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CVHS charter board election results

By Theresa Harrington
Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 4:18 pm in Education, Mt. Diablo school district.

The Clayton Valley Charter High School committee has announced the results of its governing board election for “stakeholder groups.”

Here are the new board members, according to the group’s website:

“The CVCHS Governing Board election for the applicable stakeholder groups (parents, teachers, & classified staff) was held Thursday night (9/1) in the Clayton Valley multi-use room.

The following people will be respresenting their respective group on the board.

Teachers- Pat Middendorf and Neil McChesney

Parents- Alison Bacigalupo and Megan Kommer

Classified staff- Diane Bailey

The elected board will soon be scheduling interviews with the community at large candidates, two of which will be appointed following that process.”

The Mt. Diablo school board expects to vote on the charter petition Sept. 13.

What is your reaction to the election results?

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69 Responses to “CVHS charter board election results”

  1. Doctor J Says:

    Democracy in action.

  2. wait a minute Says:

    Absolutely democracy in action and the entire Clayton community should be proud that they are leading a a resurgence of community-based education.

    Just the fact that there is a classified employee on the CVHS Board shows that they intend to encompass the full range of stakeholders.

    I’m sure the classified people are ecstatic at this as they have been the first ones to get cut and generally been treated like chattel by the MDUSD’s so-called leaders. Now they have a seat at the table and are assured of a legitimate voice in the decision-making.

  3. Hmmmmmm Says:

    OK, so even though there were many other candidates and the election was run by steering committee friendly folks (shouldn’t there have been some more objective parties overseeing) and with a VERY low turnout due to poor publicity and a rushed process, is anyone else surprised these folks made it? What about balance on this board to show a truer, wider support for it?

    Got to be honest, I’m somewhat disappointed but not at ALL surprised. Seems a little MDUSDish to me. 🙂

  4. Volunteer Says:

    Dear Hmmmmmmmm:

    Every ballot box was opened in front of three witnesses and counted and confirmed by all three. The tallies are dated and signed, the ballots have been saved, the sign-in sheets have been saved. Parents, a teacher, and a city councilman volunteered their time to oversee the polling. Others volunteered to make the ballots and informational materials. The election times were published in the CVHS Eagle’s Eye newletter, the CVCHS website, local papers, blogs, posters on the MUR doors, and word of mouth. Interest in the charter is high right now which should have maximized turnout and the planning team needs to get together to prepare for Fall 2012. Not everyone cares to vote and one category had candidiates running unapposed. The turnout picked up through the four hours we were open. I am sorry that you were disappointed in our honest efforts. If you’d like to volunteer, we’d love your help.

  5. Same old, same old Says:

    Now that the first week of school has passed, I am very happy with all the changes Sue Brothers is making. We finally have someone in charge making real changes. I wish this whole charter issue would go away so we can let Sue make some real changes at our school. I am sorry but Pat Middendorf and Neil McChesney were always the voices against real change at our school. The Academys and 2 hour block schedule are the staple of these teachers, and I don’t see them changing anything. More than half the student body does not participate in the Academys and I feel it is wrong to let the academys dictate how the school is run. Math and foreign language need to be taught daily, not in two hour blocks. These acadmys interview for the best kids and incorporate the best teachers to teach them. If your child does not pass the interview or decides not to join the academys at all, he or she is given the left overs. How is this fair? Sue Brothers is considering all the students in her decisions, not just the academys. Will Neil McChesney, father of the academys, make the necessary changes to change the schedule to a six period day, I don’t think so. I think we are being duped my these teachers who want the status quo, and started this charter to stop the changes that are coming. Sue Brothers is a gift to our school and it is too bad this charter is being so rushed,I would have liked to give her more time. Neil McChesney and Pat Middendorf don’t bring much to the table, the only school they have ever taught at is CVHS. I think we are making a big mistake giving them the keys to the school.

  6. Just J Says:

    Hmmmmmm, I am not sure you will ever be happy. So sorry you lost the vote to Steering Committee Members. Maybe next time you will win.

    It seems pretty natural to me that these folks made it onto the first board. After all they have been involved with every aspect of the entire conversion. They have a knowlege that no one else has. Congrats to all of you!!!!

