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100+ bottles of beer on the wall

By awoodall
Saturday, January 12th, 2008 at 8:44 pm in Uncategorized.

If you want to hit THE hottest spot in Oaktown (right now) get over to The Trappist, on 8th Street in Old Oakland. I dropped by Friday night to check the pub that specializes in Belgian beer. Having spent many a day in Liege and Brussels, the thought of beer from the land of Walloons and Flanders didn’t do much for me, especially since Trappists are a contemplative Roman Catholic religious order that heeds St. Benedict (the women are called Trapistines). Trappist monksBut I’m in the minority on that one, judging from the crowds at the newly opened spot and the patrons.  Even at my salon people were gushing at the idea. “Ooh!” a woman at my salon cooed today when I combined the words Belgian and beer.  That’s her thing. It’s the Trappists’ thing too: The monks of the French St. Sixtus monastary brew the King of Beers, prized from Brussels to Boston. See what I know!
I have to say it was a weird night. I spent the evening writing up a story about the 10-year-old boy who was shot in a freak incident Thursday evening on Piedmont Avenue — he was just practicing piano when a stray bullet fired by gas station robber across the street went through the boy’s mother’s Honda, then through the music school’s wall. As I left I was trying on the phone with OPD trying to figure out if he had been paralyzed. Then I walked into the noisy, bustling, overflowing Trappist.
When I called in to my editor at 10 p.m. Children’s Hospital was announcing that the boy probably would never walk again. What a night.    

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  1. Laura Casey Says:

    I was there Friday night, too! It was so hip that I bumbed into my neighbor, who is always at the hippest spots in the Bay. Plus there’s just really, really good beer there. My friend suggested that we visit on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It’s open then and maybe (we can only hope) the line for yummy beer is a bit shorter!

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