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Let the women fight, BAM!

By awoodall
Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 at 10:27 pm in Uncategorized.

Someone is going down Wednesday at the U.S. National Championship boxing tournament and it ain’t gonna be local fighter Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton _ at least that’s what her team wants to be saying tomorrrow when she faces Jennifer Han.

If Julaton is victorious, she’ll become the No. 1 amateur featherweight, having pummeled her way though five opponents — women who know how to throw a punch. Prevail Wednesday and “The Hurricane” will become the first Bay Area woman to ever win the U.S. National Championships and the first Filipina-American to ever be ranked No. 1 since U.S.A. Boxing recognized women fighters in 1993 (something the organization that governs amateur and olympic boxing did kicking and screaming).

Another female fighter was representing the Bay Area at the competition: Isabel Salinas, a San Leandro light bantamweight who trains at King’s Gym in Oakland. Lookin’ good, baby.

Victory in the finals could make Julaton a contender to represent the United States in the 2012 Olympics — if there is a U.S. team, that is. And it’s a giant IF because of the resistance in the past to making women’s boxing an olympic event. It’s already too late for the 2008 games. That means boxing is the only olympic event without a female equivalent.  

Why the foot-dragging? “That’s the million dollar question,” said Christy Halbert, the chairwoman of the U.S.A. Boxing’s task force on women’s boxing. Right now, fingers are pointing at the International Olympic Committee officials.

Come on. Maybe they should take it outside — wager that if the women can take out the IOC officials, they can fight in the olympics.

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