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From the Department of Redundancy Dept.

By awoodall
Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 at 2:40 pm in Uncategorized.

Word has it that Oakland Councilmember Nancy Nadel has her hackles up because of the East Bay Rats’ Fight Night in West Oakland, which is part of her territory. After reading about it last week in The Oakland Tribune — and seeing a larger than life photo of a chick with a seriously bloodied nose — Nadel started breathing down OPD’s neck to put a stop to the oh-so barbaric event. (See “Oakland Biker Club Serves up Friday Night Special: Knuckle Sandwiches” http://www.insidebayarea.com/search//ci_6163783)

Evidently, the councilwoman didn’t know about Fight Night until she read the article. Memo: you can scarcely miss it weekends. And, it’s on the East Bay  Rats Web site, as well as about a dozen fan Web sites.

Hello…ya’ get around West Oakland much, Ms. Nadel?

So the question, now that she knows about the fights, is whether Nadel plans to go after the Rats to try and shut the clubhouse down.

Was she was outraged that people were slugging each other silly in the ring…instead of brawling on the street, or worse?

The same weekend Nadel was trying to figure out which technicality could be used to shut down Fight Night , there was a shooting outside the @Seventeenth nightclub, which is just blocks from the Rats’ prostitute and crackhead-ridden neighborhood that the clubhouse actually improves.

Nadel hauled the @Seventeenth folks into City Hall for a meeting, and was sending a letter to the Rats until founder Trevor Latham preempted her with an e-mail, which set the record straight about being in compliance with state licensing requirements for prizefighting, as well restrictions on serving booze.

Now, it might just be me, but why would a council member want to go after something slightly naughty but that works. Wouldn’t be the first time — those party poopers. The Rats are no angels by any means. But at least Fight Night puts people in the ring instead of in a coffin.

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3 Responses to “From the Department of Redundancy Dept.”

  1. dto510 Says:

    Thanks for following up on this. Please let us know whether the city tries to put the kibosh on some old-fashioned fun.

    PS: The fight parties have been on cable television, too.

  2. EBNative Says:

    Actually, I think a lot of Oaklanders have not heard of the East Bay Rats. I would think it breaks down along class and social circle lines – if bikers and wanna-bes (aka hipsters) patronize the Rats than it probably doesn’t attract the same folks who would attend @Seventeeth.

    Speaking of the latter venue the last sentence of your post insinutates that the aformentioned night club attracts murder and mayhem. I know there have been some problems at @Seventeenth, but the venue provides one of the few upscale entertainment clubs in the east bay that attracts a primarily African-American crowd. While I haven’t attended either venue, I know that African American friends who mine (many of whom are attorneys and doctoral students at UC Berkeley) appreciate having an upscale night spot that attracts a diverse, primarily African American crowd in the east bay. It is unfortunate that you do not appear to be aware of the value that the venue has among other communities in Oakland.

    In this day when the spirit of connection across racial lines in Oakland seems to be passing away day by day (as evidenced at the Oakland mayor’s public inaguration), we should embrace both the East Bay Rats and @Seventeeth as providing venues for the diverse set of interests that can be found in Oakland and the East Bay.

  3. Guytoe Says:

    Oh! A non-law abiding reputation venue filled with a diverse crowd of “primarily African Americans. many of them lawyers and UC doctoral students.” Sounds like a great
    opportunity to glean some practical experience in criminal law and Sociology. As
    suggested by previous commentary, it’s NOT the venue, it’s “the value” of the venue for
    a given East Bay diversity group that’s important! Right? WRONG!

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