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Clayton mayor expresses disappointment in MDUSD board charter decision

By Theresa Harrington
Sunday, September 18th, 2011 at 3:06 pm in Education, Mt. Diablo school district.

Charter Rally Flyer

I received a copy of this letter to the editor from Clayton Mayor David Shuey regarding the Mt. Diablo school board’s recent decision to approve the Clayton Valley High School charter petition, as long as organizers satisfy numerous conditions by Feb. 1.

Although it is likely this letter will appear in the Contra Costa Times sometime in the future, I am posting it below, in case blog readers want to weigh in:

“Dear Editor:

The city of Clayton and the charter steering committee were deeply disappointed in the MDUSD school board’s de-facto denial of our petition to convert CVHS to a charter school. There is overwhelming community support, little external opposition and it would appear the only opposition is within the district itself. What is clear is denying this petition, with conditions that cannot be met and are illegal, is in direct conflict with the stated vision statement of the district to: support each other in achieving meaningful outcomes to enable individuals to experience success; use technology to access, manage and communicate information; and collaborate to achieve mutual goals.

We have already taken steps to re-approach both district staff and the board in an attempt to reach a mutually agreeable set of conditions, which can be agreed upon and allow the charter to open in 2012-13. As both staff and the board have publicly indicated they wish the charter to succeed but they needed more information and specifics, we are hopeful that we can work in good-faith to achieve the resolution.

If you feel that the committee and board should work together to ensure a true approval, please email me at

David ‘Shoe’ Shuey
City of Clayton”

In his e-mail to me, Shuey added that the committee plans to hold a rally and information meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Clayton Valley High multi-use room.

In addition, Clayton Valley High Principal Sue Brothers told me that the school’s new advisory committee will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday to discuss planned improvements this year, including a strategy for increasing student achievement in math.

Teacher Pat Middendorf told me that committee members plan to meet Wednesday with Deb Cooksey, the attorney for the district who presented the staff report to the board. The committee hopes to inform the public about the outcome of that meeting Wednesday night.

County Superintendent Joe Ovick told me that he doesn’t believe the charter organizers can appeal the petition to the county Board of Education unless the district denies it outright. He did not agree with charter organizers that the conditions represented a “de-facto denial.”

Here is a link to information presented to the board Tuesday, including the resolution approving the charter with conditions, which trustees adopted:

Trustee Cheryl Hansen told me she has asked Superintendent Steven Lawrence and Board President Gary Eberhart to schedule a board study session aimed at reducing the number of conditions. Trustee Linda Mayo said she couldn’t comment on whether she would be willing to reconsider the conditions until she saw a written proposal from the charter committee.

Do you think the board should consider reducing the number of conditions it is requiring to approve the charter?

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61 Responses to “Clayton mayor expresses disappointment in MDUSD board charter decision”

  1. Just J Says:

    Yes the Board should work with the Charter on not only reducing the conditions but making them more in line with the law. I think the Charter organizers should be very proud that they are able to handle themselves like the upfront adults they are. The District and Board are playing an ego game wich they will loose.

    It is time for the adults at the district to go play their games somewhere else. I think the people have been yelling that for a while now. GET OUT OF THE WAY CHILDREN OF THE DISTRICT and let the real adults that care take control. Man I hope none of them run for the board again well maybe Cheryl we will see how that plays out but she seems to be the only one that is able to think.

    So sorry Board members that the lawyer for the Charter confused you at the end of the meeting You should have listened to him (He is not jaded like yours is)

  2. David "Shoe" Shuey Mayor of Clayton Says:

    To follow up on my letter, I do want to say that our initial re-approachment to the district gives us hope that we can, as we have always hoped to, work out an agreement that will allow approval by the district with conditions we can accept. We will know more after our meeting on Wednesday. In the interim I do still wish for all who want the district to work out an acceptable agreement to email me so that the Board can be made aware of the continued will of the community to get this charter up and running next year. Thanks for all your support.

