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Live blog of Feb. 27 MDUSD meeting

By Theresa Harrington
Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 8:14 pm in Education.

Here is a link to the agenda and audio:

Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late….during the consent calendar.

Trustee Cheryl Hansen pulled item 9.12 LEA Plan Addendum Update, to ask how the district had solicited input from parents, as required. Administrator Lorie O’Brien said the California Dept. of Ed. decided the district didn’t have to go through this process, since it had already gathered parent input during the School Improvement Grant process. She was unsure how many parents had been consulted regarding the plan.
Trustees unanimously approved the plan.

11.1 Teacher Recognition: Zehra Otus, a German teacher at CPHS, was recognized for being chosen as teacher of the year by the German embassy.

12.0 Student reps reported on activities at their schools.

13.0 Public comment: 19 speaker cards

1. Social worker who works at MDHS praised foster youth program and said students at the school need district support.

2. Jim Rowe, College and Career Advisor at MDHS: Talked about progress being made at the school, especially student achievements, including several being accepted into prestigious colleges. One of the things that concerns me is that the positive news about what goes on at Mount is not getting out there.

3. Sandra Davis: Office manager at MDHS: I would like to voice my support of MDHS. I have never worked with an administrative team like ours. They have been chastised, ridiculed and thrown under the bus in some instances. Are they perfect? No. Some staff members have put their personal agendas first and left the students’ interests last.

15 more staff MDHS staff members spoke in support of McClatchy and the school.

15.1 Supt. Report:
Supt. Steven Lawrence reported that the SBE published its agenda for March 8, which includes the MDHS waiver on the consent agenda. That’s considered routine business. They’re actually considering 10 waivers all together, one of which is MDHS. I would like to thank Lorie O’Brien, Julie Parks and Deb Cooksey and the school site council team for coming in on Friday, Dec. 23 to read and approve the waiver. So, hopefully on March 8th, we’ll have a decision. The CA Dept. of Ed. supports Mt. Diablo school district’s request for the QEIA waiver.

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier talked about the governor’s budget proposal and Trustee Gary Eberhart expressed frustrations with midyear cuts. DeSaulnier also said he supports the CVHS waiver.

16.1 Decrease number of certificated employees due to a reduction or elimination of particular kinds of services, resulting in preliminary layoff of about 84 teachers.
Carries 5-0

16.2 Award of Design Services Contract for the Adaptive Design Necessary for the Construction/Installation of New ‘SMART’ Classrooms
Passed 5-0.

16.3 Award of Design Services Contract for the Adaptive Design Necessary for the Construction/Installation of New ‘SMART’ General Science Classrooms at Middle Schools
Passed 5-0

16.4 Approve Increase to Contract/PO with Independent Service Contractor, Phoenix Education Specialists
Passed 5-0

16.5 Approve Non-Public School Contract/Purchase Order Adjustments for 2011/12 School Year
Passed 5-0

16.6 Agreement between Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) and Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE)
Passed 5-0

16.7 Award of Design Services Contract for the Remodel/Renovation of the Home Economics Lab at Mt. Diablo High School
Passed 5-0

16.8 Award of Design Services Contract for Interim Housing Installation at Mt. Diablo High School
Passed 5-0

16.9 Approve contract with Resource Development Associates, Inc. (RDA) for evaluation services for the School Improvement Grant (SIG). Passed 5-0

16.10 Contra Costa County Mental Health Memorandum of Understanding
Passed 5-0

16.11 Approve Adjustments to Contracts/PO in Residential Non-Public School Placements for 2011/12 School Year
Passed 5-0

16.12 Appointment to California School Board’s Association (CSBA)
Gary Eberhart was nominated.
Cheryl Hansen said she would only support if the board receives report. Eberhart agreed.
Passed 5-0

16.13 2012 California School Board’s Association (CSBA) Delegate Assembly Election
Eberhart nominated: Kathi McLaughlin (Martinez USD), Antonio Medrano (West Contra Costa USD) and Jerrold “Jerry” Parsons (John Swett USD).
Hansen said she didn’t support this slate.
Passed 4-1, Hansen no.

