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Contra Costa County Board of Education appoints CVCHS governing board representative

By Theresa Harrington
Monday, April 30th, 2012 at 12:47 pm in Contra Costa County Board of Education, Education, Mt. Diablo school district.

At its April 18 meeting, the Contra Costa County Board of Education voted 4-1 to appoint former Pittsburg trustee and retired educator Joseph Arenivar as their representative on the Clayton Valley Charter High School governing board. There were no other candidates.

Here is a description of the board’s discussion from the minutes:

“The Board interviewed Joseph Arenivar, a candidate who applied to serve as the Board’s representative to the Clayton Valley Charter High School (CVCHS) governing Board.

After interviewing and rating the candidate, the Board voted by the following roll call vote to appoint Mr. Arenivar to serve on the CVCHS governing Board: Mirabella, nay; Elster, aye; Gomes, aye; Asadoorian, aye; and Ruehlig, aye (M/S: Asadoorian/Gomes).

Mrs. Sakata then distributed a portion of the CVCHS petition that addresses the role of the Board’s representative to its governing board. Mr. Asadoorian asked where there was language thatCounty Board of Education addressed the description of the position to which the County Board has appointed Mr. Arenivar, and Mrs. Sakata pointed out the pertinent language. Mr. Asadoorian asked who would contact CVCHS to inform it of the Board’s decision with regard to appointing its representative to the CVCHS governing board, and Mrs. Sakata stated that she would do so tomorrow (April 19). Mrs. Mirabella expressed concern that the petition language speaks to Mr. Arenivar’s role in reporting to CCCOE staff rather than to the County Board, since she would like to be apprised of what is going on with regard to the charter schools approved by the Board. She stated her preference for having Mr. Arenivar make a report to the Board at least once a year and that staff should share any reports that Mr. Arenivar provides to them. Mrs. Sakata directed Mrs. Mirabella’s attention to the CVCHS petition and how there is no provision as to how the County Board’s representative is to report to the CCCOE; however, she noted that Mr. Arenivar could be invited to report out at a meeting of the County Board.

Mrs. Mirabella asked if reporting requirements and expectations of the Board could be included in the wording of the Board Policy on charter schools that the Board would be discussing later in the evening, and Mrs. Sakata pointed out that the Board has never had a reporting procedure with regard to its representatives to charter school boards. Mrs. Mirabella agreed that it is a gray area but that the Board has invited the executive director of Making Waves Academy to make annual reports to the Board. Mrs. Sakata agreed that, similarly, CVCHS representatives could be invited annually to make a presentation to the Board.

Mrs. Mirabella expressed concern that the Board has received no updates on the Flex Academy Charter School that it approved more than a year ago, and Mrs. Sakata stated that staff could include such updates in their staff reports and, additionally, the Board could also request presentations from charter schools; and she pointed out that this would be a consistent way to
address reporting requirements and that this is historically how updates have been handled in the past.

Mrs. Elster asked if a CCCOE Cabinet member currently serves as a liaison to the CVCHS, and Dr. Comfort responded that, depending on the specific topic or issue, the Cabinet member with the particular expertise would become involved. She clarified further that usually Dr. Jane Shamieh from Business Services works with the CVCHS and that she or a member of her staff handles the curriculum/educational issues.”

The board also received a copy of a letter sent to Trustee Pamela Mirabella by Walnut Creek resident Annie George, who expressed concerns about the financial impact CVCHS will have on the rest of the district and the makeup of the governing board. In addition, she supported the idea of pulling Walnut Creek schools out of MDUSD and redrawing boundaries for Ygnacio Valley Elementary, Oak Grove Middle School and Ygnacio Valley HS.

Do you support the board’s decision to appoint Arenivar as its CVCHS governing board rep?

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16 Responses to “Contra Costa County Board of Education appoints CVCHS governing board representative”

  1. Doctor J Says:

    Joe Arenivar sought appointment in March 2011 for the CC Community College Board vacancy and submitted substantial material about himself and support letters but did not get the appointment. He lost re-election to the PUSD board in 2010 — apparently he did not get the editorial support of the newspaper, but I could not read it as it was “too old”. Read about him here.