  7. Theresa Harrington Says:

    In looking more closely at the district’s News Update about API/AYP scores, I noticed that the Eagle Peak Montessori Charter School was left off:
    Eagle Peak’s API rose 27 points to 918 and the school met all of its Adequate Yearly Progress goals.

  8. Doctor J Says:

    Same old is just sprewing propaganda — its just a ruse. SB has never been a principal before and she does not have a track record of raising student achievement in any of the schools or districts she has worked in. Its just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Don’t be fooled by her own posts.

  9. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Same old raises some interesting points. I have heard similar complaints about Mt. Diablo HS moving toward an all-academy model. While this works for some students, it could force those who aren’t interested in the limited academy offerings into programs that may not be good matches for them.
    The advantages and disadvantages of block schedules are also open to debate. Sequoia Middle School is able to offer eight classes instead of seven through its block schedule program. Students there learn foreign languages. Many teachers say they can do more in-depth projects with a longer school period. Yet, same old contends students need instruction in every subject every day.
    These are topics that the proposed charter board and community should be open to discussing.

  10. Long-time Board Watcher Says:

    There was an election? Didn’t hear about it. Did people have to attend the meeting to vote? Or were ballots distributed throughout the community and returned in some manner? During the summer break? Theresa’s article doesn’t say. And why are community-at-large members being decided by the new board and not by whatever process was used for staff and parents?

    Without more information, and given the results, this appears to be an election involving only the people who proposed the charter and the charter’s early supporters. Okay, you want a committed and knowledgeable board, and this is definitely that. A good thing, of course. But how far has the outreach been? The process may be democratic, but it also may be not have been as inclusive as it needs to be. What was the number of total votes cast? What is CVHS’s enrollment?

    And how do parents such as “Same Old, Same Old” get their voices heard, concerns addressed?

  11. Theresa Harrington Says:

    LTBW: Here is more information about the election process, from the charter committee’s website:

    “CVCHS Governing Board Election Thursday (9/1) evening! (8/30/11)
    The elections for applicable stakeholder groups (teachers, parents, and classified staff) will take place in the Clayton Valley High School Multi-use Room on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Current CV parents are allowed one ballot per family. For more information see our Governing Board page at:

  12. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @Dr. J – No propaganda is being spewed. As CVHS PFC VP and with a son who is ASB VP, we have both been able to watch Sue Brothers in action over the summer and this past first week of school. I think the fact that she hasn’t been a HS principal before is actually a godsend. She doesn’t take no for an answer and has gotten more done in school improvements, staff morale and student discipline in a few weeks than the previous administration has done in the past three years I have been involved.

    I’ve got to agree with sam old above that she is doing a fantastic job and that was reflected in the comments at this past weeks CVHS PFC meeting whose board and members includes charter school advocates.

    Dr. J – Sincerely, please do not talk about what you don’yt know here. I personally invite you to come on a campus tour with me and see the chnage that is occurring. If the charter school effort does come to pass, the governing board will have a huge debt of gartitude owed to Mrs. Brothers for her efforts in jump starting their efforts.

  13. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @LTBW – Interesting that you also did not know about election. What I found very interesting as well is that the charter school steering committee says they have over 1200 e-mails in support which means they have 1200 e-mail addresses. The post above said nothing about using these. I voted in the election and saw the sign-in sheets which had very few names on them. I do hope to help the charter committee and governing board help push better communication and get better involvement. As VP of the CVHS PFC, it is always disheartening to see the lack of parent involvement. If this isn’t turned around with the charter school it could spell its doom.

  14. Doctor J Says:

    Same Old, you did get one thing right: Sue Brothers is forcing last minute curriculum change on a faculty that is united in becoming a Charter School. This is not collaborative change — its “dictated change” a la STEUE. The advantage of the Charter is that any curriculum changes will be collaborative. Isn’t funny how the teachers return one day, teach 4 days, and already the rookie principal is forcing change on the faculty and students ? Again, we see no effort to replace SASS Secondary Director Denise Rugani, obviously saving that spot for SB. Heads up to the rest of secondary, you are getting a look at the dictatorship you’ll be under by next year.

  15. Hmmmmmm Says:

    @volunteer and just j – wasn’t a candidate so not sure what connection you made there but I was there and am a parent at CVHS.