16.14 Draft MDUSD Board Action Progress Report
Motion by Eberhart to approve as presented, seconded by Dennler.
Hansen moved to amend to include all board actions without exclusion that exceed $25,000 would be maintained on the progress accountability report. No second
Dennler suggested it might be nice to revisit in the future.
Mayo moved to amend as a pilot through Dec. 31, 2012.
Amendment passed 5-0, then back to main motion as amended.
Mayo: I want to acknowledge that Mr. Eberhart has brought forward a compromise. I find it interesting that we have only had two or three speakers, so there is not a big demand fromn public. Will not support becauseI believe it’s over-reporting.

Passed 4-1, Mayo no.

16.15 Waive Board Policy 3290 due to Conversion Charter
Passed 5-0.

16.16 Budget Presentation Update
CFO Bryan Richards said the district’s budget would likely remain flat if the governor’s proposed tax extensions pass, but the district could face midyear cuts of $370/ADA plus possible transportation or other cuts if the taxes don’t pass.

16.17 Meeting Extension: None

17.0 Board Reports (I shot some video and will post links later)

Hansen asked staff to report on district schools up for CA Distinguished Schools award.
Rose Lock reported that Highlands Elem. is being considered for the award.

Dennler talked about legislative meeting.

Eberhart asked staff to put committees with board members on the district’s home page, along with links to meeting agendas and minutes.

Mayo said Pleasant Hill mayor wants to hold a Youth Summit.

Whitmarsh expressed gratitude to the Northgate HS sports medicine program for coming to the aid of her daughter.

She adjourned the meeting in honor of a school custodian who died recently.

FEB. 28 UPDATE: Here is a link to my story about the meeting:

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52 Responses to “Live blog of Feb. 27 MDUSD meeting”

  1. Fly on the wall Says:

    The principal recruited staff members to speak on her behalf at tonight’s school board meeting.

  2. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Several teachers and other staff members spoke in support of McClatchy and the school. Afterward, many hugged her in the lobby, as she thanked them for their comments.

  3. MDHS Teacher Says:

    @Fly on the Wall.

    You are correct. I spoke to more than one teacher that was approached by Ms. McClatchy and asked to say something positive about her leadership at the board meeting. Not to mention McClatchy offered to sweeten the deal for them somehow if they would commit to going in front of the School Board and counter what all the other honest and heartfelt teachers have said.

    Of course she asked/recruited people (including her own secretary) to come out and cheer for her. WASC is in town! You think she wants any more bad press? C’mon people, can’t you see right through this??

  4. Concerned Teacher Says:

    From today’s principal’s memo:

    WASC Input and Report

    Our WASC Visiting Team will have an open meeting for any staff to speak with them in the Main Office Conference Room Monday 2/27 and Tuesday morning 2/28.

    Unfortunately this room is right next to the principal’s office and in clear view of HER office staff. Previously the library has been used.

  5. School Teacher Says:

    Hey, did any of the McClatchy supporters get extra credit? I hope your didn’t forget to have your principal sign your paperwork. Did they get pizza too?

  6. School Teacher Says:

    Sorry for the typo in the second sentence. It should read “you” instead of “your”.

  7. cherie adcock Says:

    OMG! Kate didn’t recruit. Teachers recruited! Teachers who can no longer stand for the misinformation a tiny faction spews as representative of the whole faculty. By the way, why weren’t you video taping the pros? Only the cons get the press? I am over it. Everything anyone says is going to be twisted by you scaredy cat anonymous fools who are only out to hurt the school! What will you gripe about when we get the QEIA grant back? And leave the students out of it you baby corruptors. I am so DONE WITH YOU! All you have to say is WAAAAAAA, WAAAAAA, WAAAAAA! Grow up.

  8. cherie adcock Says:

    By the way School Teacher, yea, I got extra credit. Kate promised me new teeth! Whew! Can’t wait ’cause I really need ’em!

  9. Theresa Harrington Says:

    I was unable to videotape these comments because I arrived late and the board room was full. Also, my phone camera needed to be charged, so I plugged it into the wall in the lobby. However, I did take notes, but didn’t have time to post all the comments during the meeting. I will call the district secretary to get the names of all the speakers and add more information about the “pros.”

