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Comedy Kenyan style — dangerous

By awoodall
Saturday, July 7th, 2007 at 9:18 am in Uncategorized.

You know how dictators can be. They just don’t have much of a sense of humor, especially when the joke is on them. That didn’t stop a trio of young Kenyan comedians, Redykyulass, from poking fun at former Kenyan dictator Daniel arap Moi — a dangerous game of David and Goliath. They were the Dave Chappelles of Kenya, expect when their jokes backfired the humor could have cost Walter Mongare, John Kiarie and Tony Njuguna their lives.

Having survived Moi’s demise, Kenya’s beloved trio is bringing their act to Oakland Sunday.

Without a dictator to be the butt of their jokes, Redykyulass is making audiences laugh with their satirical Kenyan First Family, led by a psychopathic first lady who thinks nothing of storming news stations at night to scream at broadcasters, and slap unsuspecting reporters – all broadcasted live on air.
Who could imagine such a thing?

They will be joined by comic Churchill of Red Corner and singer Linda Muthama, both runners up in Kenya’s version of American Idol, Tusker Project Fame.
The two-hour show kicks off 4 p.m. at Karibean City, 1408 Webster St. All ages welcome. Advance tickets are $20, or $25 at the door. For tickets or more information, visit the Web site www.blackmedley.com, or call (510) 732-6515 or (707) 631-5255. The e-mail is redykyulass@blackmedley.com

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