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By awoodall
Friday, March 7th, 2008 at 7:36 pm in Uncategorized.

I don’t get to write politics much on this beat but the past Friday I got some material from comedian Paul Rodriguez that gives me just the excuse.
At the fundraiser for the Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation, Rodriguez said he has met the gov (Schwarzenegger) and talked with him a few times — through an interpreter.  Talk about English as a second language…
About the presidential race: Iraqis will surrender if Obama is elected, according to Rodriguez. They’ll say “We want to stop now. A brother’s in office.”
The White House has been two white for too long, he continued. “I’d like to see some color in there. That means we’re just a shade away.” 
Hoots and hollers rang out when Rodriguez mentioned the news last week that Republican candidate John McCain was born in Panama. “We just found out McCain is illegal.” Close call. He was born on a military base in Panama,  technically U.S. soil. Sorry Aahnie.
I bet you can’t guess the direction of my political winds… 
Speaking of comedy, I missed the comedy show last night at Simone’s Jazz and Soul Cabaret on Second Street. But tonight is “Pizza and Love Comedy Showcase” at Spud’s Pizza and Brew over on Telegraph in Berkeley. I could use more of both in these very unfunny times.  Admission is $7. 
OTOH, Sunday is the benefit for Babatunde Lea’s Educultural Foundation at Yoshi’s in Oakland. No comedy that I know of but there should be some fine music to be heard. Who is Babtunde Lea? His MySpace page probably says it best.
Okay, here is the last of the jokes I am swiping for you from Rodriguez:
“Tequila — another thing Mexican Americans have gifted to us. It’s Viagra for the unattractive. You drink enough and everything looks good.”
Cheers and happy weekend.

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