    Also, please note that any of these “pros” could have spoken up at previous meetings — or called me to give their side of the story sooner. Up until this point, the only person who has called me to defend McClatchy regarding QEIA has been Vice Principal Gary Peterson. And he didn’t want to be quoted, because he told me the district couldn’t afford to hire more teachers. He assumed district officials would confirm this. However, they have not responded to my questions regarding this.

    Also, neither Principal Kate McClatchy nor Superintendent Steven Lawrence has responded to my requests for information regarding the all-academy plan.

  10. cherie adcock Says:

    By the way, School Teacher, MDHS Teacher, and Fly on the Wall (why don’t you use your real names?) – Kate certainly sweetened my pot! As a reward for saying good things about her, I get new teeth! Whew! I sure can use them! 🙂 LOL

  11. Doctor J Says:

    Interesting that neither McClatchy nor Lawrence nor Reynolds has definitively said that MDHS will be in compliance with QEIA standards THIS SEMESTER as CDE is requiring as a “Condition of Approval” to receive the Grant funds. Since layoff notices must go out by March 15, what will happen if MDHS doesn’t meet the “Conditions of Approval” and layoff notices not been sent, but the QEIA funding is not provided because of poor leadership in meeting the QEIA standards ? Sounds like a civil war going on at MDHS — at least the bathrooms are finally open. Are they fully stocked and repaired yet ?

  12. Theresa Harrington Says:

    According to Mike Langley, there will be preliminary layoff notices that take into account the possible loss of QEIA funds at MDHS. However, Superintendent Steven Lawrence sounded quite confident about the district’s ability to get the waiver, when he noted that the SBE has the item on its consent calendar, along with several other waivers. He also read aloud the CDE recommendation to approve it. He did not mention of whether the district will actually be able to comply with the class size requirements, as “antcipated” in the application. He also didn’t mention how the district will alter its plan to show what it will do with the money.

    Perhaps it could hire some of the CVHS teachers who don’t want to leave the district, offering more AP classes or even a zero period, like schools such as Northgate provide for ambitious students who want to take more AP and honors classes.

  13. The Observer Says:

    RE: Board Action Progress Report
    Staff at the board meeting last night was witness to Gary Eberhart giving a demonstration of academic dishonesty and cheating when he brazenly copied Cheryl Hansen’s proposal for an Accountability Report, rewrote it,and turned it in as his own. A number of us were surprised when no administrator in the room leaped to their feet and assigned him detention, and an “F” in the class for a breach of the Honor Code.

    Eberhart has never learned that the proper way reach compromise on a motion issue is to go to the author of the motion and suggest changes or by the amendment process when it is brought up to a vote.
    Instead, he chose to copy the proposal and add so many exemptions that it lost all of its original intent. When Hansen moved to restore the stronger original language of her proposal the board became four blocks of rock.

    Now that Eberhart is moving into full campaign mode attempting to reinvent himself we can expect more of his nonsense. The community, its students, and Dent Center will not miss him when he is voted out in November.

  14. Wait a minute Says:

    Sounds like this “support” for Kate McClatchy is another example of ASTROTURF.

    Lets get some secretaries who are closely tied to administration by being administrative employees and the one or two teachers who for their own personal reasons choose to support Kate.

    Lets take this ASTROTURF and make this big attempt to show the Board that despite a massive vote of no confidence against Kate at her last TWO SCHOOLS that she has “supporters” besides Stevie Lawrence!

    Remember, it will only take a vote by the teachers who overwhelmingly voted No-Confidence to convert out as a charter like CVCHS did.

  15. Theresa Harrington Says:

    TO: Eberhart told me he brought this back as a new item because the same item couldn’t be brought back after it had already been defeated. Also, he said he didn’t attempt to change it through amendments originally because he wasn’t sure it would end up the way he envisioned it. So, to him, it was safer to let the original plan die so that he could present it with the revisions he wanted.

  16. Jim Says:

    It is a little rich for Cherie Adcock or anyone in the district to criticize how Theresa covers MDUSD meetings with her videotapes. It is a scandal that we have to rely so much on third-party coverage of these taxpayer-financed community meetings. Many other budget-stressed government entities, including school boards, have figured out how to keep their stakeholders informed with audio or video coverage of their meetings. Yet MDUSD sticks with its patheric MO — agenda items that are late, unreliable or unpublished, critical reports and decision-making materials that do not get distributed beforehand (if ever), and a complete disregard for simple technology to document what takes place at these meetings.

