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MDUSD board to consider approving YVHS field project and contract for Northgate HS aquatics center

By Theresa Harrington
Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 at 1:56 pm in Education, Mt. Diablo school district.

The Mt. Diablo school board on Wednesday expects to vote on several items of interest, including the district’s 2012-13 unaudited actual financial report, accepting the Environmental Impact report for the Ygnacio Valley HS field lighting project, approving the field lighting project, awarding an $836,430.00 contract to Taber Construction for the project, awarding an $8,160.00 project inspection contract for the project to Alisha Jensen, a lease-leaseback preliminary services agreement with Kenridge Builders, Inc. for the Northgate HS aquatics center, the extension of Local One union contracts and a Northgate HS volleyball team trip to the 5th annual Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix, Ariz.

Here is the complete agenda for the meeting, which begins at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the district board room at 1936 Carlotta Drive in Concord:

“1.0 Call to Order
1.1 President will call the meeting to order Info

2.0 Announcements
2.1 In closed session, the Board will consider the items listed on the closed session agenda. Info

3.0 Public Comment
3.1 The public may address the Board concerning items that are scheduled for discussion during closed session only. These presentations are limited to three minutes each, or a total of thirty minutes for all speakers or the three minute limit may be shortened. Speakers are not allowed to yield their time. Info

4.0 Adjourn to Closed Session at 6:00 p.m.
4.1 Negotiations – The Board may discuss negotiations or provide direction to its representatives regarding represented employees, pursuant to EERA (Govt. Code Section 3549.1) Agency negotiators: Julie Braun Martin and Deborah Cooksey. Agencies: MDEA, CSEA, Local One M&O, Local One CST, MDSPA, and Supervisory. Action
4.2 Readmission of four (4) students to Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Action
4.3 Admission of Student #A-14 into the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Action
4.4 Admission of Student #B-14 into the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Action
4.5 Anticipated Litigation – Conference with Legal Counsel regarding amicus curiae participation in litigation in one (1) matter pursuant to Gov’t. Code Section 54956.9 (c). Action

5.0 Reconvene Open Session
5.1 Reconvene Open Session at 7:30 p.m. Info
6.0 Preliminary Business
6.1 Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call Info

7.0 Report Out Action Taken in Closed Session
7.1 Negotiations Action
7.2 Readmission of four (4) students Action
7.3 Admission of Student #A-14 Action
7.4 Admission of Student #B-14 Action
7.5 Anticipated Litigation Action

8.0 Consent Agenda Action
8.1 (Item #1) Items listed under Consent Agenda are considered routine and will be approved/adopted by a single motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items; however, any item may be removed from the consent agenda upon the request of any member of the Board and acted upon separately. Action
8.2 (Item #2) Recommended Action for Certificated Personnel Action
8.3 (Item #3) Request to increase Full Time Equivalent (FTE) for the 2013-2014 school year Action
8.4 (Item #4) Ed. Code 44623 (Teacher Consent Form) Action
8.5 (Item #5) Recommended Action for Classified Personnel Action
8.6 (Item #6) Classified Personnel: Request to Increase and Decrease Positions Action
8.7 (Item #7) Board Bylaw 9000 – Role of the Board Action
8.8 (Item #8) Board Bylaw 9200 – Limits of Board Member Authority Action
8.9 (Item #9) Increase purchase order with Non-Public Agency Community Options for Families and Youth (C.O.F.Y.) for Mental Health Services for the 2013-14 School Year Action
8.10 (Item #10) Approve adjustments to Non-Public School Contracts/Purchase Orders for the 2013-14 School Year Action
8.11 (Item #11) Agreement with Center for Human Development to provide parent education and counseling services at no cost to the district. Action
8.12 (Item #12) Agreement with La Clinica De La Raza, Inc. to continue providing free dental services in district schools. Action
8.13 (Item #13) Agreement with Youth Homes, Inc to provide counseling and support services for foster youth students in district schools. Action
8.14 (Item #14) Resolution # 13/14-14 – Authorizing District Representative for the School Facility Program Action
8.15 (Item #15) Notice of Completion for MDUSD Project #1637 Paint Package #1 Action
8.16 (Item #16) Notice of Completion for MDUSD Project #1648 Paint Package #2 Action
8.17 (Item #17) Final Change Order for LLB Project # 1648 for painting at various school sites (Meadow Homes & Oak Grove). Action
8.18 (Item #18) Final Change Order for LLB Project # 1637 for painting at various elementary school sites (Shore Acres, Bel Air & Rio Vista). Action
8.19 (Item #19) Contract Amendment: Verde Design, Inc. Action
8.20 (Item #20) Notice of Completion for MDUSD Project #1639 Strandwood Skylight Infill and Re-roof Action
8.21 (Item #21) Award of Design Services Contract: Interim Housing to Support 2014 Measure C Portable Replacement Program. Action
8.22 (Item #22) Approve of contract with Exploring New Horizons (ENH) for Mt. Diablo Elementary School Outdoor Ed Program Action
9.0 Consent Items Pulled for Discussion

