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Why aren’t some high school grads prepared for college?

By Theresa Harrington
Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 5:51 pm in Education.

Matt Krupnick, our higher education reporter, says high-school graduates’ lack of math and English skills is among the most serious problems facing colleges these days.

He wants to look at why this is happening and how it’s affecting colleges, starting in pre-K or kindergarten and trying to find where the breakdowns are occurring.

Here are some questions he asked me to pose to blog readers:

“Are young kids simply not learning to read?

Or does a lack of parental involvement cripple that learning?

Is there something later in their education – junior high or high school – that is causing problems?

And why are these kids graduating in the first place?”

He says that in college, students in remedial classes are far less likely to graduate, especially in the most basic classes. College math teachers report that lack of reading comprehension causes major problems in remedial math classes, where some students can’t work out simple word problems, Krupnick says.

Why do you think some high school grads are not well-prepared for college?

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