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Where are you, Rodger “Foxy Oakland” Collins?

By awoodall
Monday, November 19th, 2007 at 3:41 pm in Uncategorized.

I was just trolling the Internet for what I consider to be one of Oakland’s all-time classic theme songs: “Foxy Girls in Oakland” — “Pretty little girl in Oakland, struttin’ down East 14th…” How can you beat that? He’s also the man behind “You sexy sugar plum” and “She’s looking good.” (“You wear your wig, now, you wear your dresses tight.  You’re wearing your foxy fur when you step out late at night.”)

One reviewer raved about Collins’ 1970 anthem to all the “true, fine mamas in the East Bay,” a record “so powerful that it caused even the whitebread Rolling Stone to sputter, ‘from every possible aspect, this disc is incredible.'”

But I heard the funky 70s soulmaster works a runs a recycling scrap yard in Oakland. Where are you, Mr. Foxy Oakland? 

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3 Responses to “Where are you, Rodger “Foxy Oakland” Collins?”

  1. David Says:

    You should check in with Ubiquity Records on this one. They may be able to provide some support.


  2. Inside Bay Area > The Night Owl > The search for O-Town’s Mr. Foxy Says:

    […] the name of David was kind enough to drop me a line about finding our own Mr. Foxy, Rodger Collins after my blog plea a couple weeks ago.  Good site for Collin’s music and other funk/soul brothers from the 60s and […]

  3. BJ Says:


    I just came across your blog about Rodger Collins. In recent years Rodger has penned tunes for other artists such as the legendary Charles Brown, The Danger Isn’t Over, and The Fix It Man for Buddy Ace, the “Silver Fox.” Rodger is scheduled for a new release on the Garden Tree Media label on September 2, 2008. Titled, Rodger Collins: Through My Eyes, it will be available in retail outlets and on cdbaby.com

    Thanks for the interest in Rodger’s work and hopefully you’ll enjoy his latest tracks.

    Best regards,


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