10.0 Recognitions
10.1 Recognition of Improvement on the Academic Performance Index (API) Info

11.0 Public Comment
11.1 The public may address the Board regarding any item within the jurisdiction of the Board of Education of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District that is not on this agenda. These presentation are limited to three minutes each, or a total of thirty minutes for all speakers, or the three minute limit may be shortened. If there are multiple speakers on any one subject, the public comment period may be moved to the end of the meeting. Speakers are not allowed to yield their time. Info
12.0 Communications
12.1 District Organizations – At regular Board meetings, a single spokesperson of each recognized district organization may make a brief presentation following the Consent Agenda. Items are limited to those which are informational. Info

13.0 Reports/Information
13.1 Update on District Pest Control Procedures Info
13.2 New and Revised Technology Policies – BP 3513, BP/AR 4040, BP 6162.7 Info
13.3 Board Bylaw 9323 – Meeting Conduct Info
13.4 Board Bylaw 9323.2 – Actions By The Board Info
13.5 Board Bylaw E 9323.2 – Actions By The Board Info
14.0 Superintendent’s Report

15.0 Business/Action Item
15.1 (Item #8) Pilot Program Regarding the Procedure for Biographies for DMA Employees Being Recommended for Positions. Action

15.2 Approval of Resolution – Hispanic Heritage Month Info/Action

15.3 National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week – September 23-29, 2013. Action

15.4 Approval of Adult Education course titles for 2013-2014 Action

15.5 Resolution #13/14-08 Adopting the District’s 2012-2013 GANN Appropriations Limit Action

15.6 Certification of the District’s 2012-2013 Unaudited Actual Financial Report Action

15.7 Authorizing Investment of Monies in the Local Agency Investment Fund Action

15.8 Adoption of Resolution Accepting Final Environmental Impact Report for the Ygnacio Valley High School Sports Field Lighting Project Action

15.9 Approval of Ygnacio Valley High School Stadium Lighting Project Action

15.10 Award of Bid for Bid #1645 Action

15.11 Award of Inspector of Record (Project Inspector) Contract for Sports Field Lighting Project at Ygnacio Valley High School Action

15.12 Preliminary Service Agreement for Project #1643 – Northgate High School Aquatic Center buiding and site work Action

15.13 RFQ/RFP 1658 – Approval of a Preliminary Services Agreement with Kenridge Builders, Incorporated to Support a new Aquatic Center, New Buildings and Site Work at Northgate High School. Action

15.14 Local One CST and M&O Contract Extension Action

15.15 Northgate High School’s Varsity Girls Volleyball Team Competing in the 5th Annual Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix,Arizona Info/Action

15.16 Meeting Extension Action

16.0 Future Agenda Items

17.0 Board Member Reports
17.1 Board reports Info

18.0 Closed Session
18.1 Items not completed during the first Closed Session will be carried over to this closed session. Action
19.0 Adjournment
19.1 Adjourn Meeting Info”

It is interesting to note that item 15.10 fails to name the project or the vendor who is to be awarded the contract. Yet, in the past, the board has asked Measure C staff to add this important information to agendas. It’s unclear how this lack of transparency was allowed to continue. The item is an $805,620.00 contract to be awarded to Taber Construction for Sports Field Lighting at Ygnacio Valley High School. This is a very controversial item, which the board and district staff know is of interest to the public. Although the new board majority has promised more transparency, this lapse shows that it may not be implemented unless trustees adopt a policy that demands that projects and contractors be listed on agendas.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the meeting. However, I plan to report on the outcome. Comments before, during and after the meeting are welcome on this blog post.

Which items interest you and why?

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