tried to transfer the popular and successful Bancroft principal a couple of years ago? And if it’s OK for someone already working in MDUSD to begin making changes this year, why is it not OK for someone outside the district (with perhaps new ideas) to make that attempt?
    4. As I recall, Bob Dodson was MDE principal through the end of the 2010 school year. I don’t understand your point.
    5. I can’t answer this question. Perhaps those who install tech equipment (TVs) are on a different crew than those who attach whiteboards to walls. Maybe there are more whiteboards to install than TVs. Maybe some schools submitted requests earlier than others. Maybe the substantial budget cuts that have reduced M&O positions are a factor. In any case, is the delayed arrival of TVs and whiteboards really preventing students from learning to read, write, and compute?

    I’ve watched not only the MDUSD Board for a long time, but others as well. I’ve seen some excellent ones and some damaging ones. This one has its problems, but I don’t think the appointment of Ms. Brothers is one of them.

  6. MDUSD Board Watcher Says:

    Parent @ CVHS,

    Are you off your meds again?

    Here are two quotes from your paragraph above:

    “I am hoping you are not a teacher.” (5 sentences later), “I hope you are a teacher”.

    Big fail Sue, looks like you don’t even have command of the english language.

  7. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @ Dr. J – one more thing. Sue Brothers rocks. Forget about where she cam from for a minute and lookat what this “non-principal” is doing at CVHS. Really, come down and take a look and talk to people if you dare get out from behind your keyboard! 🙂

  8. Parent @ CVHS Says:

    Yes Board Watcher I hope your not a teacher also! Then again I hope you are a teacher and I hope you get a little dose of Sue.
    Mark you are right! SUE BROTHERS ROCKS!!! Hate to say it but majority of parents and teachers feel this way!!
    Charter backers, your true colors are for all to see. Dr J is a great spokesman for your cause. I am also a charter backer but some of these postings are changing my mind. Go ahead and call me Sue Brothers again, I will show her this post and have a good laugh!! Maybe I will invite Same old and we will do it together. I know, Dr J, we are all Sue except you and MDUSD Board Watcher. I have to get back to my grassy knoll.

  9. wait a minute Says:

    My understanding is the main thing that Sue Brothers has really done so far to impress people at CVHS is to deliver long-overdue equipment and services like fresh paint, the new tables, tv’s etc. This is not to say she isn’t spending alot of time and effort courting certain groups of people there and that is part of her and the Superintendents plan.

    The back story to this is she is getting priority over all the other schools to do this on Lawrence’s orders.
    The problem with this is it means the other schools are in all reality being SHORTED right now. Anybody could look impressive to a shortchanged community if they were given a blank check to spend freely.

    Many of the tyrants in the Middle East right now are actually doing the same thing–lavishing big money on their govt’s officials and their militaries in the hopes that they stay loyal to them and keep them in power.

  10. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @Wait a Minute – Really? Comparing Sue Brothers and MDUSD to the Middle Eastern governments? Wow. As a parent and advocate for CVHS, my only issue with Sue Broithers getting it done is that it is Loooooong overdue for CVHS. Let’s just call this our turn and we finally have a facilitator and leader to pave the way. Good enough for me and, I’m sure, goof enough for the students, partents, faculty, staff and community of CVHS.

  11. 4Students Says:

    MDUSD is always “putting out fires.” That term has been used many times even by the superintendent. This time it was CVHS that pulled the fire alarm.

    But other schools need attention. Holbrook Elementary needed attention to avoid closure, when its API score increased 39 points to 816. Glenbrook Elementary needed enough attention to avoid losing $1.2 million SIG funding. Delta View Elementary needed attention to save six trees.

    All the schools need MDUSD to pass a parcel tax to avoid more closures and a shortened school year. Face the facts, MDUSD is too big to give attention to all the schools.

  12. Theresa Harrington Says:

    I’ve also been hearing rumors that bus problems have resurfaced again this year.
    The district canceled its contract with Durham through the County Office of Education, saying it could save money by busing children itself.
    But, if the district’s system isn’t working, that cost-savings may not be worth the problems that I’ve heard are occurring.

  13. 4Students Says:

    That relates back to the strategic PLAN idea. It seems the district could PLAN to have students attend neighborhood schools instead of wasting hours riding a bus. PLAN a Bay Point high school. PLAN school closures better to avoid students from low-income neighborhoods paying $170 to be bused. PLAN to have education excellence at every neighborhood school. All this needless busing wastes money, students’ time and under this system administrators’ time.

  14. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Of course, plans also need to be implemented effectively.
    Besides the busing you mention, much of the district’s busing is for children in special education. The district is legally obligated to provide transportation for them and could face legal consequences if it fails to do so.

  15. 4Students Says:

    That’s getting into another topic. Most educators like Cheryl Hansen agree that early intervention is key for special education students. Early diagnosis and intervention can make a difference years later, even avoiding expensive referrals to residential programs. In MDUSD the preschool program is at Gregory Gardens in Pleasant Hill and so 3-year old children are put on a bus that may go 10 miles or more, stopping at other houses along the way, to and from Gregory Gardens. A parent must be at home when the bus arrives or the child will be kept on the bus as it proceeds to the next stop. Older students also are bused many miles to their special education programs. It would be better if MDUSD could plan to avoid this busing by offering more special education programs in neighborhood schools, and for less common programs centralize the site so children spend less time sitting on the bus. Moving special education programs to Glenbrook (?) might help.

  16. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @4Students – But if we move all Special Ed to Glenbrook, don’t we potentially exacerbate and increase transportation issues and needs?

  17. 4Students Says:

    Special ed is another complex issue and I don’t pretend to be an expert. In general I’ve heard (from Denise Rugani) it’s best if students are not separated, even within a campus if the special ed classrooms can be interspersed for inclusion. At a certain point however for economic reasons you cannot have all programs (autism, Aspergers, PDD, preschool etc) at each school site and the district will consolidate these programs. It would be better to avoid locating programs on the edge of the district like the preschool at Gregory Gardens, guessing that’s over 10 miles for a 3-year old from Clayton to ride the bus? I hear it can take over an hour each way. It would be better to locate programs in the geographic center of the district so each child would travel less than 5 miles on the bus. I believe Spectrum has been moved to Glenbrook (?) which is closer to the center of the district.

  18. Just J Says:

    4 students, It should be taken a step further. Obviously there is a huge difference between someone on the Autism spectrum and a child who is LD (Learning Disabled) or resource. Programs could be started at each school site that is research based. We now have 30 years of research supporting what works and what doesn’t and school sites or the district refuses to look at it. Some schools in Pleasanton and San Ramon are using a proven reading intervention that is working. perhaps that is the difference in that sub group making gains in those districts and our not.

    Not bussing to private placement could save millions of dollars that could be spent on the right programs to educate more students and keep kids included. Might even save enough money to have more Special Day Classes offered at more campuses that would also save on bussing and time spent on the bus. Seems so simple to me.

  19. Theresa Harrington Says:

    FYI, I just posted the text of Rep. George Miller’s comments on the House floor today in favor of the Quality Charter Schools Act:

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