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Support for Diablo View MS students will continue through Friday

By Theresa Harrington
Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 at 7:27 pm in Education.

Mt. Diablo school district officials met with Diablo View Middle School parents Monday night to discuss the arrest last Friday of science and math teacher Andrew Bruce Cottrell on suspicion of sex crimes involving a former student.

In an e-mail to me today, Superintendent Steven Lawrence said about 60-80 parents attended the meeting. Here is a rundown he provided:

“Concerns that came out of last night meeting were:

1. Did the administration know the arrest was going to happen ahead of time and why did it happen on campus?

2. How do we rebuild the trust between the students and adults at DVMS?

3. What is the district going to do to help support the school to rebuild trust?

4. How can we create a stronger school culture where students are comfortable to share concerns about inappropriate adult behavior with another adult on the campus?

5. How can we better support parents to have dialogues with their 11-14 year olds about how to handle the inappropriate advancements of an adult, and who should they go to if something happens?

6. Concerns around students going into classroom closets with teachers or other students. Basically, the feeling was that the closets should just be off limits to students.

We did have crisis counselors on campus Monday and will have them available the remainder of the week based on the meeting with parents last night.”

Do you believe the district is adequately addressing the concerns mentioned above?

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