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Alarming Alliance, aka Operation Heat

By awoodall
Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 at 9:32 pm in Uncategorized.

An alarming alliance between a New York crime family and a New Jersey street gang that conspired to supply drugs and cellphones to gang members inside a Jersey prison. And we thought Oakland had problems.

Member of the Luchese crime family and the Bloods street gang were running the “criminal operation” with the help of a New Jersey prison guard, according to a New York Times article. I didn’t even know inmates were allowed to have cellphones.  Or, maybe that’s the point of the bust. Never ones to be picky about who they consort with, an organized crime family collaborating with a street gang was a new one for the Jersey attorney general’s office. Or at least “Operation Heat” netted concrete evidence that the two are branching out.  I thought New Jersey folks didn’t like New Yorkers.  

The potential for more cooperation was great, according to A.G. Anne Milgram in the NYT article, “given their shared interests in violence, illegal drugs and quick profits.” Maybe she should have added “communication.”  

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