  3. Wait a minute Says:

    Despite yours and the charter’s heroic efforts to “work it out” Shoe, I believe that a recall of this board is the only viable option now. That is unless a law-enforcement agency steps it up and investigates their many ethical/legal breeches in which case they will be gone soon enough.

    As they say in the business “Either lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

    This board and their hired guns have proven over and over (with more examples every week) that they cannot lead in any sense of the word.

    They have now proven that they are unwilling to follow or get out of the way by jerking around a grass-roots charter group with massive public support.

    It is clearly now time to remove these people from public service so that others can do the job that they have so thoroughly failed to do!

  4. Doctor J Says:

    I trust Mayor Shoe and applaud his “hope”. What I am afraid of is that the district will continue its “stall” and let the clock keep ticking. However, I also know that Attorney Shoe is an agressive trial lawyer and when litigation begins they will subpoena the “hard drives” and “servers” of Lawrence, Eberhart, Brothers, Linda Mayo, Sherry Whitmarsh and a few more conspirators. Once lawyers get evidence of the commission of crimes, they become “mandatory reporters” — maybe Shoe will get a deal done this week, because otherwise it looks like they might be heading to Federal Court for the big INJUNCTION.

  5. g Says:

    The District’s attempt to keep Sue Brothers one day and one step ahead of the Charter organizers shows far more than parents may be willing to see for what it is.

    Basic truth: She may seem like a breath of fresh air right now, but frankly, 1) her own history says she just isn’t “that” good; and 2) she’s being propped up and isn’t standing on her own feet yet like the rest of the Principals are having to do.

    Where are the other school’s books, tables, whiteboards, buses, District support?

    CVHS is getting very preferential treatment right now and the reason is evident!

  6. Doctor J Says:

    @G#5, The other principals are whopping mad — as are the staffs, and parents. Lawrence is being so blatant. The Friday night discussions over margaritas from staffs are pretty simple — lets do a petition so we can get our stuff. The irony is the $175,000 textbook error is being swept under the rug — the TWO YEAR running bussing disaster cover-up has become a flesh eating bacteria. Maybe its time to post their office numbers, cell phones [paid for by the district] and fill their message boxes — with firm and polite messages about how you feel and request a “call back” within 24 hours. If they don’t call back, call again. Lawrence already has let it be known he doesn’t want to deal with parents. But when staff hasn’t taken care of the problems in two years, don’t let Lawrence cop out and say he didn’t know.

  7. anonanon Says:

    Dr. J,

    What was the textbook error? And isn’t the district into it’s William’s Case alottment?

  8. Wait a second Says:

    Mayor, just have your group meet the conditions? I know this is hard, but running a school is hard too! Maybe if it wasn’t hard, all schools would be doing this. If you fifty or so people want this bad enough, you will do the hard work to get it done. The rest of us 3000 parents; we will let Sue Brothers clean up while the charter committee sits around and crys booo hooo. If you people aren’t up for the hard jobs, i don’t want you running my school.

  9. Tired of the Rhetoric...and MDUSD Says:

    #8–if it were only a matter of doing the “hard jobs”, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation. Apparently, conditions requested in good faith are not that uncommon. That is, the approval is put in place and the conditions are provided. The way THIS resolution was framed, the District is requiring the conditions be in place PRIOR to approval–effectively delaying the approval until February and well after the 60-day review/approval period and even after their requested extension which the Steering Committee provided. This jeopardizes the Committee’s ability to put funding in place, recruit and hire an Executive Director (i.e. Principal), and many other things that require an approval be in place to move forward on. Additionally, the original plan was to have a full year to put plans in place which allows for careful, thoughtful planning with input from many stakeholders. Pushing these plans into place in just a few months may hinder that process–and STILL leaves us open to denial. Contrary to their stated claim that the District would like to work collaboratively with CVCHS, in truth they would like nothing better than to delay this process as long as possible.