    Devious? Or dumb? At MDUSD, that is always the question we are left with. Attacking the messenger for failure to adequately cover this sorry excuse for public stewardship is just too much. Really. It is just too much.

  17. Doctor J Says:

    MDUSD’s record for “Audio” recordings: 2 of 7 meetings
    Jan 9 Yes audio
    Jan 23 NO audio
    Jan 25 NO audio
    Feb 2 NO audio
    Feb 4 NO audio
    Feb 6 Yes audio
    Feb 22 NO audio

  18. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Thanks Jim. Perhaps the district could partner with the city of Concord to televise its meetings, the way WCCUSD partners with the city of Richmond. Eberhart appears to be reaching out to Concord officials for greater collaboration.

    Also, FYI, since I was running late to last night’s meeting, I tried tuning into the FM 90.5 CVHS radio station to hear the meeting, which is supposed to be broadcast live. As has happened numerous times before, the meeting was not being broadcast. Why does the district make promises it doesn’t intend to keep?

  19. Jim Says:

    Monopoly districts like MDUSD make promises they don’t intend to keep because they aren’t accountable to the “users” — or any other stakeholders, for that matter. If the leadership can keep a core group of vendors and contractors happy enough to fund board campaigns, and keep the teacher’s union happy or distracted enough to stay out of the way, then there is absolutely no reason to worry about anyone else. The state and feds may think they are imposing all sorts of “accountability”, but who in these districts actually loses a job because of poor performance? Who? Sure, grants get yanked from time to time, but that doesn’t hurt the adults.

    I don’t expect them to keep promises. It can take hard work, persistence, and creativity to fulfill promises. Why bother? I used to expect them to show at least a little embarrassment and decency from time to time, but even those behaviors now seem to be optional.

  20. g Says:

    Theresa, regarding Cheryl’s request to have minutes properly provided in a detailed format in print form; I found it interesting that this was closely followed by a discussion about the contract for Beyond the Words (teaching for the deaf). Would you please question Lawrence and Rolen and perhaps someone from ADA regarding the legal requirements to provide proper print records for the deaf to be able to “read” the detail of what was said at meetings?

    …and yet once again, Whitmarsh skipped reporting out 7.1 and 7.2. No big deal–just flagrant disregard for the public’s rights.

  21. Theresa Harrington Says:

    G: That’s a good point. I don’t know what the legal requirements are regarding accessible records for the deaf. However, the district is very proud of its programs for the deaf and hard of hearing.

    Jim: I was surprised by how jubilant the superintendent appeared when he announced that the CDE was supporting the district’s MDHS QEIA waiver. Instead of appearing apologetic or remorseful about the district’s failure to adhere to grant requirements, he appeared boastful about the district’s ability to persuade the CDE to accept its excuses of staff turnover and poor training. Is this the kind of precedent the district and CDE want to set? It appears to be lowering the bar below minimal standards.

  22. Doctor J Says:

    G: Sherry just skipped over 7.1 & 7.2 like they didn’t even exist ! Flargrant disrespect for the public !

  23. Doctor J Says:

    I was embarrassed for Sharon Marks, a secretary at Mount, who incredibly claimed “Why didn’t anyone know about QEIA problems before the state said Mount didn’t qualify ?” Hey Sharon, your hero Kate McClatchy knew going back to at least Oct 2010 — read the timeline, which I will repeat below ! Don’t be fooled by the District cover-up of QEIAgate !