  2. Doctor J Says:

    CORRECTION: Arenivar did get the East County Times editorial endorsement for re-election to the PUSD Board stating: “In the face of all the bad economic news, the Pittsburg Unified School District has managed to escape most of the hardships that other districts have had to endure.
    Unlike many other districts in the region, Pittsburg did not lay off any teachers in 2010. Music and arts programs have been retained and class size reductions have been maintained.”
    Perhaps the combination of his business and educational experience might be able to help CVCHS.

  3. Doctor J Says:

    Wow ! I am impressed by the CVCHS selection of an Executive Director. Sue Brothers can’t hold a candle to him. And neither can any of the Big5.

  4. Doctor J Says:

    This is like breathing pure oxygen compared to the polluted atmosphere of MDUSD. Just wait until the other high schools get tired of beating their brain out against the brick wall of Dent.

  5. Wait a Minute Says:

    Yes Dr. J,

    Sue Brothers much less her benefactor Stevie Lawrence cannot compete with Dr. Linzey because unlike them Dr. Linzey has a solid track record of success with low income students reflected in MASSIVE API GAINS!

    I’m understand that Dr. Linzey’s leadership style is highly collaborative and as his results show he gets the most out of people.

    Sue and Stevie on the other hand have shown minimal API scores EVERYWHERE they have been and are the most top-down, non-collaborative administrators anyone is ever likely to have the displeasure of working under.

  6. Theresa Harrington Says:

    From what I’ve heard, the principal at Sun Terrace is said to be top-down and non-collaborative.
    On the other hand, I have heard positive things about MDHS Principal Kate McClatchy’s willingness to pioneer a sustainable curriculum for the IHTA academy, which could be a pilot or model for the rest of the county.
    At the solar dedication, Walnut Creek Mayor Pro Tem Kish Rajan praised Lawrence, Eberhart, former Trustee Paul Strange and other district leaders for their visionary leadership, which he said led to the solar project and focused attention on students.
    Afterward, I spoke to Sue Brothers, who spoke very highly of the Project Lead the Way program at CVHS and said it will expand next year. She said she doesn’t know what she’ll be doing next year.

  7. g Says:

    CVC hasn’t chosen a new principal yet, have they?

  8. g Says:

    To better clarify my question–is Mr. Linzey slated to be an Executive Director/Principal–or will they also hire a principal?

  9. Theresa Harrington Says:

    The executive director is the equivalent of a principal:

  10. Anon Says:

    We can recognize Linzey and his family and dogs from their photos. But after years, there is no photo of Lawrence on the district web site or on his newsletters. That was changed from McHenry whose photo was on his Monday Memos. Not sure why Lawrence’s face is kept secret . . .

  11. Anon Says:

    TH#6-Did Rajan explain how Lawrence, Eberhart and Strange “focused attention on students.” ROFLOL! Too often, almost daily, I hear kids are sitting in class with substitutes watching movies. Kids say the STAR test was difficult because their class was so far behind. Kids are sleeping or texting or painting their fingernails in class. Other kids are flocking to tutors. We need smaller classes for discipline, we need teachers in class every day, and we need students actively engaged. We need a teacher contract. Where is the parcel tax for CSR and where is the teacher contract?

  12. Wait a second Says:

    Poor Mr Linzey, he is putting himself right in the middle of a nice big mess. Its amatuer hour at Clayton Valley High and Mr Linzey will never be given the power to change the school. The teachers that hired him like the power, there not going to give it to him. it also seems Mr Linzey likes to move around, how long is his contract for? How many years did he commit to? Seems nobody is giving up that information. This group who decided to take over our school seems to be doing pretty well with backroom decisions and with holding information, just like the district. These teachers are also picking the new teachers to be hired, thats a joke! Not very good teachers picking teachers is a recipe for disaster, throw in a couple housewifes and a few others who no nothing about education and you have a problem. I give Mr Linzey a year, good luck!

  13. Anon Says:

    @ was if you went to the board meeting you would know it is 3 years. Also minutes will be posted on the web site. I am not sure what you are getting at. The candidates for teachers who want to work there are many. I am sure we will end up better.

  14. g Says:

    Normally I try to ignore some occasional poor spelling and grammar. Everyone knows I frequently make mistakes too. 😉

    Giving a modicum of attention to word choice, spelling, sentence structure, proper punctuation and avoidance of ending a sentence with a preposition are important considerations when one wants to be taken seriously.

    Or, is all of that “old school”?

  15. g Says:

    Anon— that was not directed at you— :~)

  16. Anon Says:

    Thank you G. You obviously remember wich Anon I am.

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