    The election was run by charter supporters, plain and simple. I saw them there and know who they are. It would have been a good idea for the election to be run by a third party to avoid any potential conflict of interest. The Clayton councilman you mention is a strong supporter of the charter school and spoke at the recent district meeting for it. My point is to make this all look as objective as possible, it should have been done differently. It should have been run impartially and not done so quickly with a little better publicity.

    My opinions are my own and based on what I see and hear. Im also an involved parent and at at the campus and meetings often so please don’t discount what I say as one of those who is uninvolved but loves to stir it up. I stir it up because it needs stirring.

  16. g Says:

    Mr. Weinmann; How many emails were sent out by the CVHS PFC to advise of (and solicit votes for)the PFC board election? Surely the school has an email address for every family?

    Or, perhaps the PFC relied on parents to look at the PFC website for news and information much as the Charter Committee

  17. g Says:

    Hmmmmmmm: Are you actually suggesting that the Charter Board should be chosen by and perhaps made up of people who are “disinterested” in the outcome and well being of the Charter?

  18. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @G – Exactly two e-mails were sent out by the PFC….but the PFC has NOTHING to do with the chareter school committee. In fact, they have not yet endorsed this effort. You coinfuse the PFC electiopn with that of the charter school governing board. They are two different things (as they should be). My bigger concern is with people like you who DO confuse these. The charte committee DOES need to do a better job of communications as I have suggested all along. Thanks for proving that point for me.

  19. Hmmmmmm Says:

    @g…no I’m not suggesting that. What I am suggesting is that the election of these board be truly objewctive. Given what I have seen it doesn’t appear that is has been done very well.

    Thanks for asking.

  20. Tom Tesler Says:

    Read your excerpt on No Child Left Behind and once again became frustrated with the lack of knowledge people have of how and why this federal bill was passed. It was written and intended/hoped to fail with the full knowledge of both republicans and democrats writing and pushing the passage. May sound like a bold statement but I can back it up places, times and names. At the time it was passed I was the Supervisor of State/Federal fund for the AUSD and in Washington D.C at a conference for a preliminary preview. To a person we could not believe what we were hearing. Later when a few of us cornered the presenter and listen to what he had to say, we all realized this bill had more to do with politics than helping kids. In fact Miller’s statement that the rewrite if four year overdue supports my position and facts. So if you are interested and want to hear more, give me a call at (925)777-9121.

  21. No Spam Please Says:

    An electronic newsletter with notice of the September 1 Charter Board Election, “The Eagle’s Eye”, was sent to every CVHS family that is signed up for this form of school communication (which should be the vast majority).

    I would think that the 1200 e-mail addresses collected by those in support of the charter would have included many community members who are not parents and could not have voted for the CVCHS parent representatives. I know several of my neighbors were drumming up support and they are retirees.

  22. Just J Says:

    No Spam Please, The elected parent positions could only be voted on by curreent CV parents. So if you are a community member with no children at CVHS you did not vote.

  23. No Spam Please Says:

    To Just J:


    Yes, that was my point. The 1200 e-mail address list of supporters was not something to be used to advertise the election as suggested by Mark Weinmann because many on that list would be ineligible to vote for a board member.

    It would have been inappropriate to spam everyone on that list and have them turn up to vote in an election that was for CVHS families only.

  24. g Says:

    Weinmann said: “…but the PFC has NOTHING to do with the chareter (sic) school committee.”

    Don’t you see Mark, that was my point exactly. The confusion is not mine.

    It was you, not I, who interjected your PFC position into a debate insinuating more than once, a lack of transparency in voting for the Charter Board.

    I cannot speak personally for or against Sue Brothers as a leader; but before I could begin pumping her up for the job she’s doing, I would be inclined to give credit where credit may be due. Before she set foot in the County, she was given a punch list, a “script” if you will of what the Charter organizers top complaints were.

    Yes, the Charter’s hopes and plans! Things that had been ignored by the District for years! You are fairly new to the District, so you might not be fully aware of how long this District has been feeding its own ego, and looking for its individual glories first, and “kids” second.

    So, if the threat of a Charter is the kick in the ass that the District needed, so be it! But please, give credit where credit is due.

