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Unrest at Hercules Middle High School raises questions about the responsiveness of West Contra Costa school district leadership

Hercules Police School Resource Officers patrol Hercules Middle HIgh School

Hercules Police School Resource Officers patrol Hercules Middle HIgh School

In response to a story published Saturday about unrest at Hercules Middle High School, I was copied on the following e-mail from West Contra Costa district resident Georgio Cosentino to Ken Whittemore, the district’s assistant superintendent for Human Resources. I am posting the e-mail with Cosentino’s permission to allow West Contra Costa school district students, parents, educators and community members the opportunity to comment on the issue of teacher exit interviews and whistle-blowing, as well as the larger issues addressed in the story.

“Hi Ken,

Recently, I asked you about the status of teacher exit interviews, whether or not they were being performed and what was being done with the information. You said that they are conducted, that you, as Director of Human Resources, have the results. I think this information needs to be made public to the taxpayer on a quarterly or yearly basis. I read the CC Times article today about the situation regarding Hercules Middle High School and it mentions a teacher resigning because of being mistreated by kids (and staff?). We need to know with what frequency this sort of thing is occurring. If possible, I will seek to have such interviews also given to a parent oversight committee.

I also think a review of the teacher whistle blower procedure/policy is also in order. The current whistleblower policy directs the teacher to report complaints to the WCCUSD district office. This is very risky for the teacher as the WCCUSD is the employer of the teacher. This same policy does mention the County and State Department of Ed as options, too. These entities are more appropriate, that the option of district office should be eliminated. As a state employee, I am told to report my complaints and concerns to the Bureau of State Audits, not to my employer.

Please consider developing a mechanism that will provide us with the exit interview data, Ken. I also ask that you have all exit interview documentation in order for audit via the Public Records Request mechanism. Although such interviews are confidential, names and other personal information can be redacted. The voice of the teacher must be heard by all of us. I will share this suggestion at the next board meeting in observation of teacher appreciation month.

Thanks for giving my suggestions any consideration you can, Ken. Take care.

Giorgio Cosentino”

Do you believe the West Contra Costa school district is adequately addressing issues raised at Hercules Middle High School?

Posted on Monday, May 5th, 2014
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