  10. Just J Says:

    @WAS. You obviously have NOT been paying attention and did not read about this. Your statments are WAY off base. You really need to read about what is going on and the pay attention. No one from the Charter is crying BOO HOO and they ARE doing the hard work.

    The trouble with people today is that people are forming opinions based on what someone else says and not fact. Perhaps that is why our country is in touble. Read people and remember their are 2 sides to every story and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

  11. Wait a minute Says:

    Get real WAS, your obviously one of the apologists for the regime.

    There are people running this district (into the ground) who could very well find themselves doing federal time down the road at the Pleasonton Federal Correction Facility for their illegalities.

  12. Theresa Harrington Says:

    The Clayton City Council plans to discuss the MDUSD decision during its meeting starting at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday:

  13. Wait a second Says:

    Instead of meetings, rallys, etc. to cry foul, get it done for 2013. What is the hurry ? Why not take the time and do it right? There will be no innovation the first year. We will basically have the same school with the same teachers if this is rushed to open in 2012. Take your time and do it right. I have read the Charter in full and I realize it was copied almost word for word from the Southern Cal conversion, so take your time and lets put our own stamp on it. Teachers I have talked to are concerned about this fact and some have already requested a re-vote with the union. A vote like that will kill this whole charter mess.

  14. CVCHS Supporter Says:

    “Charter mess”? I have never seen such positive energy and support from so many! The students, parents, teachers, and community of Clayton are ready for a better school in Fall 2012, not in the distant future or never. Other districts have managed to delay charters for years until the volunteer boards have been destroyed. Let’s get this charter approved now so they can hire the best people out there this spring, not the leftovers in the summer months.

  15. Just J Says:

    The Union is not the one that the teachers voted with. So why would they go to the Union to revote. It is plain that “WAS” is a district plant.

    The Charter is not crying foul! This is WRONG! If you don’t stand up for what is right then you are part of the problem. This rally is about getting the truth out not whining about something they don’t want to do.

    I am so happy that they are standing up for this. The Teachers are already teaching my children and they don’t go there yet.

    I will not wait until 2013 because the District thinks we should. The Charter committee has put a ton of work and effort in. I have no doubt that even in 2012 this will be better then what we have. If you are willing to put your childs future on the line then stay in a district school. Me, my children are way to important to wait.

  16. Wait a second Says:

    Just j Why is anyone how dosen’t fully agree with the charter a plant on this blog?

    If your kids don’t go tto CVHS now, you are in for a rude awakening when it comes to teachers. I hope you can teach your kid math. Your child has been in a district school for 8 years, the foundation for their future was taught in district schools.

    Parents? How many of the 2500 pairs of parents voted for the board 20- 30? MY husband is a teacher at CVHS and support for this is low after the arrival of Sue Brothers. I want him to stay with the district and keep his tenure and have options, like most of the good teachers. Why would a good teacher limit his options? Go out and hire new teachers this spring, oh the charter is staying with the district union contract, I guess no health care for these new great teachers.See who you get, part timers, first time teachers; and the left overs who couldn’t get a job in better districts.
    Get the truth out! The district is not going to make this easy. Did you really think they would just approve with small conditions? Come on man! 2013 makes sense; its the only way to fight the district. They won this round. Deal with it!

  17. Just J Says:

    hmmmmmm. I already have to teach my child math and had to get a private tutor to teach my other one how to read. So what is your point. I say it is not all on the teachers it is on the district and the system itself. The District is failing our children and limiting the choice that parents have. I think if your husband does not want to stay with the Charter he has a right and I am sure he will be respected for that choice. The only thing the district won is delaying for a short time. So you think we should just roll over and take it? I think asking for meetings to discuss this issue is not a fight. It is the Charter taking the high road!

  18. Anon Says:

    When the teachers figure out all that they will have to give up and they find out that the new principal, who is doing a great job, will not stay if the school converts to a charter, the wheels are going to come off of the whole planned takeover of cvhs. What’s most important here is doing what’s best for the students at cvhs and what’s best is giving the new principal a chance to change the course of the school. Running a charter high school is a very complex and difficult task and it can’t be done with out well articulated and well thought out plans. Of course the district has made that the bar that the organizers must jump over. Anything else would be irresponsible.

