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Live blog of Feb. 27 MDUSD meeting

By Theresa Harrington
Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 8:14 pm in Education.

Here is a link to the agenda and audio:

Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late….during the consent calendar.

Trustee Cheryl Hansen pulled item 9.12 LEA Plan Addendum Update, to ask how the district had solicited input from parents, as required. Administrator Lorie O’Brien said the California Dept. of Ed. decided the district didn’t have to go through this process, since it had already gathered parent input during the School Improvement Grant process. She was unsure how many parents had been consulted regarding the plan.
Trustees unanimously approved the plan.

11.1 Teacher Recognition: Zehra Otus, a German teacher at CPHS, was recognized for being chosen as teacher of the year by the German embassy.

12.0 Student reps reported on activities at their schools.

13.0 Public comment: 19 speaker cards

1. Social worker who works at MDHS praised foster youth program and said students at the school need district support.

2. Jim Rowe, College and Career Advisor at MDHS: Talked about progress being made at the school, especially student achievements, including several being accepted into prestigious colleges. One of the things that concerns me is that the positive news about what goes on at Mount is not getting out there.

3. Sandra Davis: Office manager at MDHS: I would like to voice my support of MDHS. I have never worked with an administrative team like ours. They have been chastised, ridiculed and thrown under the bus in some instances. Are they perfect? No. Some staff members have put their personal agendas first and left the students’ interests last.

15 more staff MDHS staff members spoke in support of McClatchy and the school.

15.1 Supt. Report:
Supt. Steven Lawrence reported that the SBE published its agenda for March 8, which includes the MDHS waiver on the consent agenda. That’s considered routine business. They’re actually considering 10 waivers all together, one of which is MDHS. I would like to thank Lorie O’Brien, Julie Parks and Deb Cooksey and the school site council team for coming in on Friday, Dec. 23 to read and approve the waiver. So, hopefully on March 8th, we’ll have a decision. The CA Dept. of Ed. supports Mt. Diablo school district’s request for the QEIA waiver.

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier talked about the governor’s budget proposal and Trustee Gary Eberhart expressed frustrations with midyear cuts. DeSaulnier also said he supports the CVHS waiver.

16.1 Decrease number of certificated employees due to a reduction or elimination of particular kinds of services, resulting in preliminary layoff of about 84 teachers.
Carries 5-0

16.2 Award of Design Services Contract for the Adaptive Design Necessary for the Construction/Installation of New ‘SMART’ Classrooms
Passed 5-0.

16.3 Award of Design Services Contract for the Adaptive Design Necessary for the Construction/Installation of New ‘SMART’ General Science Classrooms at Middle Schools
Passed 5-0

16.4 Approve Increase to Contract/PO with Independent Service Contractor, Phoenix Education Specialists
Passed 5-0

16.5 Approve Non-Public School Contract/Purchase Order Adjustments for 2011/12 School Year
Passed 5-0

16.6 Agreement between Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) and Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE)
Passed 5-0

16.7 Award of Design Services Contract for the Remodel/Renovation of the Home Economics Lab at Mt. Diablo High School
Passed 5-0

16.8 Award of Design Services Contract for Interim Housing Installation at Mt. Diablo High School
Passed 5-0

16.9 Approve contract with Resource Development Associates, Inc. (RDA) for evaluation services for the School Improvement Grant (SIG). Passed 5-0

16.10 Contra Costa County Mental Health Memorandum of Understanding
Passed 5-0

16.11 Approve Adjustments to Contracts/PO in Residential Non-Public School Placements for 2011/12 School Year
Passed 5-0

16.12 Appointment to California School Board’s Association (CSBA)
Gary Eberhart was nominated.
Cheryl Hansen said she would only support if the board receives report. Eberhart agreed.
Passed 5-0

16.13 2012 California School Board’s Association (CSBA) Delegate Assembly Election
Eberhart nominated: Kathi McLaughlin (Martinez USD), Antonio Medrano (West Contra Costa USD) and Jerrold “Jerry” Parsons (John Swett USD).
Hansen said she didn’t support this slate.
Passed 4-1, Hansen no.

16.14 Draft MDUSD Board Action Progress Report
Motion by Eberhart to approve as presented, seconded by Dennler.
Hansen moved to amend to include all board actions without exclusion that exceed $25,000 would be maintained on the progress accountability report. No second
Dennler suggested it might be nice to revisit in the future.
Mayo moved to amend as a pilot through Dec. 31, 2012.
Amendment passed 5-0, then back to main motion as amended.
Mayo: I want to acknowledge that Mr. Eberhart has brought forward a compromise. I find it interesting that we have only had two or three speakers, so there is not a big demand fromn public. Will not support becauseI believe it’s over-reporting.

Passed 4-1, Mayo no.

16.15 Waive Board Policy 3290 due to Conversion Charter
Passed 5-0.

16.16 Budget Presentation Update
CFO Bryan Richards said the district’s budget would likely remain flat if the governor’s proposed tax extensions pass, but the district could face midyear cuts of $370/ADA plus possible transportation or other cuts if the taxes don’t pass.

16.17 Meeting Extension: None

17.0 Board Reports (I shot some video and will post links later)

Hansen asked staff to report on district schools up for CA Distinguished Schools award.
Rose Lock reported that Highlands Elem. is being considered for the award.

Dennler talked about legislative meeting.

Eberhart asked staff to put committees with board members on the district’s home page, along with links to meeting agendas and minutes.

Mayo said Pleasant Hill mayor wants to hold a Youth Summit.

Whitmarsh expressed gratitude to the Northgate HS sports medicine program for coming to the aid of her daughter.

She adjourned the meeting in honor of a school custodian who died recently.

FEB. 28 UPDATE: Here is a link to my story about the meeting:

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  1. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Yes, the board voted unanimously to approve the waivers.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    McClatchy has announced that the QEIA waiver has been accepted (even before the March hearing date) and that the WASC team liked what they saw at MDHS. The favorable WASC report seems to have given her carte blanche to do as she originally intended to do before the teachers voiced their “no confidence.” Teachers were very respectful of the WASC process and did not want the students or school to suffer. They put on a good face. Is it too much to expect that McClathy has learned anything from this?

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