  25. Same old, same old Says:

    Doctor J I know you want to paint Sue Brothers and the district as the evil empire and dictator but lets look around us. Mt Diablo Elementry and Diablo View Middle School are two of the higest rated schools in the district, Nobody is calling out Charter for these schools because they are run by strong principals who are not afraid to make the tough calls. Gary Swanson was a nice guy but a weak leader. He asked the teachers for a vote on almost every desision he made and was weak in follow through. The flat screen TV’s that finally were delivered this week after a year in storage is a great example. Basically under Swanson, the teachers were running the school. Most of these teachers have only worked at CVHS. How can we think outside the box with teachers who know nothing else? What do the Parents on this board know about education? The teachers need to teach and worry about their classes not how much to pay the janitors. That is the role of a strong principal who make tough desisions, sometines teachers don’t like. I am a parent and have a friend who is a teacher at CVHS. We both want Sue Brothers to make the desisions, not parents or teachers, Like our Elementry and Middle School. I hope the teachers are allowed to re-vote for this, I believe after talking to all my childs teachers, the vote would be different.

  26. Just J Says:

    Same Old, I would love to see the wonderful Mt. Diablo and Diablo View go Charter!! I have had kids at both schools. While these schools are better then most in our District that does not mean they are GREAT schools. Don’t get me wrong they are good schools for California (but that is not saying a lot) These schools just as every other school in our district teaches to the one size kids. The ones that are LD are still failling short. Even the ones that fit in the one size are needing help in highschool. This is not how it is supposed to be. The “schools cater to the adult egos and not the kids. I am not saying that the leadership at the site is poor but the leadership above them is. You know what they say rolls down hill.

    No Spam Please, sorry I missed the post above….guess I need to pay closer attention! 😉

  27. Same old, same old Says:

    Just J You are right, because of the state we live in, and the economic climate, all schools are suffering. We also live in a area where people are not willing to fork out any more money for schools. The charter brings us more money which is great but it also brings more financial burden to running the school. I would love to see a Clayton valley scool district that would incorporate all three schools. As long as we stay a California school, your right, leadership is poor at the top and it does roll down. That is my whole point about the Charter, bad leadership. The charter organizers this week offered life tenure to any teacher who stays with the charter. The teachers who voted on the charter last semester were told they would have a one year leave from the district to try it out. Well they forgot to ask the district or the teachers union if this would fly. They found out in the beginning of Aug. that this was not the case. The district sent out an e-mail to all the teachers last week informing them of this action. Should the charter committie have sent a mass e-mail to the teachers when they found this out? They did not. It looks better to make the district the bad guy here. Giving some of the bad teachers in our school life tenure? Why, to keep their votes? Bad decision. The idea of a first class charter school with out of the box thinking in education is what I would like to see for my school. Sue Brothers is the real deal. Look at the tables she bought for the quad area. My child finds this more inviting and the kids feel a sence of community never felt before. The dress code is not only being enforced but also the kids have buy in. Site leadership is really what this school needs, not teacher leadership, which was there before. Two hour block schedule is the lazy mans schedule. Ask how many teachers would like to teach a six period day like Northgate High. You would find many in this school who have never tought a six period day. That seems shocking to me. Ask any freshman what school is easier, Diablo View or CVHS. Mine said Diablo View hands down. The leaders of the Charter only know one way, Same old, Same Old.

  28. Just J Says:

    uhhhhh when did they offer life tenure??? As far as I know they said for the first year they would be under the same contract and then it would be done. This is not Life Tenure… far as I know Life Tenure does not exist.

  29. Same old, same old Says:

    I do want to applaud the Clayton Valley Charter High School committee for starting this conversation and calling out the district for their lack of involvment in our school. The credit for any positive at CVHS change will always be yours.

  30. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Same old: The district sent out an email last week about district action? What action?
    The district cannot unilaterally decide that teachers cannot take a leave of absence. This is a staff recommendation, which must be decided by the board.
    The board will likely take action on this Sept. 13. Did the letter make that clear?