    I love it how anyone that suggests a path other than just agreeing with the charter organizers is demonized and ridiculed. That just demonstrates that we should all look very closely at who it is that’s attempting to take the school. Difference of opinion is valued by those who value quality discourse and exemplary decision making. Attacking and demonizing are tactics of the desperate.

  19. Theresa Harrington Says:

    CVHS parents are invited to attend the first Clayton Valley HS Advisory Council meeting at 7 p.m. tonight in the multiuse room, where they will receive brief updates from other campus parent groups, see a presentation on STAR scores and hear about plans to improve academic performance in math:

  20. CVCHS Supporter Says:

    I don’t think that everyone who disagrees with the charter is a plant but I am curious how Wait A Second comes up with 2500 pairs of parents when there are about 1800 students at CVHS. The vote for parent representative was one vote per family and many families have more than one student. 2500 is an impossible number. You can wish for a higher turnout, as most candidates do, but let’s not exaggerate. I am sure that the candidates running for parent representative had more than two dozen votes between them.

    Once again, small improvements are being made by MDUSD to try to keep CVHS in the district. The charter supporters are looking to make CVCHS a great school, not just one with some new cafe tables and an enforced dress code. The new principal still has MDUSD limitations as to curriculum and large class size. Real change in the classroom is what we are looking for. Have you forgotten all the programs that have been cut? Furlough days at the last minute? Decimated library hours? Freshman transition programs such as low class size in their first English and math classes have been gone for three years now. The community is behind and and ready to support our new charter school.

    Some things that can change at the charter that don’t cost anything:

    MDUSD requires athletes that train three hours a day on their sports team to still take PE for two years. This gives you soccer players who cannot take AP Psychology and must enroll in something like Bowling to satisfy district requirements. In other schools sports can count as your PE.

    Some of the MDUSD textbooks are poorly thought of. CVCHS will be able to make their own decision when it comes time to purchase new books and not use the one size fits all book mandated by the district. My second student no longer attends MDUSD schools and I am pleasantly surprised by the materials there are to learn from. I have priced them online, since I now pay for texbooks, and those books actually cost less than the CVHS textbooks.

    Teacher training is not a bad thing. This is not free but, everyone wants engaging teachers and well run classrooms. We want innovative, active learning. If this happens at the charter that would be a great thing. Critics make it sound like the teachers plan to take continuing education to have fun. Once again, I have seen teachers energized by these classes and it is a joy to be in their classroom.

    New class titles can be offered. They don’t have to fit the MDUSD code system. If there is demand for a subject such as bringing back a foreign language, a class in Shakespeare, or offering a new AP class, it can happen.

    And much more…

  21. Doctor J Says:

    I hope parents will take a copy of the Board’s charter conditions and ask Sue Brothers why CVHS hasn’t met those conditions too ! What’s good for the gander, should be good for the goose too !

  22. Doctor J Says:

    TONIGHT @ 7pm, will the City of Clayton CONDEMN the MDUSD BOE by adopting Resolution 2011 for denying the CVHS Charter Petition with onerous conditions ? Film at 11. Lets see if Gary Eberhart, Sherry Whitmarsh, Linda Mayo, Cheryl Hansen and Lynne Denler have the courage to even show up and defend themselves or whether they will hide their sorry rearends. I suspect they are gutless. Tonight the “Shoe” will be on the other foot. [Sorry Mr. Mayor for the pun, but I couldn’t resist. 😉 ]

  23. g Says:

    Theresa; there’s only one of you—which meeting will you attend? I’ll try to keep up with you on Twitter. I wish the first CVCHS Advisory Council meeting wasn’t being held at the same time as the Clayton City Council meeting. I think it will mean that both get shorted in attendance.

