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Live blog of 3-25-13 MDUSD meeting

By Theresa Harrington
Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 7:57 pm in Education, Mt. Diablo school district.

7:51 p.m. Meeting is underway, with board voting on expulsions.

Here’s the agenda:

1.0 Call to Order
1.1 President will call the meeting to order Info

2.0 Announcements
2.1 In closed session, the Board will consider the items listed on the closed session agenda. Info

3.0 Public Comment

3.1 The public may address the Board concerning items that are scheduled for discussion during closed session only. These presentations are limited to three minutes each, or a total of thirty minutes for all speakers or the three minute limit may be shortened. Speakers are not allowed to yield their time. Info

4.0 Adjourn to Closed Session at 6:00 p.m.

4.1 Negotiations – The Board may discuss negotiations or provide direction to its representatives regarding represented employees, pursuant to EERA (Govt. Code Section 3549.1) Agency negotiators: Julie Braun Martin and Deborah Cooksey. Agencies: MDEA, CSEA, Local One M&O, Local One CST, MDSPA, and Supervisory. Action

4.2 Readmission Action

4.3 Expulsions Info

5.0 Reconvene Open Session
5.1 Reconvene Open Session at 7:30 p.m. Info

6.0 Preliminary Business
6.1 Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call Info

7.0 Report Out Action Taken in Closed Session
7.1 Negotiations Info
7.2 Readmission Info
8.0 Expulsion Recommendations
8.1 Expulsion Recommendation – Student #13-13 Action
8.2 Expulsion Recommendation – Student #14-13 Action
8.3 Expulsion Recommendation – Student #15-13 Action
8.4 Expulsion Recommendation – Student #16-13 Action
8.5 Expulsion Recommendation – Student #18-13 Action
8.6 Stipulated Expulsion Agreement & Waiver of Student Expulsion Hearing and Agreement to Complete Readmission Plan for Student #17-13 Action

9.0 Student Representatives
9.1 Student representatives will report on activities at their schools. Info

10.0 Consent Agenda
10.1 (Item #1) Items listed under Consent Agenda are considered routine and will be approved/adopted by a single motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items; however, any item may be removed from the consent agenda upon the request of any member of the Board and acted upon separately. Action
10.2 (Item #2) Minutes of the meeting of February 25, 2013 Action
10.3 (Item #3) Recommended Action for Certificated Personnel Action
10.4 (Item #4) Request to decrease Full Time Equivalent (FTE) for the 2012-2013 school year Action
10.5 (Item #5) Student/Intern Teaching and Administrative Intern Agreement between Notre Dame De Namur University and Mt. Diablo Unified School District Action
10.6 (Item #6) Recommended Action for Classified Personnel Action
10.7 (Item #7) Classified Personnel: Request to Increase/Decrease Positions Action
10.8 (Item #8) Classified Personnel: Resolution of Reduction or Discontinuance of Classified Employees (Classified Layoff) Resolution No. 12/13-36 Action
10.9 (Item #9) Student Success Team Management System License Agreement between San Joaquin County Office of Education and Mt. Diablo Unified School District Action
10.10 (Item #10) Approve contract with Resource Development & Associates (RDA) for evaluation services for Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grant evaluation for the 2012-2013 school year Action
10.11 (Item #11) Procurement and Installation of New Synthetic Track Surface for the Outdoor Athletic facility at Clayton Valley Charter High School Action
10.12 (Item #12) Authorize submission for the Contra Costa County Family and Children’s Trust (FACT) grant to support the Crossroads Program Action
10.13 (Item #13) Contract Amendment: PHd Architects: Site Addaptive and Design Modifications Required to facilitate new classrooms and use of District Pre-Checked (PC) 1440 square foot design to meet Eagle Peak site needs. Action
10.14 (Item #14) Award of Lease-Leaseback Agreement to Taber Construction, Inc. for Chemistry Classrooms 2013 at Concord/Nueva Vista and College Park High School Action
10.15 (Item #15) Final Change Order – for LLB #1594 for New Chemistry Classroom Construction at Mt. Diablo and Clayton Valley Charter High School Action
10.16 (Item #16) Notice of Completion for LLB #1594 Action
10.17 (Item #17) Request Approval to Purchase (5) 2013 Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks Action
10.18 (Item #18) Request Approval to Purchase a 2013 Ford F350 One ton Flatbed truck Action
10.19 (Item #19) Adoption of the German Honors course of study Action

