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Livermore police and school district report ‘shelter in place’ initiated at Livermore HS to investigate suspected gun on campus

By Theresa Harrington
Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 1:27 pm in Education, Livermore.

The Livermore Police and Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District issued the following news release and message to the community today regarding a report of a suspected gun at Livermore High that prompted the campus staff and students to shelter in place:

Police news release:

“DATE OF PRESS RELEASE: September 13, 2013

II. INCIDENT: Suspicious Occurrence on School Campus


On Friday, September 13, 2013 at approximately 7:10am, a concerned citizen called the Livermore Police Department to report a suspicious conversation he had overheard. The citizen said that as he was seated next to two teenage boys on a local transit bus in Livermore, he overheard one of the boys stating to the other boy that he had ‘Brass.’ The boy then made a hand gesture simulating a handgun and pointed at his backpack. Believing the boy may have possession of a handgun in his backpack, the citizen asked the boys which high school they attended as they exited the bus. The boys told him that they attended Livermore High School. The citizen watched the boys remove two bicycles from the bus and ride away.

After the boys left on their bicycles, the citizen called the Livermore Police Department and provided the police with descriptions of the boys and their bicycles they were riding. Upon receiving the information from the citizen, the Livermore Police responded to Livermore High School and found two bicycles matching the description of the boys’ bicycles. Fearing a gun may be on campus, a ‘shelter in place’ was initiated at Livermore High School as a precautionary safety measure. School administrators immediately sent an email to all the Livermore High School teachers with the two boys’ descriptions asking for their assistance in locating boys. Both boys were located in the same classroom shortly thereafter.

Upon contacting the boys, it was determined that neither of them possessed a handgun or any other weapon. One of the boys did have used/spent rifle and shotgun shells in his backpack.

After approximately 30 minutes, the ‘shelter in place’ was lifted as the Livermore Police determined there was no longer a threat on campus.

The Superintendent of the Livermore School District, Kelly Bowers, put out the below messages to the Livermore High School’s parents.

‘This morning, as a precaution, and in full communication and cooperation with the Livermore Police Department, we placed our students and staff at Livermore High School in a shelter in place mode, so that the Livermore Police Department could conduct a thorough search in response to a reported firearm on campus. During the emergency protocol situation, the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District worked in tandem with the Livermore Police Department to ensure student and staff safety. All students and staff were safe. All students and staff fully cooperated. Once the Livermore Police confirmed that the report of a weapon on campus was not credible, the
shelter in place order was lifted and school was back in session. We apologize for any anxiety caused by our initial phone call alert, however we always err on the side of extreme caution in following our safety protocols and in keeping our community informed.

We commend the Livermore Police Department for their vigilant response and the LHS administration, staff and students for calmly adhering to our safety procedures to ensure everyone’s well-being. We are extremely fortunate to have such a positive working relationship with our local police department to avert any potential crisis situation.

As a result of the information provided by the citizen, the Livermore Police Department and Livermore High School staff was able to ensure the safety of the students.

As a reminder, the Livermore Police Department highly encourages that if any citizen witnesses any suspicious activity to call and report it immediately.”

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