    Is the Clayton City Council meeting broadcast on KVHS or do they just do the Board meetings?

  24. CVHS Mom Says:

    G, the CVCHS meeting is TOMORROW.

  25. Theresa Harrington Says:

    If our Clayton reporter Paul Thissen attends the City Council meeting, then I’ll attend the school meeting. If Paul isn’t planning to attend the council meeting, I’ll go there first, then get to the school meeting late.
    Unfortunately, the council doesn’t livestream its meetings, so I’ll try to videotape the discussion (which means I won’t be able to tweet until it’s over).
    The school meeting will begin with parent group updates. I am more interested in the STAR overview and math achievement plan discussions, which will take place later.

  26. CVHS Mom Says:

    Oh, oops, pressed send too soon. The meeting tonight at CVHS is just a principal reporting back what she had promised to last year in her “meet the community” meeting. This (tonight) has nothing to do with the charter, just standard CVHS stuff.

  27. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Here is the agenda for tonight’s CVHS meeting, according to the principal’s newsletter:

    “Clayton Valley Advisory Council
    All parents and guardians are invited to join the Clayton Valley Advisory Council. The CVAC will meet monthly for updates and information, and to provide our families with a forum for open communication and to provide input to the principal to shape the school’s direction. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 20, at 7:00 p.m. in the MU. The agenda will include
     Brief updates from all CVHS parent groups including PFC, Athletic Boosters, and Music Boosters
     A presentation on STAR scores and other measures of academic performance at Clayton Valley, and an opportunity for participants to share their thoughts on priorities for improvement
     The plan I was asked to develop at a parent meeting last spring to improve academic performance in math.”

    Although this is not a charter meeting, it is directly related to the education program planned at the school this year, so is likely of interest to CVHS parents.

  28. CVHS Mom Says:

    I believe the CVCHS board vote was one per family. With 1900 kids, and siblings, my guess is 1400 families? Pretty par for the course. From MDUSD board elections, Measure D, Measure C and everything in between , the vast majority of parents pay no attention at all. That is what is pretty remarkable about this charter effort, most people know about it (you can’t say the same about the solar bond).

  29. g Says:

    Thanks Theresa, I misread your first post @19. I guess I’m just already reading everything as cvChs.

  30. Theresa Harrington Says:

    It turns out the Clayton City Council may not get to the CVCHS resolution until 8:30 p.m. or so.
    In that case, I’ll go to the school meeting first, then head over the the City Council to see what they’re up to.

  31. Doctor J Says:

    The $64,000 question is whether Gary, as Board President, will have the GUTS to show up at the Clayton City Council meeting to defend the Board’s outrageous action which he orchestrated behind the scenes. Personally I think Gary has become all bluster and has no intestinal fortitude, is a wimp who couldn’t punch himself out of a wet paper bag, and I am no longer sure he even has a Y chromosome [Gary won’t understand that one]. If Gary doesn’t show, we will know he has lost his manhood. You know Gary, you challenged anyone to a public debate, and now Mayor Shuey has sent you an invitation. You chickened out recently when Linda Loza accepted your invitation for a public debate and you chickened out a couple of years ago when I accepted your invitation. I have been wondering if your voice is an octave higher. The fact is that you are a control freak and will not speak in a forum where you are not in control. Everyone, please just imagine the clucking of a chicken — that’s Gary.

  32. Anon CVHS Says:

    Doctor J, there is really no need to get nasty. I get what you’re saying, but come one, these insults are beneath (even) you.

    I do agree however that the decision last week was an outrage. As I read through the resolution I realized that the CVCHS folks have been willing to work with the board, even agreeing to the delay of the vote, only to have their butts handed to them with yet another delay. What will it be in February? This board has already shown its true colors in this regard, does anyone really expect that if allowed to go through to Feb, that they’d really be ready to approve? No way. They’ll delay again until it’s impossible to open next year.