11.0 Consent Items Pulled for Discussion

12.0 Recognitions

12.1 The Board of Education will recognize Teacher of the Year Nominees Info

13.0 Public Comment
13.1 The public may address the Board regarding any item within the jurisdiction of the Board of Education of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District that is not on this agenda. These presentation are limited to three minutes each, or a total of thirty minutes for all speakers, or the three minute limit may be shortened. If there are multiple speakers on any one subject, the public comment period may be moved to the end of the meeting. Speakers are not allowed to yield their time. Info

14.0 Communications
14.1 District Organizations – At regular Board meetings, a single spokesperson of each recognized district organization may make a brief presentation following the Consent Agenda. Items are limited to those which are informational. Info

15.0 Superintendent’s Report
15.1 Northgate High School – United Nations Team Info
15.2 Concord High School Boys Soccer Team – Coach Alfonzo Munoz Info
15.3 Bond Refinance Update Info
15.4 School Safety Report Info
15.5 Bay Point Attendance Boundary Process Info

16.0 Business/Action Items

16.1 Amended Contract for Assistant Superintendent, Student Achievement and School Support, for Board Action Action

16.2 Amended Contract for Assistant Superintendent, Personnel, for Board Action Action

16.3 Amended Contract for Chief Financial Officer for Board Action Action

16.4 Amended Contract for General Counsel for Board Action Action

16.5 Amended Contract for Superintendent for Board Action Action

16.6 Appointment of Construction Manager II for Measure C Action

16.7 Update on Mandated Reporting Policy and Protocol (carried over from March 11, 2013 meeting) Info

16.8 Strategic Plan – Follow-Up and Next Steps Action

16.9 Technology Advisory Committee Info

16.10 Explore the potential multi-year lease of KVHS non-commercial FM Radio license: would not interfere with District’s right to provide KVHS programming via an internet-only-stream. Action

16.11 Public presentation of District’s Initial Proposal for a Succesors Agreement with Mt. Diablo Education Association (MDEA) 2013-2016 Info

16.12 Public presentation of the Successor Agreement Proposal for California State Employees Association (CSEA)to the District Info

16.13 Procurement and Installation of Surveillance License Upgrades with Three Year Maintenance Agreement for 950 Cameras Action

16.14 Update on the Board’s Response to the Public Records Act Request of the Contra Costa Times/Dan Borenstein Info

16.15 Graduation Requirements Update Info

16.16 Title I Policy MDUSD Proposed BP/AR 6171 Info

16.17 Meeting Extension Action
17.0 Future Agenda Items
17.1 Future Agenda Items Info

18.0 Board Member Reports
18.1 Board reports Info

19.0 Closed Session
19.1 Public Employees Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Complaint Action

20.0 Reconvene Open Session
20.1 Report Out Action Taken In Closed Session Info
21.0 Adjournment
21.1 Adjourn Meeting Info”

Live blog:

Board just recognized seven teachers who were in the running for district teacher of the year, including two district teachers of the year from Monte Gardens and El Monte elementary schools.

UPDATE: Here are the names of the seven teachers recognized:

District Teachers of the Year: Carissa Sugden, El Monte; and Shannon Prichard, Monte Gardens Elementary

Additional candidates:

Elisa Peters, Oak Grove Middle School
Janet Gowers, Ygnacio Valley High
Nicholas Sanchez, Shore Acres Elementary
Nina Pate, Woodside Elementary
Virginia Hewgley, Valhalla Elementary

8: 08 p.m. Student reps are now giving their reports.

8:17 p.m. Superintendent wants to move up recognitions for high school students.
The board recognized Northgate High’s United Nations Team and Concord High’s Boys Soccer Team.

8:25 p.m. John Parker just asked board to scrutinize lease-leaseback contracts.
Hansen pulled item 10.14 and Oaks pulled 10.9.

10.9 Student Success Team Management System License Agreement between San Joaquin County Office of Education and MDUSD:
Oaks: This is a $44,000 item that I’ve not heard about. I’d just like some information about who’s in charge of documenting this. I know it used to be done by hand. Is there a reason we’re now going to an online management system?
Lock: Yes, it used to be done by hand by principals. We found data very inconsistent. Last year, there was a committee of staff who explored this new product. Every SST is documented. This process is going to really assist us in significant disproportionality monitoring because we are required to monitor all referrals. This product was originally approved by the board last year. Sold to Accelify, then back to San Joaquin County Office of Education. This contract reduces our cost by $10,000. Three year cost. Typically there could be 20-25 per school. There could be two or three for one student over the years. Administrator can be monitoring to see if staff is staying on top of the actions. We did a trainer of trainer model back in August. Those trained went back and trained their staff.

