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Moonbeam mayors

By awoodall
Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 at 2:40 pm in Uncategorized.

Was that you, Jerry Brown, walking at Lake Merritt, ear to cell phone, a few weeks ago? Would have been before you pulled out of the Sears building, down on lower Telegraph, and headed for the hills.

Now, there was a mayor I always associated with nighttime. Maybe it was Brown’s nickname from the Sacramento days: Governor Moonbeam.

Or maybe it was because Brown was said to roam the streets long after sunset  around his pseudo-downtown district (what Brown longed for to be a downtown) .

I don’t know if he ever did wander about after hours. But I definitely can’t imagine Mayor Ron Dellums walking lower Telegraph at night, tipping his hat to the prostitutes, junkies and sundry motley night owls. I can, however, picture Dellums in a cozy boite like Z-cafe or Bay Wolf. Of course, that’s where you’d see Brown, as well.

If Brown was moonbeams, then Dellums would be sunshine. Just sticks that way in my head (addled as my brain is).

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