    Who knew what and when did they know it at MDHS ?
    Oct 2010 Class sizes are audited for compliance with QEIA and notice sent to District.
    In early December 2010, Contra Costa County of Education began to arrange a meeting that ultimately was not scheduled until mid January — see below.
    Jen Sachs, Asst Director SASS, says MDUSD received QEIA non-compliance report in “fall”.
    On Dec 19, 2011 Jen Sachs wrote an email to Theresa Harrington of the Contra Costa Times: ““The regular monitoring of the Mt. Diablo High School QEIA program did reveal challenges. The county reports provided to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District each fall documented the areas where the site did not meet the QEIA targets.”” Sachs also said: ““The regular monitoring of the Mt. Diablo High School QEIA program did reveal challenges and these challenges were discussed.”
    Mid January 2011: In a mid January 2011 meeting called by Contra Costa County Office of Education, attended by Asst. Supt. Rose Lock, Secondary Director Denise Rugani, SASS Asst. Director Jen Sachs and others from MDUSD including ALL principals of QEIA — that includes Kate McClatchy — were informed by CCCOE that MDHS was not meeting the requirements of QEIA and likely to lose the grant unless the requirements were met. No Corrective action is taken.
    February 16, 2011: “fair warning” letter was sent by Christine Swenson of CDE to “Select District Superintendents” (Lawrence) that if school was not in full QEIA compliance funding would be lost. No corrective action is taken.
    Mid February 2011: Asst SASS Director Jen Sachs and CFO Byran Richards meet with Principal Kate McClatchy and discuss QEIA grant ramifications. No corrective action is taken.
    June 7: Jen Sachs appointed Director of Categoricals in Pittsburg USD. Resignation effective at MDUSD June 30, 2011. On Dec 19, 2011 Jen Sachs wrote an email to Theresa Harrington of the CCT: “The regular monitoring of the Mt. Diablo High School QEIA program did reveal challenges. The county reports provided to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District each fall documented the areas where the site did not meet the QEIA targets.””
    Before July 15, 2011 and probably in mid June: Both Asst. Supt Lock and Principal McClatchy sign certification showing that MDHS is in non-compliance.
    August 23, 2011 Board approves Lorie O’Brien as Asst. Director of SASS over Categoricals.
    Sept 7, 2011 SASS Director of Secondary Denise Rugani accepts job in Liberty Union School District.
    October 2011: CCC Office of Education runs class numbers again, and MDHS still out of compliance.
    Oct 25, 2011: Kate McClatchy told the Board on Oct 25: “The stability of our faculty at Mt. Diablo High School is central to our continued improvement in student achievement.”
    November 17, 2011: CCC Office of Education sends out Notice that funding will be cancelled due to non-compliance. No action is taken.
    Nov 21, 2011: Lawrence holds special budget impact meeting about CVCHS charter impact, and publishes that MDUSD has for the last two years had reserves exceeding $40 million dollars each year. No mention of QEIA loss at MDHS despite mention that MDHS has QEIA funding that provides additional teachers.
    Nov 27, 2011 MDHS Sitecouncil approves the SPSA. No mention of QEIA loss.
    Nov 28, 2011: Special Board meeting. No mention of QEIA loss.
    Nov 30, 2011 Chair Dan Reynolds signs the SPSA. No mention of QEIA loss.
    Dec 3, 2011 Ricardo Pinzon of the English Learner Advisory Committee signs the SPSA. No mention of QEIA loss.
    Dec 3:, 2011 Kate McClatchy signs the SPSA. No mention of QEIA loss.
    Dec 7, 2011: MDHS teachers first learn of loss of QEIA funding.
    Dec. ?, 2011 Asst. SASS Director Lorie O’Brien prepares a Q&A about loss of QEIA funding: “…central office staff met regularly with Mt. Diablo High staff to review progress and provide guidance. Mt. Diablo High staff monitored all targets closely.”
    Dec 12, 2011: MDHS teachers, through MDEA secret ballot, vote “no confidence” in Principal Kate McClatchy.
    Dec 13, 2011: Regular Board meeting. No mention of QEIA loss except during Public Comment by MDHS staff who voted “no confidence” in Kate McClatchy. Neither staff nor the Board addressed the issue, and neither staff nor the Board appeared surprised by either the “no confidence” vote or loss of QEIA funding.
    Dec 15, 2011: following Meas C meeting, Board Vice-President Linda Mayo has no comment on the MDHS situation telling Theresa she will have to get the other side of the story.
    Dec 16, 2011: SASS Asst. Director Lorie O’Brien cancels her vacation to work on applying for waiver but tells Theresa Harrington of CC Times she does not know why MDHS did not meet QEIA mandates.
    Dec 23, 2011: MDHS Sitecouncil approves waiver. School Board has not yet approved. No public hearing has been scheduled or published in newspaper inviting testimony.
    Dec 29, 2011: Asst Supt Rose Lock tells Theresa Harrington she doesn’t have a copy of the Waiver.
    New semester began on January 23, 2012 and no corrective action taken by MDHS or MDUSD to solve issue of Rule of 27, and school still is out of compliance with no action to correct compliance.

