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Adieu Kingfish, Hello Weimar New York

By awoodall
Monday, February 11th, 2008 at 1:38 pm in Uncategorized.

Many thanks for a tip about two events sent by a reader:

I was going to pass on an interesting tidbit — the monthly Drumm Circle event at the Kingfish Cafe and Bar (on Claremont Ave).  Sadly, however, when looking further into it I found the Kingfish is now closed. The Drumm Circle, in case you have not heard of it, was a monthly event at the Kingfish which happened every 2nd Tuesday evening.  Here is the website about Jeni Swerdlow and her Drummm activities: 
I stumbled onto the one in December and was amazed at what I saw.  Jeni brought in 15 – 20 drums of all types (from different countries and of different sizes) for people who showed up to use (people could also bring their own implements of destruction).  She then guided the entire group through their initial cautious rhythmic attempts onto higher levels and more challenging tempos over the next couple hours.
Her website indicates some local events coming up and hopefully she will find another venue like the Kingfish where would-be drummers can pound away.  Any suggestions?
At the SFMOMA from Tuesday (2/12) through next Friday (2/15) various aspects of Weimar New York: A Golden Gate Affair will take place.  There will be two shows — 8:00pm on 2/13 and 10:00pm on 2/14 — along with other supporting events during the week.   Here are two websites about it:
http://www.sfmoma.org/calendar/calendar_event.asp eventid=1148&etype=2&func=repeat

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