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What are you birdies doing this weekend?

By awoodall
Thursday, December 13th, 2007 at 4:40 pm in Uncategorized.

The Night Owl is going stir crazy in this New York nest. I’m in Manhattan for a week of R&R — even more rest and relaxation than I bargained for, it seems with this turn for the worse weather-wise.  A snow storm is brewing and the streets are unhospitable for a bird with a broken wing — or, to be precise, broken leg. My crutches keep slipping out from under me on the snow-rain slushy streets. So I’m stuck for the night inside. Bad news for an after-hours prowler. So help relieve the cabin fever, little birdies: What are you up to this weekend in the fair city of Oakland? Dancing? Dining? Tell all! Let me live vicariously.

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