  31. Doctor J Says:

    @Same Old #25. Interesting that you should bring up Mt. Diablo Elem as one of the highest rated schools in the district. Irene is just starting her second year as Prinicpal and I don’t want any implication here as to any negativity about the job she has done. Let me refresh your memory of 15 months ago. The Principal was Bob Dodson, who was “relieved” by Lawrence [and you can speculate as to who had input in that] and never offered another position with the district even though outside principals were hired — I believe he finally took a leave of absence. Lawrence and Eberhart then hired Patrick Nugent — knowing that he had a recent DUI on his record from another state because he disclosed iton his application — some of the other board members denied they knew about the DUI. Why was Eberhart involved in the hiring ? It was his child’s school and Mrs. E was an involved parent. Perhaps you don’t remember but the Board members had not even got home when Nugent’s mugshot appeared on the blogs and a storm of protest swept the district like Hurricane Katrina. Gary was forced to “negotiate” with Nugent and the details never released but Nugent stepped down. So if you want to believe that in one year Irene has made MDE one of the top schools in the district, that is laudable — but before that I don’t think Gary would agree that Bob Dodson had.
    Oh, and don’t blame Gary Swanson for the TV’s in storage. Did you know that before school started a week ago, M&O was over six months behind in installation of “white boards” — more than 60 uninstalled, many of which had never been installed in the LAST school year. Frankly, I think Lawrence recently had the TV’s put ahead of the white boards to appease Sue Brothers — how does that make elementary feel ? The white boards are still not all installed. It was pretty hard last year and even this year for elementary children to do “Board Math” and Board Language without white boards that have been sitting in storage gathering dust. Why was it taking so long ? Jeff McDaniel was using Pete’s old trick: you know hours have been cut and so has staff, so we are just backlogged, but if your school can raise the money, we will have our guys come in on the weekends and get paid doubletime to install them and then charge the installation to the school funds, not district funds. Sometimes I wonder if we live in New Jersey.

  32. Doctor J Says:

    @MW#12, sorry I overlooked your prior post. It doesn’t surprise me that she has gone school improvements [tv’s & tables] see my post #31. She has a direct line to Lawrence and doesn’t have to fight the bureacracy as others have done — all she has to say is “Do you want me to call Steve?” and the bureacracy jumps. Neither does she have to work through SASS. But make no mistake about it, her tenure as CVHS, with or without a charter, is no longer than a year, as she has been promised an Asst Supt position like she had in West Sac. I believe they are saving Denise Rugani’s spot for her as a launching pad to Asst. Supt. It will be a fast rocket ride for her as Lawrence only has 18 months left on his contract.

  33. g Says:

    Flat Screens and White Boards being held for “ransom”? That reminds me of books allocated to appease Williams Act requirements, but still in boxes for months (years?)

    But, Sue Brothers bought tables for the quad area? –Say What?

    So it would seem that if you want to score big, you have to sign with the right team….

    Interesting theory.

  34. Same old, same old Says:

    Doctor J State ranking for Mount Diablo Elementry: 436
    State ranking for Diablo View Middle School 605
    State ranking for CVHS 2031
    Where is the problem Doctor? Who created this problem? These are the same students, what happens to them? Tell me Doctor. 2 hour Block schedule? Academys, Lack of good site leadership, Teachers? What is it that makes these students do so well at both elementry and middle, and then fall apart in High school. I don’t see any district mumbo jumbo in these numbers. The same students Doctor? Does the Charter Committee know how to fix this? Please tell me how if they are going change things? Same teachers, same academys, same schedule is in the charter. Please tell me Doctor

  35. Wait a minuite Says:

    Thanks Same old, why didn’t you run!

  36. Doctor J Says:

    @SO,SO — Check the scores of all of the schools in the feeder pattern. Go back and compare the rankings for the last 5 years. Then you can see the trends. Did you like Bob Dodson as a principal ?

  37. Mark Weinmann Says:

    @G – Regarding the 120 e-mails they had, sorry I wasn’t clear but I assumed that the majority of these were from parents and with the largest pool of people required to votew being parents, it would have made sense to use this.

    As for the Eagle’s Eye newsletter, that is owned and operated by the CVHS PFC and includes the same distribution that you mention are in the e-mails the charter received. It includes not only parents, but students, community members, staff, etc. The PFC doesn’t solicit votes for the PFC because we take care of those matters within our meetings not outside of it.

