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Missouri Loves Company

By awoodall
Friday, January 25th, 2008 at 11:18 am in Uncategorized.

After I finished up the story about Downtown Oakland nightlife for today’s Trib, I headed to what I think is destined to be one of my favorite bars: the Missouri Lounge. Basic beer, honky-tonk feel, old-time gritty Blues on the juke box, velour sofas(!) and a pool table. What more could a night owl ask for?  It’s a pretty cool little shack (“the most elegant dive bar in Berkeley”) with what definitely is my all-time favorite drink special — $5 whiskey & a can o’beer. I don’t want to drink it. Just love the way it sounds all stripped down to the divey bones. Bartender Charlie said the lounge, which new owners brought up from a seriously seedy bar in the middle of no man’s land down there, has a DJ about every night and the customers are cool and constantly new.  Since I had forgotten the address (2600 San Pablo), I had to search pretty hard until I finally spotted the plain beige facade that faces the BofA instead of looking out on the San Pablo corridor. It was dark, stormy and I was tired, so there you go. If you haven’t gone down to the Missouri, I suggest doing so soon. No telling how long  a dive bar will last around that now condo-prone neighborhood.

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