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The blind leading the blind

By awoodall
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 at 10:55 am in Uncategorized.

 A group of Minutemen — those anti-illegal immigration crusaders — showed up last Thursday evening to protest Oakland’s safe sanctuary immigration policy to the City Council.

Problem was, City Council doesn’t meet on Thursdays. Ooops…wrong day.  The mistake had several white men and one woman trapsing confused through city hall with brows furrowed in bafflement as they were told by the security guard that, no, there was no meeting.

Later they all — about a dozen — mulled outside in the plaza, probably trying to figure out how the mistake happened and what to do about looking so idiotic. Luckily for them, only this humble reporter showed up, wondering all the while why Minutemen were showing up to complain to city councilmembers who would not be there.  They had invited the TV news folks, who must have been too busy that night to shlep down to a phantom event. Maybe it just wasn’t worth it.

The man who organized the “rally” (I guess they expected more turnout to protest what they called Oakland’s illegal policy of not pursuing illegal immigrants) blamed the mistake on wrong info from someone in city hall.  But they pledged to return Tuesday, except that they just postponed the effort.  We will be informed, however, “once the time and date has been established – Thank you.”

Can’t wait.

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