8:32 p.m. License agreement unanimously approved.

Supt announced 11.2 was pulled by staff to be brought back later (I didn’t catch which original item that was.)

Extensive discussion of lease-leaseback with outside counsel talking about it.
Approved lease-leaseback contract in 4-1 vote (Hansen no)

Annie Nolen spoke about mandated reporting requirement and ID theft porgram.

Two district residents complained about their grandson being bullied.

Willie Mims spoke (I didn’t catch all his comments because I was talking to the grandparents in the lobby).

9:38 p.m. Back to rest of Superintendent’s Report:
15.3 Jon Isom is giving a bond refinance update with a PowerPoint.

9:40 pm. Superintendent is reporting on safety. Locks will be replaced along with several older doors, for a total cost of about $2.5 million. Current RFQ going out for locks. Hopefully will bring back firm responses in May and expect to bring doors back in near future.
Brian Lawrence asked about Ayers crossing guards.
Superintendent said he would have to ask principal, but the district is trying to re-evaluate the opening of the parking lot.
Brian Lawrence asked for an update from the superintendent and general counsel on the liability issues around crossing guards.

9:43 p.m. Superintendent is giving a Bay Point Master Plan update.
He said the growth projections don’t bear out a new high school, but Delta View is overflowing 100-200 students. So, a committee recommended having a public forum and asking for parent input. He said anybody can join the committee (I wonder how they’re promoting that?) The committee is meeting Wednesday.
Hansen: This surprised a couple board members because we didn’t know about the meeting. We didn’t know there were three scenarios. This has to be a team effort, where the board is informed and the board is participating.

Willie Mims: I was at Bay Point and we learned a lot and we heard a lot. One of my concerns is when you’re discussing boundaries, you have some new sections and some old sections. Concerned about possible Gerrymandering effect. I did not get a copy of the boundary proposal and would like to get one.
carries 3-2 (hansen and oaks against)

16.1 Amended contract for Assisant Superintendent, SASS (Rose Lock):

Rebecca Jensen comment:
Chastised the press. Said the FCMAT report about CVCHS costs seems to have been the match (to ignite this situation). The superintendent is very transparent. It feels as if this whole debacle is being used to do some housecleaning. Mistakes have been made, but I don’t believe them to be egregious enough to warrant this. If administrators can be so easily dismissed, what message does this send? Why would any qualified person ever want to work for our district?

Unanimously approved.

16.2 Amended contract for Assistant Superintendent, Personnel (Julie Braun-Martin):
Dennler moved approval and Oaks seconded. Then Dennler told Braun-Martin that one of her responsibilities is to interact with teachers who may lose their jobs. “This is a time of disappointment. I ask you to go above and beyond. Listen with patience and compassion. Four years ago, when I faced this position, I found you to be heartless and rude.”
Unanimously approved.

16.3 Amended contract for Chief Financial Officer (Bryan Richards):
Hansen said she is looking for a CFO who can answer questions about the budget. “I get concerns that requests for information are made and there’s not responsiveness. We have to have a CFO who can anwser questions quickly in language and terms that really answer those questions so people aren’t wondering what the heck’s going on. We need a CFO who really can be among his staff in fiscal. I think movement across the hall has not been helpful. I think people may not be managed as effectively as they could be. Payroll and fiscal is not a department where you want any unhappy campers.

Mayo: I want to express my concern that a ministerial action has been used to create firestorm of controversy. In them meantime, these employees have carried out their duties. Since December 2012, at least six attorneys have given input about these contracts. Despite this, the board still seeks other opinions. Attorneys have indicated that the action on April 23 is legally binding. I want to caution that comments made about employee performance may expose the district to a complaint. Although tonight’s action is legally unnecessary, I will support the extension as legally prepared by Roy Combs, attorney at law.

Hansen: Legal opinions are legal opinions and the only way something becomes legally binding is in a court of law with a judge making a decision. I am personally concerned that I was on this board last April 23 when these contracts came forward. I asked last April, ‘Where the heck are these contracts and why aren’t they posted for public viewing?’ I asked in the summer, ‘Where are these contracts?’ And I was ignored. The fact that we have spent money on outside attorneys is appalling to me, but I couldn’t get a second. Here we sit with a new board having to spend the first three months of their tenure having to fix the last mistakes. I am very concerned and offended. I am very unhappy that people on this board chose not to follow through. I’m also unhappy that the district administrators failed to follow through and advise the board. I resent the outside attorney fees.

