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Erotic poetry night

By awoodall
Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 at 3:40 pm in Uncategorized.

A rather lascivious lady in lavender sang what I think was the hottest version of a Christmas carol I’ve ever heard last night at the Between the Holidays Erotic Poetry Night in Berkeley.  “Come all ye faithful and get an eyeful. Oh let us come together. Oh let us come together…it feeeels sooo good,” went the daring ditty she had written, I presume, for the occasion. Talk about getting your onamonopeia on.  “Oh come ye over me and then come aggaain,” she continued.  There was more that I can’t repeat here. My editors tell me this is, after all, a family newspaper. 

She was lustiest and funniest of the blue bards. Actually, that’s not fair. I expected the equivalent of a nude beach: the desperate voyeurs who wank off while watching naked suncombers who are never the ones you want to see without clothing, anyway. Although they were no Shakespears (try Henry Millers and Anais Nins with a splash of geeks and freaks), some earnest poets read thoughful, well-built poetry minus the smut. It was an affair of the heart and mind for most.  

Nice to see something like a poetry society alive today. The weekly Monday readings started about four years go at the Priya Indian Restaurant on San Pablo Ave. Each week is a different theme, I was told. What a good choice to warm up these winter nights with sensual sonnets. It is, after all, the loveliest time of the year.  

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