    As for me naming myself and my affiliation and “injecting” it into the argument, I’m not trying to use my position to influyence anything. Rather, I am identifying myself and who I am which is a lot more than anyone else does here in blog land. If you care so much, meet me head on. I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee so we can talk face to face. That goes for anyone else out here to who’d like to sit down and discuss these topics.

  38. Just J Says:

    Dr. J, (or anyone) Do you have the link to see the state rankings of all schools. I want to see where they stand 1,2,3 or 1200. Thanks in advance.

  39. wait a minute Says:

    To Same Old…Sue Brothers!

    Well Sue its nice to see you switched from Anon to a different handle. Several West Sac and Roseville people have looked at your statements above and agree its you. We still remember her recent post as Anon/a parent riding her bike past “her” school while keeping a detailed (by names) hit list of the critic here online, LOL! I must say, you appear to have pretty sophisticated knowledge of education matters and the data you want to manipulate here in your posts for a parent?

    Like I said before folks, Sue Brothers was brought on stop the charter and fight the info-battle here on the CC Times to protect her benefactor Stevie Lawrence. A close look at the effusive praise being heaped on Sue by Sue should give everyone a feeling for her egotistical narcissism.

    Try as you might Sue you can’t stop the Charter with the MDUSD’s and your slanted misinformation and propaganda campaign. You might as well move into that SASS Secondary Director slot that Stevie is holding open for until you hatchet every charter supporter at CVHS on your “hit list”.

    Its only a matter of time until you switch from trying to co-opt the Charter by getting the foremost priority for support in the MDUSD on Stevie’s orders to your usual top-down dictatorship style. How many other schools in the MDUSD are NOT getting new tables and other support so you Stevie can prioritize CVHS’s needs to try and co-opt the Charter?

    Besides your many lies to Theresa when she interviewed you lets take a look at your above rantings against block schedules for instance. If you don’t like them then why did you institute block schedules at the HS in West Sac?

    Matter of fact everyone this shows the true nature of Sue. The West Sac people tell me that former Pre-School Teacher Sue Brothers started a 1ST-6TH GRADE ELEMENTARY PROGRAM at the CONTINUATION HS IN WEST SAC!!!

    Here is the link to the this “special” program called Evergreen Elementary from the West Sac board minutes:,12

    The preponderance of the elementary students put into this program were low-income students of color. Many should have been in Severely Emotionally Disturbed classes but under Sue and Stevie those classes all disappeared from West Sac. All of these elementary students needed at least Special Education classes but this was not provided except on a very limited pull-out basis. The parents were promised Music, Art, and computerized intervention classes such as Read 180 and Destination Math but these were also not provided. The two Evergreen Elementary classes were also taught by new teachers. When one complained to Sue about the missing program elements that were promised she was promptly non re-elected!

    Needless to say, the program was a disaster. When Stevie left to go plague the MDUSD the interim Superintendent hired quietly stopped the program at year’s end. This wonderful retired Interim Super took a BIG bite out of Sue while she was there, even telling Sue to “shut-up” at an admin meeting when Sue wouldn’t let the principals talk!

    Anyways, several administrators from West Sac with broad experience from districts across California I talked to said that this Continuation elementary program was “the most racist example of tracking” that they had ever seen! In fact, Sue’s disdain for the low-income people in West Sac is legendary. She apparently was well known for shifting resources from schools on the wrong side of the railroad tracks there to schools on the right side of those same tracks.

    So all you CVHS teachers be prepared for the wrath of Sue when she turns fully negative. She will give bad evaluations and she will bad-mouth all the charter supporters as she has done here while posing as @SO,SO and cast Sue herself as the savior. She is the real deal all right, a really manipulative operator!

    Just remember Sue, longtime tyrants are falling right now all over the world and your turn and Stevie’s turn is coming. Your taking on the Clayton Valley political structure and Representative George Miller and you will lose just like you lost in West Sac when you played the same political games.

  40. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Just J: To my knowledge, there is no ranking that goes from 1-1,200. However, the state’s API base report ranks schools from 1-10, with 10 being the highest, among all schools and schools with similar demographics:,CONTRA,COSTA
    This report won’t be produced for 2011 until next spring, when the state determines growth targets for next year’s STAR tests.
    As you can see in the 2010-11 report, CVHS was ranked 7 statewide, but 1 when compared to schools with similar demographics. This means that CVHS performed better than about 70 percent of schools statewide, but in the bottom 10 percent when compared to schools with similar demographics.
    FYI, I am planning to compile a detailed blog post comparing schools in MDUSD according to recently released testing data: API, AYP, STAR, graduation and dropout rates, and California High School Exit Exam results.