Unanimously passed.

16.4 Amended contract for General Counsel (Greg Rolen):
Jack Weir: I expect the general counsel to be the district’s watchdog. The very manner in which these contracts were handled is all the evidence I need to know that there has been complete mismanagement in this regard. The public is very unhappy. Here we are trying to clean up a mess and we ought to be trying to make things better. We need new leadership at the top so we can move forward.

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128 Responses to “Live blog of 3-25-13 MDUSD meeting”

  1. Anon Says:

    failure of yet another child. so proud of the grand parents that stood up! This district says it has a zero tolerance on bullying. Not true! it happens, it is reported and nothing is done. Over and Over again

  2. Doctor J Says:

    Why did Deb Cooksey replace Greg Rolen on the dias ?

  3. Wait a Minute Says:

    OK, full mobilization by Supt Lawrence of a “fan club” to try and save his job and take a few cuts at Theresa and the CCC Times because of the blog.

    The first speaker is lauding the superintendent for his newsletters which are few and far between according to the superintendent’s own promise and schedule to do so.

    Basically astroturf.

  4. Doctor J Says:

    Lynne Dennler blasts Julie B-M as heartless, consdescening, and mistrepresenting. But she still votes for her. wow.

  5. Wait a Minute Says:

    Amazing, Dennler calls Asst Supt Braun-Martin “heartless” and disrespectful AND THEN SHE VOTES FOR BRAUN-MARTIN’S CONTRACT!!!

    I guess its like Dennler’s old “educational malpractice” statement at another time, but then she did nothing effective to fix the issue or hold the leadership accountable.

  6. Wait a Minute Says:

    You beat me to it Dr J.

  7. Anon Says:

    Lynne always votes against something before she votes for it and vice versa. Depends whether or not she gets the signal from Linda or not.

  8. Anon Says:

    I have my fingers crossed for new leadership but I am now thinking that we are going to be with this bunch of jokers for another year.

  9. Doctor J Says:

    Jack Weir calls for new leadership.

  10. Anon Says:

    GO Wendy GO!!!!

  11. Doctor J Says:

    “We are tired of scandals.” wow.

  12. MDUSD Board Watcher Says:

    If the board is unwilling to get rid of these jokers of administrators then it is time to recall a few of them.

  13. Anon Says:

    Once we recall Mayo maybe the board will appoint Wendy Lack to the seat.

  14. MDUSD Board Watcher Says:

    John Parker is a moron.

  15. Anon Says:

    And here it comes……Will B. Lawrence stand on his own or with his friends Strange and Ebberwhatever?

  16. MDUSD Board Watcher Says:

    Here comes Cookesy. She read which way the wind was blowing and is now defending her boss.

  17. Wait a Minute Says:

    Oh, oh, Brian Lawrence is going to support Greg Rolen’s.

    And Cooksey is showing her loyalty to Greg Rolen. After the recall she needs to go too.

  18. MDUSD Board Watcher Says:

    Time to recall Brian Lawrence. I guess he showed his true colors tonight.

    He is a puppet of Eberhart and Strange.

  19. Anon Says:

    So glad I didn’t vote for Brian Lawrence. You turned out to be a JOKE!!!!!!

  20. Doctor J Says:

    Steve Lawrence has his Rotary shills supporting him.

  21. Wait a Minute Says:

    Looks like Brian Lawrence was a trojan horse candidate all along.

    I look forward to supporting a recall and I hope Wendy Lack organizes this recall.

  22. Anon Says:

    Who voted which way?

  23. MDUSD Board Watcher Says:

    I will be joining Wendy Lack in this recall effort. RECALL LAWRENCE AND MAYO.

  24. NHS Resident Says:

    That tears it….. Northgate must go charter now!

  25. Doctor J Says:

    As Yogi Berra said, its not over until its over. there is is still a closed session that may decide the events tonight.

  26. Anon Says:

    Ms. Hansen, No one is looking at you badly. Willie Mims has no idea what he is saying.

  27. Wait a Minute Says:

    Willie Mims is showing how he aligned with Steven Lawrence and Greg Rolen as soon as Cheryl Hansen stated her concerns about CFO Richards as he blasted Hansen.