  24. Theresa Harrington Says:

    It’s possible that corrective action has been taken, but no one is talking about it. At the very least, monitoring is supposed to have improved, according to O’Brien’s assertions in the waiver application.

    Dr. J: Regarding your earlier question about why the superintendent’s secretary didn’t attend the Feb. 22 meeting: It appears that the superintendent didn’t think it was important for her to be there, since the rest of the meeting was a study session. It’s unclear why he didn’t think it was important to have an accurate record of the public hearing.

  25. Doctor J Says:

    @TH#24 Sounds more like Deb Cooksey than Lorie O’Brien. Do you have confirmation who the actual author of the MDHS Waiver was ?

  26. Doctor J Says:

    Also Theresa, don’t forget there was the setting of the dates for the public meetings at the various sites. When are those dates ? The public has a right to know !!

  27. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Dr. J: I assumed O’Brien wrote the waiver, since she presented it to the board. However, I suppose it’s possible Cooksey drafted the actual language.

    And yes, that’s a good point about the public meeting dates. Perhaps the superintendent will release them in one of his News Updates…

  28. Doctor J Says:

    I think Deb Cooksey’s name is listed on the “Waiver” as the contact person for the District.

    Go ahead Theresa and hold your breath for the next bi-monthly “News Update” — the last one was December 30, 2011 and didn’t have any “news” in it, just a rationalization of fingerprinting. Maybe you had better email him and ALL the Board members since “minutes” were not presented by the “Board Secretary” [uh, that’s the Supt] at the subsequent Board meeting as required by the Board By-laws.

  29. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Here’s a new blog post with the items Hansen requested be added to last night’s agenda:

  30. Theresa Harrington Says:

    In light of the controversy over MDHS Principal Kate McClatchy, here is a CA Educator article entitled: “What makes good school leadership?”
    It includes several tips for success as a principal. Does McClatchy fit the bill?

  31. Theresa Harrington Says:

    I have posted a new item, which includes comments made by MDEA president MIke Langley to the board about union negotiations:

  32. Wait a minute Says:

    The Observer #13,

    Yes, The Gary is desperately trying to maintain domination of “his board” but trying to keep his fingerprints off his many controversies.

    His real problem is that he “OWNS IT” when it comes to these problems and controversies through his many manipulations and naked power-plays that he has run to keep control.

    I find this article particularly emblematic of his reign of stupidity:

    He basically admits that he knew full well that CVHS was in freefall for YEARS since his own daughter went to school there yet as a MDUSD Board Member and President of the Board he did NOTHING EFFECTIVE in fixing CVHS, the MDUSD or any other school for that matter.

    Instead, he was busy getting the MDUSD to pay for him him to take a small-time solar class and then using that class and his status as th “President of the MDUSD BOE” to leverage a job as “VP of Solar” with Schreder Construction whose main clientle are school districts.

    Along with his push of Measure C and then using it primarily on solar The Gary was instrumental in hiring the unethical Stevie Lawrence as Superintendent (and long time friends with old man Jack Schreder) who proceeded to secretly meet with and accept gratuities from “Chevron Sherry”s employeer Chevron to discuss the solar contract until he was busted by the CC Times for this highly unethical transgression.

    Meanwhile while everybody mentioned is scratching each others backs and cashing in the district continues to suffer from incompetent and self-serving “leadership”.

  33. Anon Says:

    Steve should be jubilant that MDHS bathrooms were unlocked, cleaned and supplied before the WASC visit. What is the status of MDHS accreditation? Here’s hoping Theresa will publicize the MDHS WASC report once it is released.

  34. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Very surprisingly, one student told me that he heard some of the restrooms that had been locked for months (or years) were still dirty when they were reopened. He said that’s why there was a delay in letting students use them — because they still had to be cleaned.

  35. Theresa Harrington Says:

    I just spoke to Dan Reynolds, who told me the site council was presented with a report in February that showed the school was fully compliant with QEIA.