  41. Doctor J Says:

    #39 FYI the “interim supt” for WUUSD [West Sac} was none other than the East Bay’s Michele Lawrence, a super highly regarded Supt and well known in our parts and no relation to Steve Lawrence. I am sure she did a fantastic job in West Sac, even though she would have probably enjoyed spending her time at the cabin in Big Bear. @Just J, SO,SO was just baiting us as Theresa points out. SO, SO doesn’t even know who Bob Dodson is. We are just seeing a desparate attempt by Sue Brothers, Steve Lawrence, Gary Eberhart, Sherry Whitmarsh through her co-Chevron employee Mark Weinmann and Paul Strange to sabotage the CVCHS movement. However, the tide is too strong, the momentum too great, and community support overwhelming for support of the charter. What the Board forgets is that even though Clayton VHS goes charter, ALL of the Clayton voters still get to vote in the MDUSD election in a year. The Board would be wise to approve the charter indicating that they wish the charter the best of luck, and invite the students, families and teachers to come back if it doesn’t work out for them. However, if the Board chooses to continue to be vindictive, then it will be assured there will be two NEW Board members in just a year and maybe earlier if the recall movement can gain some momentum.

  42. wait a minute Says:

    Yes Dr.J, there was obviously no love lost between Sue, Sue and Michele Lawrence as Michele’s “shut up” comment to Sue in front of all the administrators showed!

    Of course, Michele was HIGHLY successful at running a difficult urban district with great racial and income diversity.

    Sue Brothers and Stevie Lawrence on the other hand–NOT!

  43. wait a minute Says:

    I think two new board members in a year is a given considering the explosive nature of “Bond Gate” and all the corruption that it engenders.

  44. wait a minute Says:

    This just in from West Sac, not only did Sue, Sue create block schedules at the HS, she also helped start—de-facto Academies like an engineering academy connected to Project lead the Way!

  45. Just J Says:

    Thank you Theresa, I am trying to learn as much as I can about the numbers and what they really mean.

  46. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Wait a Minute: Project Lead the Way is a very highly regarded engineering academy program nationwide.
    In Contra Costa County, Chevron has helped to fund several Project Lead the Way engineering academies, including one at Mt. Diablo HS.

  47. Doctor J Says:

    LOL, so is it true that Sue Brothers creates 2 hour block schedules in West Sac and then criticizes it at CVHS ? If that is true, it is the most hypocritical acts and shows her true character !

  48. wait a minute Says:

    Yes everyone, So,So/Sue,Sue (Brothers) instituted both block scheduling and academies in West Sac and now has the gall to complain about the CVHS Charter organizers that this is discriminatory.

    Blatant hypocrisy considering Sue’s record of discrimination in West Sac and an act of desperation since she has been given the mission to stop the charter.

  49. Same old, Same old Says:

    WOW! I am not Sue Brothers! I moved to Clayton 5 years ago from San Francisco with my husband who was transfered to the East Bay. I am a former math teacher/administrater who was part of a charter conversion in San Francisco in 1997. SF school district makes yours look like The Brady Bunch! Same old, Same old signing off this site.

  50. Long-time Board Watcher Says:

    Once again, those who express concerns, or just raise questions, about the charter conversion are vilified on this site. I’ll take my chances with this comment:

    Dr. J, based on your posts, Sue Brothers is darned if she does, darned if she doesn’t. You criticize her for already making some changes. Does that mean you want her to maintain the status quo? CVHS teachers and parents have called for changes at the school. If approved, the conversion is still a year away. Is the school program to remain static this year? Or does Sue Brothers, as any new principal is expected to do, listen to her community and begin addressing their concerns, solving problems, and initiating changes as needed? Teachers say they want to improve the CVHS education program and have received parent and community support for doing so. For the students’ sake, they should be starting now. Many of you critics seem more interested in seeing Sue Brothers fail than in seeing some positive steps started toward improving the school climate. Can we give the rancor a rest for at least a few months?

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