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Racist maniacs in Old Oakland

By awoodall
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 at 9:56 pm in Night Owl, Oakland nightlife.

1353388102_b26ccd240d_m.jpgI should have known it. But I just didn’t expect it, although Oakland is no stranger to racist maniacs like the guy who raged at me the othe night because I would not print that Dellums is — in his words — a rotten, dirty n—–.  (I don’t even know if one capitalizes the n-word. It’s not exactly in the AP Stylebook.)  I was on a mission at B Restaurant to find a patron to bother with one of those necessary but annoying questions: Did the string of recent robberies make you think twice about coming out at night to dine? (BTW, one guy caught Friday and OPD looking for the other two geniuses.) I thought I had hit paydirt because he had great quotes etc until he starts talking about what he really thought. Steam was practically shooting out of the guys ears guy because he said Dellums has not done anything to staff the police department to full capacity and has otherwise neglected Oakland, thus the crime.  He pulled out a mace canister from his shirt pocket and said what he really wanted was a gun.  And the guy lives in Old Oakland.   He spent about 10 minutes raving at me because there was no way in hell I was going to print what some racist hate-spewing creep was saying. 
He claimed we only want to print that Dellums is wonderful, so I know he hasn’t read the Trib’s City Hall coverage.  Anyway, while I was looking for a photo for this writing I stumbled across Robby the Racist Robot.  Enough said.

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2 Responses to “Racist maniacs in Old Oakland”

  1. bigalsez Says:

    Is this the guy at B Restaurant mentioned in your piece on the crimefighting superheroes? Sounds like the Spec. Forces M.O.

  2. angela Says:

    No actually. The Texan seemed like a normal guy, as “normal” as someone who talks about being in the special forces, using a can of soda as a weapon and taking out robbers can be. Maybe in Texas (and many parts of our fair state) that’s pretty normal. In Oakland, it depends on which neighborhood you talking about :) Anyway, the Texan was not spewing racist epithets.

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