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Click it or get a big ticket

By kbender
Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 1:27 pm in Uncategorized.

Few things shock me anymore after covering Berkeley for the last five years. But here’s one: there are people out there who don’t wear their seatbelts. 

Police spokesman Officer Andrew Frankel tells me today that Berkeley cops just wrapped up their Click It or Ticket campaign in conjunction with the California Office of Traffic Safety.

In just three weeks, police cited 348 people for seatbelt violations.

Why not just burn money?  Seatbelt fines can be as much as $91 for an adult or $401 for someone under age 16 caught without a belt.

During the campaign, police also cited 67 others for various vehicle code violations and towed nine cars because their drivers were found to be driving on suspended or revoked licenses.  

Police were able to do this enforcement work thanks to a $10,000 state grant that funded 11 patrol and traffic officers to focus on seatbelt law enforcement for 118 hours.

Come on guys, wear the  seatbelt. Berkeley cops have enough to do these days with seven homicides so far this year, constant protests at the U.S. Marine Center and all the other craziness.




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