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Ruby Thursday

By awoodall
Saturday, November 17th, 2007 at 12:03 am in Uncategorized.

The Ruby Room over on 14th Street was all strange Thursday night. Usually the slightly skanky night spot is packed with a wide assortment of oddities, especially biker-gear clad men who resemble Klingons. Nice contrast to the library and courthouse across the street. Lake Merritt glows with its neclace of lights nearby. But the Ruby has lighting so dim you always look good.

Thursday was a whole different scene. The music was muted (it’s usually blaring) and a group of young, trying to be hip characters dominated the lounge. I even found an empty table, which gave me a ring-side view of a pool game between a chick in a black T-shirt with the “Godfather” film puppet strings above the words “The Bay Area”  and a guy she was beating the pants off. The buckaroo was dangerous: he sent the cue ball across the room.  200px-godfather_ver1.jpg

It was a one martini stop. They go heavy on the vermouth anyway. A guy at the bar, with four shots of what looked like tequila lined up to his left, was chatting a bit about dirty martinis. He was against them personally because the olive juice gives him a tummy ache. Poor baby. He said he was waiting for a shot. “All four of those,” I asked.

Nah. He had to drive to San Francisco. But a little buzz was nice, he said, asking “Nothing wrong with that, right?”  

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