    Gee and I wonder why Willie would do that?

  28. Anon Says:

    Who voted no on Rolen?

  29. Anon Says:

    and the vote will pass 3 – 2

  30. Anon Says:

    uhhhhhh….Hate to say it Ms. Follow the money, the Times did report about pittsburg schools and Theresa always points out the good she sees. Perhaps you should read the paper!

  31. Anon Says:

    Who is the 2nd vote against?????

  32. Anon Says:

    Brian Lawrence is a dirt bag! Hope you enjoy your head up your friends butt

  33. MDUSD Board Watcher Says:

    John Parker is a bumbling idiot. He just said the Times sucks. No Mr. Parker you are a moron.

  34. Wait a Minute Says:

    And is it any wonder why people are frustrated with politics?

  35. mike Says:

    You heard it. The CC Times SUCKS. What happened to Theresa’s declared “new board majority”. Wrong again

  36. anon Says:

    It’s time to recall Hansen. Mr. Mimms spelled it out pretty clearly.

  37. Anon Says:

    Parker is one of the old boy holdovers dealing with bonds. His judgement about anything is questionable.

  38. Teacher Says:

    When will the board start focusing their discussions on what is best for students?

    The good news is most people don’t read the blogs and many don’t read the paper. I see great things happening at schools around the district; teachers teaching and caring about students and students learning and feeling cared about. There will always be exceptions but great things are happening in MDUSD every day.

    For some reason, people thrive on negativity. I challenge those of you who continually post here to try and shift gears. If you try, you will begin to see the positives. This would be a much more productive use of your time.

  39. LV Says:

    I wanted to see a change tonight, but the air was full of fear…

  40. Not Always as it Seems Says:

    John Parker is a good and decent man. If you had ever served on a committee with him you would know this. He asks tough questions and speaks his mind. He is ethical and fair.

    Brian Lawrence showed courage tonight. He was right about the scope of the Board’s authority and the sanctity of a contract. He voted the right way.

  41. Parent Says:

    The District isn’t improving or wisely investing my taxes. In fact, the cost of the Charter School, and the reduction of hours of the librarian and ELD teacher at my daughter’s school.

  42. anon Says:

    Thank you Teacher. You are spot on. This new board has spent their first 3 months chasing their tails and spending money on investigations that have proved nothing. I wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars Ms. Hansen has caused the district to spend on her pet investigations. Look around at all of the surrounding school districts and they are well ahead of our district in terms of planning for the needs of students. Our community has been duped. We need a new board that is focused on students, not hell bent on revenging personal vendettas.

  43. Theresa Harrington Says:

    The two assistant superintendents and CFO were unanimously approved. The general counsel and superintendent’s contracts were both approved 3-2, with Hansen and Oaks voting against.

  44. Jack Weir Says:

    It’s now clear that Mayo is motivated to continue the cover-up of the scandals committed under the old board. She lectures Hansen on speaking ill of Lawrence and Rolen, lest the district face a “complaint,” but fails to acknlowledge her role in the stealth contract shenanigans.
    I think I see Brian Lawrence’s strategy: okay the contract extensions, and then move to terminate the superintendent and counsel for cause. Same end, with less cost? Can’t wait to hear the outcome of the closed session.

  45. Anon Says:

    Mayo is a hapless apologist for Lawrence and Rolen. Her major concern is that the stench left in their wake doesn’t extend to her.
    Perfect example of Mayo’s hypocrisy…
    She and Sherry Whitmarsh, along with Steven Lawrence, took it upon themselves to approve a secret FCMAT report last fall. None of them had the individual nor board authority to do so but she did anyway but she lectures others about proper process and protocol.

    As for the stealth contract manipulations she was at the heart of them. Her Brown Act Violations from April to the present day would keep a DA working overtime if the DA really cared about such things, but the DA doesn’t.

    When you start the recall on her, count me in. I’m tired of my tax dollars going to her very expensive health care benefits especially when she voted to take away those benefits from some of my friends.A final point of hypocrisy: when the Grand Jury issued a report last year suggesting that school districts look at their benefit packages, particularly health care benefits,
    trustee Hansen repeatedly asked that the item be placed on the agenda. Linda Mayo was instrumental in keeping it off the agenda.

