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Berkeley High Fundraising Scams Reported

By kbender
Monday, June 2nd, 2008 at 11:11 am in Uncategorized.

Every year around graduation time we hear about young men and women going door-to-door asking people for money for graduates to go on trips. And every year we hear from school districts reporting these “sales people” as scam artists. Today Mark Coplan, the public information officer for the Berkeley School district, alerts us of a scam in two East Bay neighborhoods.

Coplan tells us that a resident in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland reports that a young man has been going door to door saying he is  “raising money for the Berkeley High School  baseball team to go to Maui.” In exchange for contributions of $100 to $500, people will receive books on literacy.


Folks, this is a scam. Do not give these people money.

Coplan also tells us of another report of a young man selling magazine subscriptions in Kensington, to help pay for the Berkeley high school’s swim team’s trip to Hawaii. The man went so far to say he is the son of a neighbor down the street, whom he named, Coplan said.

Again, a scam. The neighbor has no such son. It’s easy enough to get someone’s name from the phonebook or by looking at their mail in the mailbox. 

Berkeley High School has more than 50 athletic teams, dozens of clubs and several small schools, and occasionally people do go door-to-door collecting money for trips and such. 

However, Coplan warns, they never collect cash and checks are made out only to the Berkeley Athletic Fund, the Berkeley High School Development Group or the Berkeley Public Education Foundation.

Coplan said that anyone with questions about school fundraising should call the Berkeley High Athletic Department at 644-8723 or the Public Information Office at 644-6320.







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