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Day 365 of one hellish year

By awoodall
Monday, December 31st, 2007 at 3:02 pm in Uncategorized.

Midnight: Can’t sleep. Finally doze off 5 a.m.
10 a.m.: Wake up to news from my dentist’s office that they’ve sent my prescription (which keeps me from heart failure during dental work — long story but sufficient to say the antibiotics are sort of mandatory) to Kaiser Hayward’s pharmacy. I’ve been in Hayward about three times in my life.
10:30 a.m.: Finally get some heat in my apartment that feels like Antarctica. I grab a maintenance man I hear rummaging around in the cellar to relight the pilot light — it went out Friday when I tried to put the cover back after the last maintenance man ignited it.
11 a.m.: Call Kaiser to get prescription sent to Oakland. I can pick it up tomorrow but will have to wait while they fill it — even though it was originally called in to Hayward nearly a week ago.
11:15 a.m.: Feel dizzy and begin seeing distinct shapes of wavy, gaseous shapes out of the corner of my left eye. Spreads to both eyes and now fully halucinogenic.
11:17 a.m.: Turn off heater.
11: 19 a.m.: Dizziness and blurry visions stop.
12:30 p.m.: Discover flat tire while taking car for SMOG inspection — new $400 tires less than a month old. 
12:31 p.m.: Ask self “Am I cursed?”

This has been a hell of a year. I ended a relationship of 15 years + two children; moved into an apartment about the size of the livingroom in my old house (but not before my laptop was ripped off from the house before I moved); started a new job (here at the Trib); then had my laptop and cameras stolen from burglarized apartment. That wasn’t enough. My car was broken into and not only did the thieves rip out the dashboard to get my new radio out but they took my sports bras (any woman knows how expensive those suckers are). Then my boyfriend moved away for six months and I cracked my femur, which still hasn’t healed. Surgery is planned for January, but I’m not taking any chances: I’m planning to put a big bulls eye on the correct leg. I only have one left one, you know. Then my transmission went the day after Christmas and I had to spent $1,700 for a new one. Well, at least I passed the SMOG test.
So, I’m hoping for a much better year in 2008. Message to the Universe, which is apparently having a blast messing with me: I’ve had enough.

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