  46. Theresa Harrington Says:

    Jack: A few of us hung around to hear the report out, which I videotaped. There will be a closed session meeting at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday March 27 to discuss employee discipline, dismissal, release, for about two hours. The board will also meet in closed session from 4-6 p.m. March 28 to discuss negotiations.
    Regarding benefits, I believe Hansen did get that item on agenda and the board voted to keep the benefits. But, the board NEVER publicly discussed Greg Rolen’s Grand Jury response.

  47. Alicia Says:

    Thank you John Parker for asking the Board to scrutinize lease-leasebacks. Mr. Parker and the CBOC made excellent comments and asked great questions at last week’s Measure C meeting. It’s important that the district ensure that projects are competitively bid in accordance with the Public Contracts Code as a means to preserve public funds.

    As Hansen pointed out, legal opinions are just that and whether such lease-leasebacks are lawful will be judicially determined. There are currently a few lease-leaseback lawsuits against school districts across this state.

    Theresa…do you remember the name of the lawfirm that spoke about the lease-leasebacks? Did they give any definitive guidance, law, point of reference that would 100% guarantee the legality of Mt. Diablo’s continued use of lease-leasebacks especially with our bond dollars being used to pay for such leasebacks?

  48. Wendy Lack Says:

    @ Teacher #38:

    You have said: “When will the board start focusing their discussions on what is best for students? . . . I see great things happening at schools around the district; teachers teaching and caring about students and students learning and feeling cared about. There will always be exceptions but great things are happening in MDUSD every day . . . people thrive on negativity. I challenge those of you who continually post here to try and shift gears. If you try, you will begin to see the positives. This would be a much more productive use of your time.”

    No one denies that “great things are happening in MDUSD every day.” The point is, there are not nearly enough “great things” happening every day. There could be infinitely more if the District had competent leadership at the helm and on the Board of Trustees.

    If you consider such things as misuse of personal identifying information of past and present employees from two school districts to be excused by saying “there will always be exceptions,” you are mistaken.

    In short, the rose-colored glasses you wear are not well-suited to everyone.

    The staff members (mostly administrators) present in the audience tonight were either good politicians in their own right — showing up, as expected, to play the part of good soldiers — or are genuine victims of a twisted and pitiable kind of Stockholm syndrome.

    It’s astonishing that staff would support Board members (Mayo, Dennler) and top administrators so clearly unsuited to their roles. This administration, through the actions of these Board members and administrators, is riddled with scandal, incompetence, PR faux pas, corruption and cover-up to the point of painful embarrassment.

    We can do better. We must do better, for our kids’ sake.

    You may consider it “negativity” to acknowledge reality, but others prefer to look the truth straight in the eye and, by God, deal with it.

    Since those staff present at this Board meeting were largely administrators, their presence was likely, and perhaps understandably, about self-preservation. After all, breaking in a new, accountability-oriented Superintendent would bring new demands and change that some could find uncomfortable. And staying on the good side of the current administration may be strategically advantageous in the current fractious community climate.

    I believe the conversation about new District leadership is not over. In fact, it has barely begun.

    The fact remains that the Mayo-Dennler Trustee duo and Lawrence-Rolen-Richards staff trio are unfit for office and will continue to leave destruction in their wake. If the past is an indicator, you can set your stopwatch and just wait for the next gaffe. As long as they remain in place, problems (and the concomitant human. financial and political toll) will continue.

    And the “great things” happening in the District will continue to occur despite District leadership, not because of it.

    Finally, those who seek to marginalize and dismiss critics in the press and community are misguided. Neither the press nor concerned residents, such as me, have gone looking for this struggle — trust me, we all have far better things we would like to be doing with our time and energy. Personally, I’m not motivated by a need to preserve my job or curry political favor –- my sole motive is to speak out about problems in order to affect positive change.

    The point is: The community clamor for new organizational leadership –- including my own — is in direct RESPONSE to the actions of certain Board members and administrators. Mock or ignore community critics and this blog at your own risk.

    As Newton taught: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As it is in physics, so it is also in politics.

  49. Wendy Lack Says:

    Theresa Harrington:

    I had to leave last night’s meeting early. Either on this blog or in an article, I presume you will share the gist of the Board’s discussion about this informational agenda item:

    16.14 Update on the Board’s Response to the Public Records Act Request of the Contra Costa Times/Dan Borenstein

    Specifically, I’m wondering what target date is now being used regarding this matter.

  50. vindex Says:

    Unbelievable. I’m in for the recall. It will pass easily. Dennler, Mayo, and lawerence are gone

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