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Oscar Night

By awoodall
Monday, February 11th, 2008 at 9:13 pm in Uncategorized.

In case you haven’t heard and in case you care, we’re back on for the Oscar’s since the writers’ strike ended. Feb. 24 is the red carpet day.  
I am thinking of going to the Parkway or Cerrito, where the Academy Awards will be shown on the big screen and the dress code is fancy. Love that stuff. I’m partial to the film JUNO, as anyone who knows me has heard ad naseum.
What about you guys? I’d like to know what you’ll be doing that night. Going out, staying in or just ignoring the whole thing? Anything special happening in Oakland? What film are you rooting for? Which one should be sabotaged?
And, btw, what’s your all-time favorite Oscar memory? (Did David Niven streak across the stage during the 1974 awards or was it that a naked man ran behind Niven while he was on stage?)

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