    Why hasn’t anyone suggested a HUGE letter writing campaign to the board? All their emails are right on the board website:

    The MDUSD board is getting a break between decisions, how about not letting up? I think they see the tide is rising , and the community support is like nothing we’ve ever seen. Even the WC school split off to WCSD had nay-sayers. I haven’t seen any legit nay-sayers, and none that I know of at the school.

  33. Book 'em Danno Says:

    Theresa, did you know that you were a HUGE topic of conversation at the PAC meeting 2 weeks ago? Pretty interesting discussion. Unfortunately Lawrence was blaming all the bad on the reporting.

  34. Long-time Board Watcher Says:

    Doctor J, I’m not a fan of Gary’s but still consider your comments (#31) to be way over the top and unnecessary. If anything, rants such as this are totally counterproductive and diminish the issue being discussed.

  35. Theresa Harrington Says:

    No, I didn’t know that. It will be interesting to see the minutes.
    Lawrence is welcome to talk to me at any time about the reporting. The previous interim Superintendent, Dick Nicoll, regularly picked up the phone to give me feedback on my stories.
    I have begun to videotape portions of meetings to support my reporting. You can’t argue with the video of the CAC meeting, which shows how frustrated parents were with special education buses.
    Perhaps I’ll attend the next PAC meeting.
    Here is my story about the Clayton Valley HS charter rally and meeting tomorrow:

  36. Anon Says:

    @Dr. J.

    Interesting that you would accuse Gary of lacking the “intestinal fortitude” to “show up.” Really? Interesting prospective from a coward who sits behind a computer, spewing hatred, lies and baseless accusations. Your last post shows just how desperate you are for attention.

  37. Wait a second Says:

    CVCHS Supporter 20
    What world do you live in? This is not a privite school but a state of california school. You still have to teach to California standards.The battle cry that when we go charter the school will receive more state money is true. We need more money to pay the janitors, groundskeeper,insurance, buy text books,hire staff,keep serving food for lunch, pay for the sports programs, buy a bus to transport the teams to games,hire a driver to drive the bus, do you see were this is going.
    Teacher training? The charter committee is going to sign the union contract which grandfathers in all the current CVHS teachers to the new charter. Big mistake if you want to change teaching styles or even change teachers. Teacher training is already offered by the district, but you can not force them to do anything per the union contract. Innovative, active learning is not outlined in our charter,maybe because it was copied almost word for word from another school.
    Trust me, I want charter to work, but it seems rushed with little information on how its going to be run. The district conditions really need to be outlined, not just for the district, but for parents to see what the real plan is.

  38. Theresa Harrington Says:

    I was very surprised by the low turnout at the principal’s advisory committee meeting last night. Her presentation was very informative and she outlined some plans for major changes this year.
    Regarding teachers, she said the English and Social Studies teachers are doing well, but she wants to see major improvements in the math department.
    She said she has a “pipeline” to the superintendent and she unveiled plans for a $91,000 tutoring program, which would pay students more than $11 an hour to tutor other students. I know that peer tutoring programs exist at other high schools, but I don’t think the students get paid.

  39. Doctor J Says:

    @TH #38, “Pipeline” — what an interesting analogy used by Sue Brothers vis-a-vis Steve Lawrence. So in a cash strapped district, where does he dig up $91,000 for an experimental program that no other high school has access to ? Just a ruse to deflate the charter, but the low turnout really shows the Tsunami of the charter has not decreased. BTW, I am in favor of peer tutoring.

  40. g Says:

    While peer tutoring is generally considered “cost effective”, the expense generally goes into “teaching the tutors how to teach” though, I believe. Paying the students? Not if they are same age peers. Bringing in college students to tutor? Maybe, but only under a very watchful eye.

    And surely, since other schools may actually need this far more than CVHS, I’m sure the Superintendent would not even consider doing something like this unless he makes it equitable across the District—right?

