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Guardian Angels in Oakland — again

By awoodall
Thursday, June 7th, 2007 at 6:20 pm in Uncategorized.

Don’t be surprised if you see the trademark red berets that signal Guardian Angels volunteers are on patrol. They’ll be out starting 11 a.m. Friday along Grand Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard.  

That’s right: Oakland is getting its own chapter of the Guardian Angels, the volunteer group famous for its red berets that was originally created in 1979 to combat widespread violence and crime on New York City subways.  Meanwhile, city councilmembers gave a conditional OK to putting safety escorts in and around Oakland BART stations.

It won’t the first time the organization sets up patrols in Oakland to combat crime. This time Grand Lake neighborhood residents invited them, saying that there has been a dramatic rise in robberies in stores, homes and on the streets.  Residents in the Rockridge district also have invited them. 

Erick Wong, the Guardian Angels California regional director who lives in San Diego, said the group would consider patroling some of Oakland’s tougher areas, such as West and East Oakland, if they were invited. They haven’t been — yet?

The Guardian Angels are seeking Oakland volunteers and will be on hand tonight at the Grand Lake Neighborhood Center, 530 Lake Park Ave.

For more information call (415) 987-2960. 

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3 Responses to “Guardian Angels in Oakland — again”

  1. Albert B. Franklin Says:

    They should stay clear of East Palo Alto though. When the GAs got themselves intangled with a drug user, by defending his mother and he, for his theft of drug dealers in EPA, it doesn’t bode well there for them to call themselves guardians of anybody!

  2. Guytoe Says:

    Angels should only be assigned to heaven, never hell! Accordingly their services should
    be restricted to Rockridge and Grand Lake areas. Some Oakland neighborhoods would
    be better served by a contingent of “guardians” who better understand, and relate to,
    certain human natures in certain hoods. Unfortunately, the administrator of HELL is not
    as generous as the administrator of heaven about releasing his (or her?) subordinants for purposes of community service.

  3. BayAreaGA Says:

    You 2 responders are ignorant and unappreciative. The next time you guys are robbed in the streets and there are no police, sheriffs, or any other LEO’s around, don’t cry that nobody protected you guys. You will learn and understand. GA’s take their own time and energy, and sometime lives to safely patrol the communities but idiots like you guys deserve to experience something traumatic to make you realize and appreciate. Have a nice life!

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