  36. Doctor J Says:

    Amazing. Let’s have an audit.

  37. Theresa Harrington Says:

    That’s what all the monitoring is for. Hopefully, they included AP classes are core this time.

  38. Doctor J Says:

    Maybe they got Bryan Richards to do the creative counting. I mean it was amazing that an inexperienced Categorical person like Lorie O’Brien was able to “out count” the 18 years of experience of Jen Sachs in the QEIA calculations. Even more amazing when a complete copy of the attendance records were at CCC Office of Education and Lorie didn’t know it !

  39. Theresa Harrington Says:

    O’Brien used a different calculation method than Sachs, but that doesn’t explain why she came up with a different list of classes that were over 27 students. It’s still unclear why the list that Sachs came up with seems to have somehow been found to not be accurate. O’Brien claimed there was no “paper trail.” Yet, she had to have known the CCCOE had a complete binder of backup materials. Perhaps she didn’t realize that Peggy Marshburn would be able to easily follow the paper trail and identify the courses that Sachs said included over 27 students.

    The way O’Brien presented her list to the board appeared to imply that Sach’s list was reduced based on O’Brien’s new calculations. In reality, O’Brien’s list was completely different from Sach’s list because apparently Sachs had not included AP courses as core classes.

  40. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Here’s my story about the meeting:

  41. Cherie Adcock Says:


  42. Doctor J Says:

    So should both lists be added together ?

  43. MDHS Teacher Says:

    FYI MDHS just passed their WASC three year review with a score of 9/10. (A)

    @Cherie Adcock (Administrative Secretary at MDHS)
    Are you for real? What is with this “new teeth” idea? Are you saying that Kate McClatchy, your direct supervisor, bribed you with the promise of cosmetic surgery if you went to bat for her? Is that legal?

  44. Theresa Harrington Says:

    O’Brien said her list supercedes Sach’s list because it was recalculated using a different method. The CCCOE accepted the new list as a replacement for the old list, based on O’Brien’s calculations. But, that still doesn’t answer the question: why didn’t the classes over 27 students on Sach’s list show up on O’Brien’s list?

  45. MDHS Teacher Says:

    PS: Cherie,

    Way to spend paid work time on the blogs (it records what time you post, ya know…)(8:13 AM) LOL.

  46. g Says:

    Theresa @44, is it maybe because some TA assignments were shuffled around and by incorporating them in the (re)calculations, the classes were recounted as actually being less than 27 students per (teacher)class?

  47. Theresa Harrington Says:

    It’s possible. I didn’t really dig too deeply into the calculations and the different methods.
    Also, I think one method counts students at the end of the year and the other counts them at a different point in the semester, so that could make a difference as well.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Gee all i got was a high five. Yes she did ask teachers to go. Some were foolish enough to refuse.

  49. Doctor J Says:

    Has the Board Secretary, Steven Lawrence, disclosed yet what happened at the Feb 22 Public Hearing and Board Meeting ?

  50. Doctor J Says:

    Who is telling the truth ? At Monday nights Board Meeting, Lori O’Brien SASS Asst. Director of Categoricals, stated in response to a question by Trustee Cheryl Hansen about the “parental involvement” required as stated in Supt. Lawrence’s Oct 26, 2011 letter on the Federal reqt’s of the “LEA Plan Addendum” as a result of MDUSD being named as a “Program Improvement” District and I quote from the transcript:

    “At the beginning of November we received permission from CDE to not go through the entire process as outlined in that letter. . . . CDE in looking at the process that was used and the quality of the Addendum that was approved by this Board on June 28, 2011 felt that we had met the requirement and there was no further need for us to go back out to the community and do that again.”

    I emailed Christine Swenson, CDE Director of Improvement and Accountability Section, about Lorie O’Brien’s statements and Ms. Swenson replied: “I have checked with the staff here; no one advised the district that parent input was not necessary.”

    Lorie has yet to identify who from CDE gave her this advice that Ms. Swenson denies. If Lorie O’Brien wasn’t telling the truth about the LEA Addendum, what about the QEIA counts ??? If Lorie O’Brien was telling the truth, why won’t she tell us who at CDE gave out that advice ? Why would CDE say that the Federal requirements did not need to be followed ?

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