  41. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Brothers said the superintendent supported her ideas. She said she had shared the school’s test scores with him and he was very disappointed in them.
    She outlined a budget that included various revenue sources, including an $8,000 donation from the Parent Club, I believe.
    I know that College Park HS used to have a peer tutoring program, but it was run by student volunteers.
    The peer tutors would be high-performing high school students.

  42. say, WHAT?? Says:

    Interesting that the District is now willing to pay for tutoring ON TOP of the salaries they pay to teachers who are supposed to ACTUALLY TEACH MATH! So–as a parent of a college-bound senior at CVHS,I’ve been paying a tutor once a week for the past three years at $50/hour (actual going tutor rate), minus summers and breaks. That nets out to around $1800 per year x 3 years for a total of $5400. I think I better bill the District, quick, before everyone else does the same. #bitter

  43. Just J Says:

    WHAT? Am I reading this right? The math teachers can’t teach so rather then fixing the math department or firing them and getting real teachers it is on the students to teach other students to the tune of 91,000?
    WOW so glad that Sue has a pipeline to Steve. The question is what in the heck are they stuffing the pipe with? I can’t wait to see what the parents of the other high schools have to say about this.

  44. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Brothers’ plan uses site funds, not district funds. However, it’s a bit short — only adding up to about $88,000 — so she said the program might have to end in April.
    She also wants the teachers to improve. She said she surveyed students, who told her that some teachers blame the students for not learning, instead of thinking they may not be teaching them effectively.
    Brothers said she plans to institute “effective first instruction,” which is something Rose Lock has also been championing.
    Brothers also wants to give math teachers time to collaborate with each other to decide what is most important and to come up with pacing guides. In addition, she wants to add more assessments, so teachers can pinpoint what students know and what they’re having trouble with (much like the Curriculum Associates testing being done in elementary and some middle schools).

  45. Linda L Says:

    Northgate just did pacing guides for math, why reinvent the wheel? Teacher collaboration is great and should be a given but using that time to create pacing guides will take time away from the classroom, when pacing guides can be obtained with a simple phone call. Maybe CVHS should call NHS.
    Hmmmm strategic planning…

  46. Theresa Harrington Says:

    It appeared that Northgate was the school Brothers wants CVHS to match.
    She pointed out that Northgate’s graduates are competitive at average UCs such as UC Riverside, but CVHS grads are not, in terms of college entrance exams such as the SAT.
    However, she said CVHS matched Northgate’s scores on the ACT test, which focuses more on liberal arts, rather than math and science.

  47. Wait a second Says:

    Bad Math teachers collaborateing with each other? CVHS has two outstanding math teachers that are part time, the rest should have been fired along time ago! Thanks to Gary Swanson for turning his back on math all these years. Now the charter is stuck with them and because their union, it takes an act of god to remove them. Go to rate your teacher site, you would be amazed what the kids say about these teachers. Two hour block is also the problem and the charter is keeping that in place. Linda L I whish it was that simple.

  48. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Brothers is trying to get teachers to try more than one way of teaching to students. She said some teachers have a lot of “tools in their bag of tricks,” while others only have one or two.
    She said that in her classroom observations, she has seen a lot of teachers standing in front of the room talking, but not much student engagement.

  49. CVCHS Supporter Says:

    To “Wait A Second ” Post #37

    Everything that I mentioned in post #20 has been done in California Public Schools outside of the MDUSD. You don’t have to be a private school to provide an excellent education. Most private schools do not have the numbers to offer some of the great opportunities that CVHS has such as Symphonic Band or Auto Shop. CVHS used to offer more diverse classes and they can again.

    I don’t see CVCHS reinventing everything the first year. I foresee a gradual improvement of teachers as the school and programs improve,change, and attract excellence. It will be key for them to hire a great administrative team to steer this new school and I hope that charter approval comes quickly so they can begin their search.

  50. Doctor J Says:

    Last night unanimously the City of Clayton City Council passed a resolution DENOUNCING the MDUSD BOE for denying the CVHS Charter Petition with onerous conditions. We will find out today how serious MDUSD is in eliminating many of its conditions.

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