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A mouthful

By awoodall
Thursday, March 20th, 2008 at 6:13 pm in Night Owl, Oaksterdam.

spacecowboy.jpgThings got so busy here this week I forgot about the beatboxing event yesterday at La Pena. Good thing it’s a monthly affair. The next one is April 24. The advertisement says that “Speak the Music” is a new Bay Area group dedicated to the art of beatboxing. 
Art + Beatboxing?  Don’t get me wrong — I mean no disrespect, but since when did those two words come together? Something must be going around because there’ s also a bimonthly gathering of beatboxers in San Francisco at the Climate Theater over on 9th and Folsom. The next “Vowel Movement Beatboxers” is April 5. Okay these guys are hot, serious stuff but the name is uncomfortably close to another kind of movement. Might be intentional but picturing Bowel Movement Beatboxers grosses me out. Okay. I’m beat (no pun intended) and a little cranky.  Anyway, the La Pena venue is all ages $8 admission. The Climate gig is $10 general admission 21+ only.
Saturday is another event that caught my attention because I hadn’t heard of the group or the venue. The House of Stormz is presenting a trilogy of community, medicine and celebration from March 22 to May 24. I am so going to the Pyro-A-Go-Go fire dancing burlesque show on the 24th. But then the two-time Lip battle champ Talia this Saturday sounds good too. The club is in the unlikely location 1439 105th Ave. @ International Blvd.  Admission is $10 – strictly 21 and over.
(Photo by JS Moorman)

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